To be happy.

Wednesday, 20 July, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The stewardess sat herself in the man's lap, her exposed flesh - just barely out of the daldırmaki of adolescence - fremendoii at the contact. She was evidently well received. Everyone in the crowded plane did their best not to notice, as people do.

- Mommy, mommy! Mommy ? What's the lady doing ?
- She's prostituting herself.

- What does it mean to prostitute herself ?
- Sometimes a woman, especially when she's young, feels the need to be humble and humiliate herself before a man. When it's one man in particular they call it falling in love, but when it's any man that happens to be around then she's prostituting herself.

- Can I do it ?
- No, baby. You're too young for that.

- Do you ?
- Sometimes.

- But you're not an airplane lady.
- You don't have to be. It could be your boss asks you to take off your clothes and go under his desk, or many things.

- Like at the office ?
- Yeah baby.

- So do you prostitute yourself with your boss ?
- Not really.

- Why not ?
- Well... he never asked me to.

- And if he asked you would ?
- Maybe.

- When I grow up I'll prostitute myself all the time.
- Why would you do that ?

- She looks happy.

  1. Turkish word, meaning to steep, to worry, yielding a Romanian word that means something entirely untranslatable which nevertheless works exceedingly well in context. []
  2. Latin fremo hence Romanian a fremata. To... move in a manner reminiscent of pullulation - which fortunately is an English word. The two things that freamata in Romanian are the foliage of a forest and the flesh of a young woman. []
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