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Wednesday, 01 February, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

From #eulora :

mircea_popescu AUCTION : 5 stacks lbn, q 237, opening 2mn. ETA tomorrow 17:00 ART.
mircea_popescu ~ the esteemed audience is cordially invited not to act the asshole now that lbn is being offered and spuriously predend like it's abundant, only to spend the remainder of the year whining about wanting to buy lbn and how they're waiting for lbn. either buy it now or stfu ~
danielpbarron 2 mn

mircea_popescu AUCTION : 5 stacks lbn, q 237, 2mn heard danielpbarron . ETA tomorrow 17:00 ART.
diana_coman bwahahaa

mircea_popescu diana_coman hm ?
diana_coman had fun with the esteemed audience thing

mircea_popescu yeah well. everyone's all "oh, lbn makes money" then expect to buy it at i dunno, 300%. fucking lbn. gimme a break. the supply is so drastically constrained...
diana_coman is calculating re lbn as last time she bought stacks and stacks she did not regret it AT ALL

mircea_popescu hey, people suck at pricing. i'm starting to believe it's the #1 characteristic of the species. in fact -- i'm starting to think the only sane definition of what "everyone knows" as emotion is exactly this : the aggregate muck and gunk that prevents correct pricing. much like there's a word for gunk in an engine there is a word for gunk in a head.
diana_coman well, what everyone knows is by definition rather doomed to be largely irrelevant unless things really don't change at all - by the time everyone finally gets the memo, most of it is lost on the way and meanwhile it probably doesn't apply anymore anyway. not to mention it is "knows" rather than knows there.

mircea_popescu yet the emotion thing is invariant across cultures and times. kinda what the mpex accounting tongue in cheek refers to as "intangibles" for this reason. "you spent 5mn on your wife, do you have a wife worth 5mn ?" "no, i have a 20 dollar bitch and 5mn worth of sentiments".i
diana_coman by emotion thing you mean "it's safe and cuddly to go with what everyone knows"?

mircea_popescu nope, i mean everything. humiliation, elation, everything in between, all everyone ever "feels" is obtained through taking two values, diffing them, and allocating a name to the result. it's after the fact, see, not before. the emotion is what you CALL the heading. quite literally tokenized as in the results of the craft, "i went in with 100k worth of materials and got out 20k worth of the tool i was making + 80k worth of TINKERER'S SENTIMENTS!!1"
diana_coman 3mn on the lbn mircea_popescu

mircea_popescu AUCTION : 5 stacks lbn, q 237, 3mn heard diana_coman . ETA tomorrow 17:00 ART.
danielpbarron mircea_popescu, 3.25 mn
diana_coman I'm not sure I fully grasp the theory re emotion there
diana_coman 4mn

mircea_popescu AUCTION : 5 stacks lbn, q 237, 4mn heard diana_coman . ETA tomorrow 17:00 ART.
mircea_popescu let's work it with reference to dream states. a dream state differs from the waking state in that there not being an objective reality to keep the entropy clock (see here also) the brain is stuck doing the timekeeping. and what the brain does is on-demand timekeeping, which is to say that IF you ask about symbol X, THEN the antecessor AX of symbol X is produced ; and if you ask of AX, THEN AAX is produced. AAX does not exist beforfe AX, but comes after AX ; it's not AAX that defines and creates AX nor AX that flows necessarily from AAX but vice-versa.
mircea_popescu now then. in this structure, we can understand "emotion" or "feeling" : it's not what CAUSES an action, behaviour, activity, whatever phenomena, but how the phenomena IS EXPLAINED. after the fact. it's not "i love my wife therefore i spend a dollar on her" but "since i already spent the dollar let's call it love". the example with the wife is rare ; in general it's more like "it's not that i'm lazy because i don't like math ; it's that since i'm lazy anyway may as well call it not liking math". entirely the economy of internal self-indulgence. which is why once confronted with the stick, and the very strict "you'll either math OR DIE" they struggle ~against the question~ (in torquemada's acception of what "the question" is, let us put them to the question) while that lasts ; but once it is no longer feasible to keep up the struggle... they... like math. but not before. before, it's all "our democracy".
diana_coman hm, I don't think that follows as such because decision is not baked-in; what you describe is likely the path of least resistance and therefore the most commonly seen meaning that emotion marks a hole and easiest to fill the hole is by "calling it love/not liking maths" but this doesn't mean that emotion WAS the hole - I think it's just the marker; (I already tried to write on the topic recently)

mircea_popescu so you're calling misnomer ? ie, just because idiot calls clay pot porcelain doth not follow porcelain dun exist ?
diana_coman I do. at the same time I admit I can't claim I have proof as in mathematically sound proof.

mircea_popescu yeah i see no argument. after all, if they can't just up and call whatever it is they happen to be doing "politics" or "scholarship" or "speaking latin" just on the flimsy strength of "that's what they happen to be doing", why exactly would we call emotion what they happen to be doing ?
mircea_popescu turns out that most walkers today are in dire need of a sentimental education, along with everything else. they can't math nor can feel. in typical fashion, the codicil is there from the get-go : "the only sane definition of what "everyone knows" as emotion". I suspect this also has something to do with the old observation that "they don't have feelings" - not in the sense that they can't claim to "feel" this or that, cry or whatever, but in this deeper sense of something else than a name for ...basically convenience I suppose which ends up in what was discussed underneath the sociopathy article : yes, "sociopaths" aka actual people can't possibly love the muggles aka "our democracy" pretend-people. for the same reason you can't love a cow, there's nothing there.
diana_coman quite, yes. one can be fond of a cow though, so "fond of" works, sure

mircea_popescu indeed.

The next step is the gassing chambers, just so you know.

  1. "Adevarat, e tare pizda ta. Vreo trei ar da la ea, fiindca restu-au dat deja. N-are nimic in cap, se vrea a fi vedeta, tu bagi banii ca-n depozit ca vrea eticheta." []
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