Two Moon Junction

Monday, 12 September, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The uncharitable way to introduce Two Moon Junctioni would be "From the director of 9½ Weeks, come see Days Of Our Lives meeting softcore pornography". Something like that.

The screenplay is inept in all details, and incredibly stiff in lumbering aggregate. The story, reduced to its shortest summary (Southern belle goes to the altar pregnant) is not altogether bad. The spoken lines however are miserableii on top of which they're read by people who aren't actors. The effect is quite stunningly made-for-TV-commercial.

Nevertheless, the human body is treated with a little more respect than usually is the case in the utterly obscene productions of Hollywood. When the woman masturbates in the shower, the cut is through her rib cage not through her upper sternum. When she strips in the barn she strips in the barn, there she stands, nude, bushy, in Cris Ballas' favourite pair of white pumps (it was not just Kim Basinger, yo!). For the 80s this isn't all that bad, taking that issue into consideration.

I enjoyed... well not exactly it. But I did enjoy butterflying a girl throughout the production and then fucking her after she was thoroughly exhausted - something which I wholeheartedly recommend you try also. You can even use this same film as the background. If you do, the title will suddenly catch unexpected meaning.

  1. 1988, by Zalman King, with Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Tyson. []
  2. Not quite "this lighter looks like someone gave it to you" level, but nevertheless a decent approximation of Literotica fan fiction. []
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