Genetics proposes, the environment disposes.

Wednesday, 15 March, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


Above you can admire part of my breakfasti, in focus one Portobello mushroom presented ventrally. In detail :


As you probably know, Agaricus bisporus, the world's most widely cultivated mushroom, is normally lamellated under its skirt. It's supposed to have gills down thereii. What, then, is with the boletus-style undercap ?

Ah, but you see... genetics proposes. The environment disposes. And here, the environment disposed the button mushroom grow a morel undercap, what, problem ? Apparently, no problem.

Bear this in mind whenever you feel inclined to discussing intelligence, and remember that your principal job as a girl's father is stuffing her full of animal flesh. I mean that literally. That'd be all.

PS. The title owes to an Al Schwartz formula.

  1. You know how to fry mushrooms, yes ? Try it sometime, easiest breakfast to make ; an' the sluts love it.

    Goes well with some aged cheese, some salami -- speaking of which, you know how Salam de Sibiu is a unique and specific product of Romania ? Just had some excellent exactly-the-same thing here but thinner and not as dry. Local specialty. What now, do we sue ? []

  2. Yes, we are discussing sexual parts. []
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