Bad biology

Tuesday, 08 August, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Bad biologyi is a better take than usual on the whole dokufu thingii. This one has seven visible clitorides (not to mention more buried within), a great capacity for accuplation (which inexplicablyiii is consumed in serial monogamy rather than the more obvious resolutions), very heavy periods (which are still monthly occurences) and the ability to conceive, carry to term and deliver (without help) within a couple of hours. That this technically then implies she somehow drops a few hundred ovules per menstruation is not covered in the work, alongside a whole pile of loose threads in this vein.

The film is not much of a film. Taken as a mere collection of footage it's not altogether bad, for instance the hooker's outfit is pretty cool, and five or so minutes at the very outset work remarkably well, there's a rythm and a counterpoint in there, a flow that's highly entertaining.

We could say that Bad biology is the best claymation I've ever seen. Better than nothing, aite ?

  1. 2008, by Frank Henenlotter, with Charlee Danielson []
  2. You know, the dangerous vamp. []
  3. Obviously the author of any work of fiction will be limited by his own bias, which he'll always gladly ascribe to "the public". []
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