Do you understand how the world works ?

Sunday, 29 January, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

diana_coman Here's a thing : from tens of thousands of pointers in this ps I end up using practically none. I guess their habits programming Java or whatever the hell are showing, "everything's a pointer".
mircea_popescu Java doesn't have so much to do with that I don't think. The "webdev" level idiots don't even know that much Java in general. Maybe Ruby, but even that bar's a little high. They know javascript, excel, some mysql in the sense of "excel in a client-server model, like lotus 1-2-3 meets novell netware!"

diana_coman Whence all the spurious pointering then ? Not that it matters, whatever.
mircea_popescu I think that's c++.

diana_coman Eh crap, it's not written anywhere c++ must be a pointerball.
mircea_popescu It's not written but they don't read anyway ; they believe that's what it is. You know like if you bring a rural girly to towni and she's so impressed there's rugs everywhere that she takes her shoes off at the door ? Same thing, they came to the castle an' dun wanna break anything with their clumsy workhands.

diana_coman At least if they had that shyness of the country girl, affraid of fucking things up.
mircea_popescu Well, they're alone, is their problem. There's nobody there to relate to.

diana_coman Myeah.
mircea_popescu You know, the Latins were persuaded that onanism and nightmares all proceed from the same source, and took kiddies to see bare cunt statues. The idea being that absence of knowledge bears, compensatorily, monsters.

diana_coman Man, these days an acquaintance kept pestering me to help her chitlins because they've a Computer Science project no less! And I tell you, I laughed at them proper for an hour straight. First time in their lives when such unthinkable happened, in school everyone told them they're "right on target". They kind-of intuited they've made a big pile of doodoo, but... Sad. Very very sad.
mircea_popescu Lol. There you go, doesn't the impulse arise to save them ? Not so easy as a woman, but if you were a man wouldn't you get the impulse to make every room into multiple cells because it's a shame and also a sin to let them in their despair ? Especially should they have nice tits and all.

diana_coman Those, yes, which is why I put the time in, but how shall I put this... the idiocy is well spread.
mircea_popescu Oya. Uuuuniversally.

diana_coman It's not so terrible as a woman, they come to me I don't have to keep 'em ; and the more I laugh the more they come.
mircea_popescu Not bad at all. Cheaper, in any case.

diana_coman Absolutely ; and besides, that they've no tits... what, everyone's going to grow tits now ?
mircea_popescu You know there's nuts like that ? I know over a dozen myself.

diana_coman Like what ?
mircea_popescu Like wanting their boyfriend to grow tits. It's not even properly called a fetish, it's a whole social structure, a complete subculture.

diana_coman I had no idea ; not that I imagine to know even by a long shot what curly notions people can come up with. But what sense does it make, fat dudes have tits after a fashion, so do most women, so if you're after tits pick either a fatty or a woman or a fat woman.
mircea_popescu Ugh, so... in between the margin where girls want to live with another girl, you know, they lay warmly in the bed and giggle together, it's nice and welcoming and nobody pisses up the bathroom and the very normative mainstream where the girl wants the dude to not beat, her or her children, which yielded all sorts of ridiculous nonsense from teetotaller to whatever part of modern politics you wish but otherwise is a rich and fundamental vein there's a large space, like a swamp, inhabited by the girls who "I'll take a man AND EDUCATE HIM!!1". And in a corner of said swamp that education takes the form where the dude gets silicone implants and goes around in womanly stockings and shit.

diana_coman Take a boyfriend to gain a girlfriend, like.
mircea_popescu Yes. And the funny thing is, there's so very much demand! There's SO MANY of these waiting to get in they dance with each other for lack of partners.ii

diana_coman That I knew about, but I always wondered, why bother with all this rather than just pick what suits ? I can't summon any patience for the sort, myself.iii
mircea_popescu Dja remember about transactional analysis ? Because if you do it then signifies you're not a worthless piece of shit, but you did something, and therefore exist.

diana_coman Ah yeah.
mircea_popescu That's the true font of sadness, that as you follow and classify the world you discover that all that fabled "endless diversity of life on Earth" is in fact pure pathology. Has nothing to do with variety, it's diverse like cirrhotic livers are diverse.

diana_coman Hm.
mircea_popescu There is no such thing as "diversity". Healthy minds say the same thing in the same place now and forever. Which is how you even recognize them. How do you recognize sane people ? Through exactly that, because you know what they will say, because in point of fact there's no such thing as diversity.

diana_coman The constraints of reality define very precisely and very narrowly a single viable pathway on the long term, as it were ?
mircea_popescu No, but a vast multitude of "different" paths that are in fact exactly and very strictly equivalent. What is the difference between H's matrices and S's function ? There isn't. When there's variance, in the proper sense, you're looking at a diseased state.

diana_coman Ah, equivalency, yes.
mircea_popescu Yeah, that's the crux, you can't properly speaking say two equivalent items are different. And in this acception of the notion of difference, it doth not exist in praxis. Whence the naive expectation of inept democratic politicians, that all problems can be solved through dialogue. If we admit the premise that nobody's inferior and unqualified for humanity, then from this follows through the above lemma that all socially identified differences are baseless, and well structured dialogue could bring to fore the underlying equivalences.iv

diana_coman Hm.
mircea_popescu So it could never be sensible to go to war ; and even less to surround Washington DC with the army and cut the throat of all the residents after which bulldoze their corpses in a ditch and sprinke lime.

diana_coman I can't tell that such is truly the expectation, to solve problems. I can't even readily see they're capable of identifying any problems.
mircea_popescu I think it is, but in the sense of discovering that the problems didn't in fact exist. This is what it is, fully structured ; but meta-idiots of the ilk that "understands the fridge" in the sense of two ends of a lengthy process with a forgotten middle in between have in fact came to believe that problems perceived can necessarily and always be disembodied and exiled into the ethers with some magic dust. They don't rightly apprehend what it is or how might it work, but they know it exists. And in such a second hand world, a meta-world as it were, all the incredibly boneheaded idiocies they engage into make sense and belong. Of course they borrow without a clue, individually and as a state, and of course they tell some misfortunate children probing ineptly at the world that they're "right on target" indifferent of any notion of right and any conception of a target. It's equivalent, sister, what, let them drink more Luminol, it'll sort itself out. The whole advertising industry can be reduced to this simple scheme, "we know there's a magic dust, it's not very clear how or what, but drink coca cola."

diana_coman Indeed, admitting that they all manage to live in the meta-world (while that lasts and with whatever costs, which in the end are theirs to bear) I can see this.
mircea_popescu Yeah. You know that Seinfeld bit with the ice ?

diana_coman Nope.

Some people have a little too much fun on television: the soda commercial people - where do they summon this enthusiasm? Have you seen them? "We have soda, we have soda, we have soda", jumping, laughing, flying through the air - it's a can of soda. Have you ever been standing there and you're watching TV and you're drinking the exact same product that they're advertising right there on TV, and it's like, you know, they're spiking volleyballs, jetskiing, girls in bikinis and I'm standing there - "Maybe I'm putting too much ice in mine."

Ie, "fuck, the magic dust's broken".

  1. You are not expected to understand this. []
  2. Fun fact : of all the dorks who have their penis locked away into some contraption with the key held by another party, the majority find themselves in the situation where the other party's another dork just like them, whose key they themselves hold.

    I'm telling you, you're missing out on lulz. []

  3. Some do, at least for a while. []
  4. Hence the socialist hope in "the future" - the only reason there's "racism" ie strife and "rape" ie disinterest is because sufficient blather hasn't yet been poured by the world's "women" to resolve all these asperities. But "social media" is definitely "doing a lot" in this vein. []
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  1. samson vic`s avatar
    samson vic 
    Wednesday, 2 August 2017

    In this way children gain confidence in the predictability of the world and thus their ability to anticipate it. This then, perhaps surprisingly, enables them to more readily accept, that the conjectures that form their personal model can and should be able to be disconfirmed. It is likely that this can only become true for children, if we let them form these conjectures themselves and not try to enforce our own conjectures.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 2 August 2017

    Bullshit. It is only true for children if they are beaten into a shape where they have the basics upon which to build conjectures. Then they can proceed to "form for themselves". Not before.

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