Glam punk

Sunday, 13 August, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"How is this a fucking paper ?"
"I told you on the phone. It's not complete. I did a lot of research ok ? And..."
"You dizzy cow!"
"Look, I told you. It's almost complete."
"You want money for this ?!"
"25 quid. Like we agreed on the phone."
"Agreed nuttin'."
"You said..."
"You're out of your fucking skull." then after a short pause. "I'll give ya 10."
"No, listen, I put a lot of work into this. I was up all night Tuesday. I worked three whole days for it!"
"10 quid. For that damp squib..."
"Look, Towers of London are coming. I need some effin dough."
"10 quid."
"Eh... okay."

She glares at the fat, balding honker sitting on her bed. School's almost out, she'll be finally done with that nonsense. If she graduates, that is. But even if Mr. Hornponner flunks her that horse's arse, she'll just show up for the reexamination and she'll get her certificate. So what if it won't be with all the others, big fucking deal. She didn't want to go to their damned graduation ceremony anyway. Why worry about it now, the Summer's almost here. Towers of London are coming...

He looks at the confused girly. She's left the premises, plainly enough. Her eyes are defocused, she's looking somewhere outside of her field of vision, like a cow daydreaming. She's not that fat yet, but if she keeps with her current diet she'll definitely get there in a few, short years. He breaks her reverie

"Take your clothes off already."
"What ?" she comes to abruptly, and visibly unpleasantly. "You said 10 quid!"
"Not for your chicken scribblings, numpty. Go on, bare off!"
"But..." she starts to protest, but no words come to her. While she thinks vaguely of how thin the walls are, and how tiny their little terraced "house", with its square meter of sad yellow grass in the back, "for barbecues", if you can get three people to fit in there somehow she pensively unbuttons her denim top. Will her parents hear her downstairs ? Baldy grunts and grabs a hold of her jeans. She steps closer to him, he undoes her button and roughly pulls her pants and her panties down to her ankles. She pulls her blouse over her head as he stands up, undoes her bra as she seats sideways on the bed and next thing she knows is his short, stubbly dick in her mouth.

He smells a little dubious, somewhat of sweat, and tastes a little sharp, but she bobs her head up and down wondering why is she doing this. Why not ? But then why hasn't she been doing it before ? She has, a few times, but not really. Why not ? They didn't really tell her to, is god's honest truth. They just didn't tell her to. Maybe she should suck Mr. Hornponner too, that'd be a sight. She giggles to herself. Her bobbing had slowed to a nod, but she didn't notice.

He pushes her on the bed with the roughness of disinterest, lifts her ankles up by the denim uniting them and starts pounding away at her. She watches the wall as his cock goes in and out her ridiculously moist slit. She's not a virgin, of course, England didn't see an 18 year old virgin since they invented gin five cneturies ago. But she doesn't do it all that often, and that's because she doesn't really see the point. A bar of icecream would be better, really. Vanilla swirl.

He's done, and he retires his cork out of her, but doesn't let go of her pants. As he's holding her legs up he asks where her phone is, and then orders her to point. She points confusedly around the room, eventually locating it. He orders her to keep her knees up to her chest and her ass up as he stands up to retreive it. She obeys. She has no idea why, nor does she wonder why, she just huggs her knees to her chest and hums.

He fucks with her phone a little, then with his, then her phone rings briefly, then he fucks with it some more. Eventually he shows it to her.

"This is my phone number. When it rings you'd better pick up. You hear me ?"
"You got a boyfriend ?"
"Ok. I'm taking off now. I want you to call your boyfriend on the phone, you hear me ?"
"Call him over when I'm gone. Tell him you have something very important to show him. Do you two do it ?"
"Not really."
"All the better. At your age you have no business messing with that sort of thing. When he's here have him eat you out. Tell him he must do it until you come, you got that ?"
"That way your womb gets well filled, you see, and he'll think he's eating your cum. Once you're done let him fuck you a little, but not too much. Jerk him off on himself after a minute or so. Hell, less, count to twelve if that."
"And don't move. Hold your ass like that so you don't leak any until he's got his mouth on your cunt. Just pull your pants up over your ass and wait for him."

With that, he was out of her tiny upstairs bedroom, and a moment later she could hear the house door click. She skived in bed for a half hour or so, then James showed up. Her boyfriend was a lanky kid with disorderly red hair. He had finished school a year before, though he was about to turn 21. He was doing some apprenticeship or whatever, she had no clear idea and he never had two bob together. As he came in she realised baldy never paid her. Maybe that's what he meant about the phone, she figured.

James sat down on the bed by her ass without saying anything. He wasn't much of a talker even when drunk.
"Baby, kiss me." she whispered. He leaned in and touched her lips with his. James was a terrible kisser, in a league of his own with oceanic fish and pet rocks. She kissed him back and they exchanged spit for a while. His hand automatically went to her left boob. She hadn't bothered to redo her bra, he could feel it laying limply between her tit and her navel. He gave her a startled look, but she just cooed.

"Baby, I want you to kiss me down here..." she whispered while pulling her pants back up. Her slit was glistening with another man's excitement, but James couldn't tell the difference. He turned around on his hip, and started working her labia. He wasn't much better at that, and it took a lengthy long while, but eventually she managed to orgasm. She could never have done it normally, but the excitement of the day coupled with her finger on her clit to help him along sent her over the edge. It was actually one of the better ones she had ever had. She slid slightly to one side, baldy's cum starting to leak out of her, thin, pungent. She pushed her heels into James' chuck. There was no escaping, her jeans pressed him firmly into her leaking slit. He lapped her up enthusiastically. Eventually she let go.

"That was a lot" he said, in a sort of dogged excitement.
"You do that to me, baby" she cooed. "Do you want to fuck me ?"
"O yeah!"
"Hold my legs up with one hand like that. No, use your left. Grab right here. Yeah, that's it. Now put your dick head right on top of my kitty. Don't push. Don't move. Just wait there. Yeah, that's it. Just hold it there. Do you like that ?"
"Push it slowly in when I tell you to. And stop when I say. And pull it back out when I tell you and wait here like this just touching with your tip, will you ?"
"Yeah baby. Anything."

She had him penetrate her extremely slowly, stopping him and making him pull out or hold steady randomly as whimsy struck. As she counted eleven according to some personal rulebook made up on the spot she undid one of her ankles out of its predicament while he was waiting obediently, throbbing cock barely touching her. She turned him on his back roughly and straddled him. She wiggled her ass on top of his face, raising her back to catch his nose in position, exactly in her asshole. She could feel him choking, out of breath under her. It was a delicious feeling, and she clenched her buttocks as she grabbed the shaft of his cock.

He struggled for a while, but without trying to actually push her off him. His hands, clenched on her thighs, were rather pushing down than to the side. They had never done anything like this before, but as she finally lifted her ass he gulped the air greedily and without complaint. Then he started lapping up her asshole.
"What's my arse taste of, baby ?" she inquired, playfully.
"Pennies," he managed, hoarse.
"Do you like licking pennies out of my arsehole, baby ?" she sung in a reverie, barely enunciating the words. She kept repeating the question to the accompaniament of his possibly affirmative grunts, stroking the shaft of his thinnish, curved penis slowly at intervals. His tongue was going deeper and deeper into her, and she pulled his knees under her elbows. He looked so helpless like that, she thought, like a little boy. So exposed, so vulnerable, helpless ballsack laying right there, nowhere to hide in the middle of the exposed field.

She clamped his breath again, tigthly, and as she did she slapped his ballsack with her right palm while holding his shaft firmly in her left. He buckled under her, like electrocuted, but she wasn't about to let go. She just rubbed his balls softly while watching his toes turn blue. Eventually she let go. He gasped for air again, but said nothing, going right back to licking her anus instead. Her left let go of his shaft and instead wrapped around his ballsac, pushing his balls into a tiny patch of stretched skin away from his body. She used her index against her thumb to deliver little tiny kicks to his sensitive drum. He groaned every time one landed. Eventually she grew bored of this, grabbed his shaft again, clamped his face again and slapped his balls again. He bucked again as before, and she didn't let go as before, but this time she slapped him again, harder.

He barely moved. She could feel the air burble out of him and past her thighs, ticklishly. Soon he'd be completely empty. She farted, right in his nose. She could feel his chest fill up on her intestinal gas. He held it in for as long as he could but then the burbling started again. He had less to go this time. She stood up, and he gulped air, choking and coughing. She rubbed his balls again, they were turning a very heavy purple. She squeezed them into a tiny little space again, reached to the side and grabbed a thick, round magic marker. She starting drawing orange-ish patterns on his tortured bit of skin, pushing just hard enough to hear him sigh. Then she started whipping him with it, his whole body wincing at every stroke, oodles of precum leaking out of his deflating penis.

His ooze was making its thick, slow way towards his asscrack, and she started playing with it. It was clear, but honey-like, and she started trying to push it into his asshole. She had no idea why, nor did she much care to wonder about it, the game itself of sticky-in-the-hole was strangely satisfying, incomprehendingly. It was like one huge drain in the middle of his ass, and the leak found its natural way into it with her help. Her finger went deeper and deeper into him. His inside was curved, and interesting. She couldn't quite reach, so she added her middle finger to her index to help stretch him out wider, into a more accomodating form. Eventually she pushed her thumb halfway against the two fingers, to open him as wide as possibe.

James was lapping her enthusiastically, and then her fingers ran into a little mound, a sort of bulge inside of him the size of a walnut. His body reacted intensely to the encounter, and without her mind catching on her body, her hands and her fingers and her shoulders and her asshole even all knew she had bingoed. That was it, she knew, or rather her body knew, instinctually. She grabbed his tiny, deflated penis in her left fist, crumpling it tightly to fit while her right hand explored his inner bump. She rubbed it gently back and forth for a little when she suddenly felt him jerk and fill her left hand with cum. She didn't stop, but continued rubbing with her right, softly yet decidedly, while holding his flaccid penis tightly in her left, with nowhere to grow. He bucked and bucked and leaked and leaked until eventually he just lay, limp, under her.

When at long last she couldn't get any more reaction out of him at all, not even the faintest twitch anywhere, she took her fingers out. They were covered in his shit. She wiped them against his pubic hair, and against the inside of his boxers. She played around in the large pool of prostate dribble that had formed on his belly. Eventually she stood up. She looked at him, coyly. He gave her an exhausted look as if he was ten thousand miles away.

"Go on." she said simply. He stood up on shaky legs and started to button up as if nothing had happened.
"When I ring you'd better pick up. You hear me ?" he nodded and left. She lay on her back, pensively. She went to touch herself with her right hand, but halfway stopped. She used the slick left instead. Slowly, as she was building herself up to a monster orgasm her right found her own asshole. She positioned herself face down in the wet spot, ass up in the air for better access and came just as her fingers slid in. She rubbed in and around looking for her little bump, but couldn't find anything. "I'm fucking his shit into my own ass" she thought, just as her mind exploded in another, obliterating orgasm.

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