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Monday, 17 April, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

asciilifeform picture this lul. i went to a party of 'alt right', 'moldbug', 'lesswrong', etc. types, in posh dc lounge etc. skull-crushing boredom, one d00d worked at alaskan equivalent of госплан, maths phd 'pricing fishing rights' for usg; then, noticed that there were, contrary to expectation, chicks. but! on close examination -- they turned out to be 'transes'. this is apparently an actual, detectable thing nao, in these circles. mircea_popescu was -- right.
mircea_popescu aha!

asciilifeform but wai. this -- i do not know. but there they are. 'alices' i never expected to see >1 in one room ! much less 3. they're what, 1 ppm ?
mircea_popescu nah, more like 200 by now.

asciilifeform nuttery.
mircea_popescu it is very easy to fuck up sexuation. happens all the time in nature. funny thing is -- if it happens in fish, people tards bemoan pollution. if it happens in humans... same tards praise progress.

asciilifeform where were these folx 10y ago?
mircea_popescu the cuisinarts weren't quite there 10 years ago. i'd agree 90% are made past decade.

asciilifeform i wasn't aware that the tech had changed?
mircea_popescu us medicine is almost 100% trauma. and it does improve, yes. tit implants are fabulous vs what they were 2007, which was already fabulous vs 90s

asciilifeform they still fool nobody at eyes meeting range. skeleton's all wrong.
mircea_popescu a) who cares b) how many recent models have you suckled ?

asciilifeform just as readily could suckle rubber bulb. same appeal.
mircea_popescu i'm a great fake tits fan. in fact, i'm not even interested in bums > 30 or so who couldn't afford it. i'd rather consider chicks who can't afford toothpaste.i

asciilifeform yeah but presumably you mount them on actual chix not on planks.
mircea_popescu sure, there is such a thing as a bad boob job. but for the same money there is such a thing as a bad hairdo. doesn't mean you go everywhere with curt cobain hair.

asciilifeform per my light tits on a wooden plank, or an obvious XY, do 0. but this may be matter of taste strictly.
mircea_popescu for sure. sexuality is a complex topic. hard to say over the phone what'd be hot. show me her.

asciilifeform next excursion, will take photo.

mircea_popescu dja mind if i trilema this btw ?
asciilifeform sure, wainot

mircea_popescu the internets are so good to me today.ii

  1. No, this isn't either funny nor something you are at liberty to take as "a joke". Why the everloving fuck are you such a worthless, pointless and useless piece of refuse you haven't accumulated enough wealth by the time you're 30 to afford a pair of fake tits ? Do you have any fucking idea how far below zero you find yourself ? []
  2. Earlier, some people gave me a gif I really liked. Then they also gave me a selection of stills, allowing me to significantly improve it. All this within the space of mere minutes, too. It makes me happy, that's the long and the short of it. []
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  1. n00b q: approx. what do rubber tits actually cost ?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 17 April 2017

    Depends very much where you get them and also to a smaller degree on what exact work needs done, but something in the 20 to 40k range if in a reasonable place.

  3. Omfg hater, it's saline solution. And I fucking love my new tits.

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