Friday was a good day.

Saturday, 29 April, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This Friday of mine consisted of two parts. First I woke up to pee, then went to see what live-in slavegirl is up to, and discovered her in bed, awake, with a really juicy pair of tits asleep beside her.

So we had a nice cup of coffee, watched the Sun risei, then the morenitaii in question emerged herself, and then we... well she wanted a drink so we had drinks, straight rum at (almost) 7 in the morning. What, problem ?

I told her to take off her clothes (house rules, not kidding), she was all shy about it but eventually complied. Turns out she identifies as a lesbian, which'd explain why my girl picked her up at a lesbian club. And she explained while sitting in my lap that boys just don't do anything for her. This happens, yes, irl ? Naked lesbian chick in your living room that just doesn't dig boys ?

Then we had breakfast (I made them schweizer-tomato-olive omelet), we hung out, did naked stuff which inter alia included my showing her how the cane works. Then we moved to the bedroom wherein we did bedroom stuff which inter labiaiii included me fucking my slavegirl (ie, made a point of not fucking the "lesbian"), then she confessed that well, she's a woman yes ? She loves penetration, and would I please do her too ? Would it be ok ? May she be done ? Please ?!?! Because I'm really cool!

This happens, irl, yes ? Lesbian boys just don't do anything for begging to take your cock two hours later ? No, I'm not making shit up. Well, maybe the time, could have been three hours, something like that.

Then she wanted to shower, so they showered, then she whined for me to join themiv, so she got to play with the only item in short supply soaping it up a little, and then we went on our merry way under the sly looks of the maintenance man (who, in spite of being married into 300 lbs nevertheless appears to have figured out what happened overnight in one take).

But where did we go ? Well, lesbian slut had missed her doctor's appointment at 9v but wanted to make a realtor's appointment at 12, and we were going to go check out this little zoo thing. Behold :


Little yellow snake of optimism!


Considering all the things eagerly awaiting the chance to eat rodents, you'd think it sucks to be a rodent.


This fun guy is in jail over unknown crimes. But he was really excited to meet people! They do this trick where they hook their beak to the cage and sorta drop their ass like a sort of neckgee-jumping, you ever seen it ?


He's winking!


I know, right ?!


Totally wooden statuettes. Entirely unmoving. Believe!


See that rock just laying there right there beside her ? She thinks you're funny!


It's been a while since they last had tourist, also!


You think tucans are pretty cool ? I know a chick who ate tucan! So how about that ? And her uncle does chicken fights, which I do intend to document. Would you like to see dead roosters on Trilema ?

Ever had an ostrich burger ?


Lora nuca amarilla, ie the yellow naped parrot. He's pretty cool!


Jus' hangin' out with some friends.


This guy and his friends were hella cool. They'd say "krrr-ELLO!!!" all serious and shit, then bob their strangely shaped tongue inside their beaks. "krrr-ELLO!!!"




I don't generally like monkeys, but these guys weren't even all that bad!


I think this is the passion flower!


Hi alf!


Mr. Eagle sincerely hopes this is some serious business you bring ?

I would like to close quoting the ever-wise logs :

everyone got a MP-shaped hole inside of them!

See you around!

  1. I wake unconscionably early since moving here. It's just too cool to sleep. []
  2. That's how they say well tanned. It'd have been "gypsy" back in the old country. Chick's half Nigerian. Anyway. []
  3. Alia/labia, geddit ? []
  4. My shower will house three comfortably, even if sharing three gallons worth of tit between them. []
  5. She was in a pretty bad biking accident last year on her Ducatti and messed up her knee. While she did make a great recovery, kneeling like nobody's business and everything, she's still getting surgery done on it, maybe. []
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