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Saturday, 13 August, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

For my sins I linked an ancient piece in Romanian from a recent piece on Argentina. The language barriers are too much for the readership, so it loudly clamours for relief. I see no option but to translate. Here goes :

Given the following image taken from dtngi :


In brief, for the blind : three chicks, Rodica, Calina and Catalina, born off the same egg at the same time (and consequently triplets) rub together for the delight of onlookers. They're sisters.

This is valuable in itself, given that a life spent without having fucked twins is a life wasted, and I'm under the impression that none of you fucked twins (we're not discriminating by gender, girls also must fuck female twinsii, that's the problem ?). As a bonus, the fact that the girls lick and suck each other like normal people is a big deal, in a thirld world country befouled by the saddest imbecillity imaginable. The girls have, in other words, some competitive advantages.

This is also rare, triplets occur naturally less than once in ten thousand live births, twenty years ago there weren't that many fertility treatments to bother the frequency, and given Romania's ~200k yearly live births we could guess there doesn't exist in the whole country any other troop of girls to compete, which is to say both a) be triplets and b) healthily assume their own sexuality.

In spite of these marked advantages, nothing came of these girls. They didn't manage to economically exploit their priviledged situation of having exclusive control over a rare, sought after good ; but instead sucked it cold, pointlessly.iii Why would this be ? To answer this question, we've invited in our studio two experts in the wider or narrower matters discussed, which is to say Mr. Mircea Popescu, ex-minority partner in various cunt-exploitation enterprises and current owner of sameiv, as well as an anonymous young lady, ex as well as current visual service provider for generous gentlemenv (but not in Romania, because you have no money). The discussion flew as follows :

Some Guy : << lol
Some Ho : MFCvi is a shit site.

Some Guy : They're triplets, you!
Some Ho : I've made an account myself. I saw.

Some Guy : They couldn't care lessvii about MFC, they can make their own solo site.
Some Ho : And who's keeping them ?viii

Some Guy : I was just saying idly.
Some Ho : Myeah. Dude, from what I've seen on cam4 these are ... pisswasser.ix

Some Guy : How many triplet Romanian women do you know ?
Some Ho : I don't even know twins.

Some Guy : What, seriously ?!
Some Ho : Seriously.

Some Guy : Sucks. What sort of life is that to not fuck twins.
Some Ho : Loool. I'm not tempted :)

The MyFreeCams triplets(SensualRosse) you may have seen posted about here need our help. They're trying to start their own adult site together but ran into problems with the web designer who was working to get their site going. They lost some money on that. They're taking donations to help them pay someone else to do it. I think if you donate $500 you get a free month's membership and some autographed Sensual Triplets t-shirts sent to you.

Some Guy : Lol. Hahaha. Dumbasses. See, to no avail being a triplet and loving the cock if your brainbox is all air.
Some Ho : Ayup.x Let me fuck this idiot now.xi Fuck their mouth for fuck's sake, they got used with free.

silly whores - nobody pays for porn anymore! they are 3 years late to the party.

We have an explanation :)))
Some Guy : Lol

Some Ho : That domain is up in the tree.xii They've done well for themselves, the girls, dreamland over there. That'd be why they cry for MFC :)))
Some Guy : You know what the deal is ? Everyone thinks they know what they're doing.

Some Ho : How the shit man... three cunts together... three! triplets or no triplets they'd still have made money. "I'm going to agree and say $500 for one month and a SIGNED t-Shirt isn't much compensation."
Some Guy : Heh.

Some Ho : let's see a show too :D what a shitty cam they got.
Some Guy : Is it worth watching ?

Some Ho : Neah. And their tits hang. Sucks.
Some Guy : All tits hang, you!

Some Ho : Right, but more or less. These are in the more category.
Some Guy : Yeah well, fate. See what poor management does, triplets with a porny inclination, yet after time passed they've no money for implants. Or a website. Sad.

Some Ho : Yeah, damn straight. A site at least... implants make little difference.
Some Guy : Like hell ? They make a difference, how wouldn't they.

Some Ho : Mneah. Check out the sites. The girls making 10k are all naturals.
Some Guy : That just means good implants.

Some Ho : There's one on jas[min] without an inkling of tit... but she sells to break the process.
Some Guy : What does she do ?xiii

Some Ho : Dancer something, she makes over 15k a month. They're not even listing her on best earners anymore.
Some Guy : Lol.

Some Ho : She's pretty cool, as presence, for the show... physically not so much.
Some Guy : Hm.

Some Ho : Watch her if you feel like it, she conquered my heart.
Some Guy : Ugh. What the fuck. Why'd I watch the gyration of some cunt that's not on her knees for my attention ? I don't grok the concept.

Some Ho : Why'd I watch it ?
Some Guy : Well... professional curiosity, I'd guess.xiv

Some Ho : Mneah, I like her presence, how she moves. I have such a boring slave in private...

Sensual Triplets ‏ @SensualTriplets
Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

Holiday SPECIAL offer-->>Everyone that JOINS from now till 31 Dec. will WIN a FREE show on Skype. Do NOT miss this!

These made more free shows than paid.
Some Guy : Myeah. Poorly managed.

Some Ho : They're dumb, you can tell from that vid.
Some Guy : "For us, all people that contributed to building the website, will be deeply appreciated and will receive gifts from us. As soon as we raise the money for finishing the website, we will be able to make it a very interesting and unique experience."

Some Ho : Yeah yeah. We grow old and die stupid.
Some Guy : Myeah.

Some Ho : I got some cute panties apparently ; focused on them for this guy... the loser is typing out "IloveYou" :))))
Some Guy : Lol you wear panties ?! That must be the worst part of camwhoring.

Some Ho : I'm a mistress.
Some Guy : Oh, yeah ?

Some Ho : Myeah. Hang on, he wants me to tell him about my slaves.
Some Guy : You've got slaves ?

Some Ho : Eh I've got... cmon.
Some Guy : Lol. Good for you.

Some Ho : I don't like slaves.
Some Guy : Myeah.

Some Ho : I'm so fucking hungry I'm drooling.
Some Guy : So stick something in.

Some Ho : I'm with the slave mrrrr.
Some Guy : Lol still... What's the clock show yet, $500 ?

Some Ho : 300 :( I'm hungry :(( do it good
Some Guy : Lol!

Some Ho : I have no idea how I managed but I shaved only the left side of my kitty :)))
Some Guy : Like a hairdo.

Some Ho : Somewhat punkish :))) I'm showing this dude my punkish kitty, I watch the walls while my entrails are churning.
Some Guy : Lmao

Some Ho : Dude fell off :( Out of credit. :))) And firefox fucking crashed and all these videos of yours started over....
Some Guy : Lmao

Some Ho : At the same time... dreamy.
Some Guy : Gangtube.

Some Ho : Yeeeeah :))) Some dom gave me five stars with a nice review these days. Now the slaves are queing :)))
Some Guy : Better than nothing...

Some Ho : Hey, would you be my guest on needlive? :))) They're giving me 75 bux :)))
Some Guy : I've no Flash.xv

Some Ho : Lol I didn't mean come watch the stream, just make an account.
Some Guy : Eh, dicks account, the cocksuckers want a cc number. Otherwise they wouldn't pay you 75 bucks.

Some Ho : CC? Ah, yeah.
Some Guy : Myeah.

Some Ho : I was in for 10 minutes. Made 14 dollars and left.
Some Guy : Sad.

Some Ho : Lol why?
Some Guy : Weren't you saying 300 with the punk kitty dude ?

Some Ho : Ah, that's on CCxvi. Then loaded up needlive, a new site for me. I wanted to check it out. They approved my account tonight. If I just sit and hope CC come back I'll starve.
Some Guy : 300 for a day is ok

Some Ho : For a day... gone are the 500 and over days. So it goes.
Some Guy : The years pass, pisi.

Some Ho : It's not about the years it's about the money. So those smart cookies - sensual triplets made their own site... which didn't work, so they returned to MFC where they got banned. Well.
Some Guy : Such a waste.

Some Ho : Yeah totally. And MFC is a site for poor schmucks.
Some Guy : But you see the problem, everyone's haughty in his stupidity. Instead of picking an owner and coming on hands and knees, "Lord and Master, come, take me and make something of me" they pompously "hire web designer". As if that's how sites are made, by web designers. And houses get built by wall painters.

Some Ho : Lol. After which they broke up, too.
Some Guy : Likely some cocksuckerxvii was the root of the problem. One of them must have dragged in some fuckhead smarter than his paygrade. Some blogger or something. And... well...

Some Ho : Loool. You've got some explanations.... I think otherwise.... the girls put their hopes and money into that site... some dude came around, took their money, fucked them silly and left them to watch the sun. Defeated and upset, they fell upon each other.
Some Guy : I dun think so.

Some Ho : Like hell not.
Some Guy : Dude, they're too dumb to be greedy. They had no such planning in their programme.

Some Ho : You're pushing me to where I'ma contact them on FB ... I didn't say greedy... give me that jpg again with the names. Lol they've wiped their accounts. On top of being dumb they're also... dumb. Mkay I found the mother among a friend list, they changed nicks. What do I ask ?
Some Guy : Ask what you will. Listen, do I blow you up, that you're camwhoring ?xviii Do you care ?

Some Ho : Don't blow me, lol

The exercise left to the reader is to establish who's right. Other than the theoretically correct and generally valid but entirely pointless observation that nothing came of them because they're dumb and haven't got an owner, what do you say was the immediate cause ? Some ambitious but incompetent cocksucker who pushed them into the wall ; or some ambition of their own that pushed them into some cocksucker who, incompetent but disinterested, perhaps fucked them, both metaphorically as well as concretely (most likely metaphorically, as it's not all that common to stand up to three, especially without experience) ?

I'm listening.

  1. DTNG, short for "dating", was a Romanian chan that I ran for a few years back in that enchanted illo tempore when I was just about single handedly supporting Romania's online presence. There was also a [better version of] digg, and many other things.

    Because its content was entirely uncensored, it consisted of what you might imagine (including a large base of escorts looking for work), which led an early wave of обнажая буржуазии on tardstalk. The attempt humorously crashed on a "whocouldhavepredicted" jagged shore consisting of my pointing out that I probably produced more porn flicks than anyone else involved in Bitcoin at that time had girlfriends, and this at a time porn still paid. The dissaray of that failure is for some unfathomable reason still deeply felt by the Happy Pinoy Social Media Club. []

  2. In Romanian, grammatical gender makes it obvious we're discussing female twins throughout. Meanwhile, usage convention makes the first case of the female form ambiguous, so the second restatement clarifies the strictness of the matter - only female twins are sexually valuable - while also being funny.

    Don't you wish you spoke a real language yet ? []

  3. To suck it cold, as well as to suck it pointlessly, are Romanian expressions denoting "being a CEO" of an "online business" and other demonic nonsense. []
  4. Ie, of cunt, not enterprises. []
  5. This "provider of $item for generous gentlemen" is very much a Romanian idiomatic expression, standardised by want ads usage. []
  6. My Free Cams []
  7. In Romanian the literalism is "it breaks in their cunt", a contextualized, underlined extension of the placeholder "mi se rupe", ie "it breaks to me", the superlative of disinterest and unimportance. []
  8. She is directly referencing matter discussed in The Romanian language for other people. []
  9. Ie, nothing remarkable.

    Parfum generally means "good" in the sense of "no trouble", but for a troubled set that's in itself a problem. []

  10. The very important Romanian affirmatives mdeah and mdap will have to be myeah and ayup respectively. And no, they're not the same thing. []
  11. She doesn't mean "fuck" as in, copulate. She means fuck as in "do violence to". I'm aware your language treats these as if they were, somehow, not the same thing. Nevertheless, they are.

    They are exactly the same thing, and if you don't believe me - ask any small child that witnessed his mother be fucked to orgasm. Oh, what's that, the notion of small children witnessing such really bothers you ? Gee whiz, I wonder why. Oh, what, that it contradicts this nonsensical view is not why ? Really ? []

  12. Being up in the tree is bad, in Romanian. []
  13. Literally Кто ты по жизни? []
  14. Romanian uses the subjunctive as an "alt-world" creation device. "Why would one do this if they were me" sort of thing. []
  15. Yes back in 2012. So there. []
  16. Some camsite, I'm sure. I forget which. []
  17. Ie, male. []
  18. Ie, does she want to be quoted by name or just as "some ho". []
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  1. This is valuable in itself, given that a life spent without having fucked twins is a life wasted,

    Mnah. Such an act is wicked.

    Leviticus 18:17 You shall not uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter, nor shall you take her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter, to uncover her nakedness. They are near of kin to her. It is wickedness. 18 Nor shall you take a woman as a rival to her sister, to uncover her nakedness while the other is alive.

    It defiles people, nations, and even the land.

    Leviticus 18:24 ‘Do not defile yourselves with any of these things; for by all these the nations are defiled, which I am casting out before you. 25 For the land is defiled; therefore I visit the punishment of its iniquity upon it, and the land vomits out its inhabitants.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 13 August 2016

    o.O now I've done it ?

  3. *puts popcon in popper*
    *braces self for TMSR official bishop excomunicating TMSR official... whatever the fuck MP is*
    *sings a zingarella*
    *checks thread*
    *checks popcorn*

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 13 August 2016

    The problem with this whole theory is that women who lie with the same man by this fact are much more sisters than they could conceivably be for the reason that they grew up together - after all, their husband is above their father, in the sense the present owner is above the past owner ; and the full owner is above the mere fiduciary.

  5. braindamage`s avatar
    Tuesday, 2 June 2020

    > triplets occur naturally less than once in ten thousand live births, twenty years ago there weren't that many fertility treatments to bother the frequency

    It could be noted however that fertility treatment multiples occur either from the release of several eggs in the same cycle due to ovarian stimulation, or from the survival of more than one ivf embryo, which are implanted several at a time to maximize the odds that at least one will make it. They are therefore always from different eggs, and identical multiples like those featured here should remain about as rare as they ever were.

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 2 June 2020

    This is a point, in fact triplets are relatively rare among in-vitro fertilized females because octuplets are the norm.

  1. [...] yes, given the ample possibilities this world could in principle offer (triplets! to worship your every word!) settling down to merely one pretty girl is a rather significant [...]

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