The unhappy new years, or look at the difference a decade makes!

Friday, 01 January, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Let's lead with the old one :

Bisexual, Woman, 31, Single, 173cm, Curvy. Alberta, CA.

Her poti sa zici hi, nu musc ;)i
You salut :) cum ie prin alberta ?

Her Greetings and how are you? Alberta este foarte friguroasa. Basically the North Pole.
You aha. noa, pai hai pina-n ba. e ca-n sera aici.

Her Oh I wish. Lucky boy. My romo blood wasn't made for this much winter.
You haha. luck ain't nothing to do with it! skill all the way.

Her ok, you're skillful to live in such a hot climate. my skills are winter based ;)
You what, oil drilling ?

Her Investment banking but all our clients are o&g as you can imagine.
You hehehe. you wanna google me ?

Her why? are you a local celebrity?
You well not exactly local not exactly celebrity.

Her color me impressed. so why okc?ii
You eh why not. but as you can see... it's not winter based :Diii

Her oh my friend, the internet trolls hate you. how do you sleep at night? lolol
You << with them.

Her they must be out of town or you wouldn't be online chatting with me currently.iv
You they're my slaves.v

Her that was pretty evident.
You oh you meant it the other way ? lol! that's not how it works. what is this, "why would we go to the restaurant, we have all this food at home!" or something ?

Her ? not at all. What are you the Romo Christian Grey?vi
You well no. he's the wanna-be me. so what do you do other than mortaging drill bits in the soon-to-be-inexistent canadian oil and gas ?

Her ha. none of that. I'm a corporate event planner, I throw parties for people like you.vii We're international, or something.
You doesn't sound like much of a gig, does it ?

Her ouch. my whole self worth is based on my career. i'm wounded.viii
You a, sorry!

Her It's actually a great fit for me. Its fun, its stressful, I travel,meet interesting people and it pays well. Currently, its slow as you can imagine but c'est la vie.ix
You i'd get out if i were you. alberta's seriously going to shit. oh andomfg who drinks gin! HERESYx

Her thanks for the life advice person I just met on the internet. We are not a domestic i bank, so I think it will be ok ;)xi
You aite :)

Her but please do continue to insult my life choices. This is like reading the PUA handbook step by step ;)xii
You hahaha. i suspect we share the same views on that whole subculture, actually.

Her i somehow doubt that.
You how do you figure ?

Her i'm just well read. i don't do mind games. its cruel to play with the minds of idiots you know.xiii
Youyou know, someone can genuinely think alberta's going to shit without NECESSARILY it being some sort of juvenile ploy.

Her but of course. i was referring to your general well crafted persona. why do you feel the need to prove yourself so heavily to me? i'm no one.
You i just like chatting.

And let's continue with the young one :

Heteroflexible, Woman, 22xiv, Seeing Someone, 157cm, Fit. North Carolina, US.

You Hey there.
Her Hello. It is quite a random thing for you to message me, I think.

You Not more than it is for strangers to talk, generally.
Her I just wonder how you arrived at my profile, as we are not a high match..we are not even relatively close in location. I can appreciate the slim chance of the happening that has occurred here, is what I mean to say.

You I'm well networked, so to speak. I see more of the internet than the average user. How's your domme careerg going ?
Her It's non-existent. I put it on there hoping some sad fucker would message me and pay me to abuse him. It has not really happened yet. ;) I'm curious about these connections you speak of

You hey, are you a susceptible kind ?
Her I am interested in making money and not having to devote my time to something that I don't believe in. A dominatrix can make a lot of money. Susceptible? How do you mean?xv

You ok ima be honest. you're so fucking quant&naive it's endearing. it just so jhappens that being a domme is probably the highest average income career path for a female.xvi there you sit wondering. whatcher waitin' for ?!

Her I am young, so naive is easy to say coming from a 38 year old.. It seems like a 'comfortable' perspective to me.xvii

You i guess that's true. anyway. what do you do for a living as it is ?
Her I am a baker. And I generally cook and/or manage households professionally.

You you got the patience to spend the next fifteen minutes answering pointed questions ?
Her Not that I am all too interested in talking about my 'career path'. I don't mind at all, necessarily. I may or may not be interested, but feel free to send them.

You alright, bear with me and i promise some sort of result. at the end.
Her That's all that you can promise.

You did you go to school ? what kind ?
Her I have gone to 'school' as far as my compulsory education and some college classes. I want to get a degree in a foreign country. I am not interested in the American education system. Right now, I am learning homesteading and working on religious, cultural, and language studies, at home..among many other things.

You o.O what's the matter with the ustardian education system in your view ?
Her I don't want to continue the 'compulsory' aspects of study, insofar as completing many courses that have nothing to do what with what I am interested in learning. In American college, one has to complete a solid two years of academic course structure which pertains to many subjects that are 'basic'..mathematics, history, science, etc. Many of these classes have absolutely nothing to do with psychology, for instance. Whereas, if I study abroad, I can jump into my 'major'. I can begin psychology courses during my very first semester.

You hm. this is delicious but for the sake of keeping some focus towards my 15 minutes and the incumbent promiose, lets' move on. how did you get the idea dommes make dough ?
Her This would result in achievement of my goal in a much faster, and more fundamental way. By researching the idea.

You you mean on the web ?
Her I am also connected to a physical network of people that practice BDSM, which is originally how I was exposed to the idea.

You any actual dommes making actual dough in that network that you've seen ?
Her Yes.

You are they unwilling or unable to apprentice you ?
Her I now live three hours away from this network, but I think that they would be.

You so what are you waiting for ? to explain your problem to yourself : do you have nudes published anywhere ?
Her I am not "waiting" on anything.xviii This field of making money is something that I am mildly intrigued with for the time being.

You do you see what i mean ?
Her Do you see what I mean, I wonder?

You tell me like i were a man. ie, dumb as a sack of bricks.
Her But if you are trying to motivate me, I am not going to discard whatever you have to pass on to me.xix I don't know how willing I am to devote myself to learning the artform/money-making exploration. At this time, it has not been my
priority to learn.

You what makes you think it's up to you ?
Her In what regard? (What do you mean?)

You what makes you think it's up to you to decide how willing you are to learn x.
Her I have decided that I am accountable and responsible for the choices that I make in life regarding this kind of a thing. There are many things that I do not think are 'up to me'. But that isn't easy to explain.

You see, to get back to the earlier thread - you're right that us education is a path to dementia. you are however wrong as to the mechanism. it's not because they make you learn math or other basics. it's because they teach you pure insanity : this delusional notion that you have any choice with regards to what to learn. you may decide what is important. you may not decide HOW it works.
Her That's an interesting concept. What do you mean, how it works? I agree that many things in this life are pure insanity.

You alright, so back to the question : have you published nude photos of yourself ?
Her No

You and why not ?
Her Nothing that I have done of that nature is public. Again, I have not ventured into that avenue a whole lot. My putting that on my profile was kind of a joke, in the sense that it was sort of a 'wild card' to see what kind of response I would achieve. Why are you so interested to know? I am very interested to know about the insanity that you perceive. I wonder how much we feel similarly about the world around us.

You yes, but the situation tells me that your mental process is broken. if you had a good reason not to publish them, that same good reason would have blocked off working as a domme for you. the fact that it doesn't means that you probably SHOULD have published. do you know enough math to know what sorting trees are ?

Her I do not know what a sorting tree is.

You ok, let's leave that with the mention that the only time not wasted in this life is the time spent talking to women and learning math.
Her How can you honestly say, that the two would be for the same good reason. One can become a professional domme without publishing public nude pictures of oneself.

You o really ? how the fuck does that work.xx are you the sorty of girl that goes into med school but can't stand blood ?
Her That is your perception..the math and women thing.

You well yes.
Her I certainly can stand blood. I am interested in abusing human beings for money, not being some charade, public figure, or spectacle of sorts.xxi If I do not not need to publish pictures of my naked body, why would I want to? It's not to say that I am interested OR disinterested in that idea.xxii

You yes, but what makes you think that what you're interested in matters ?
Her How is that even a question? What one is interested in guides their lives, inevitably.xxiii On many, many different levels.

You you think ?
Her I very much do.

You hey, ever read any classical works ? the greeks, anything ?
Her What do you know of being a dominatrix?

You i broke a few.
Her I have read the Odyssey. I have two books that are full of greek myths. I am not so interested in greek philosophy

You well... so did ulysses' CHOICES matter in that damn thing ?
Her I think both his choices and that of the Gods mattered.xxiv

You you would. what grounds do you have ? (note that contrary to greek conceitxxv of the time, the gods make no choices.)
Her Conjecture, as much as you.

You this is not so.
Her There are no absolute answers to these questions, aside from the fact that we know that for some reason, we are here..and that we will die one day.xxvi Tell me your absolute notion. Tell me what it is, you think that you know.

You and how do you know this ? for all you know there might be absolute answers. moreover, this particular weasel of a wanna-be absolute answer is kinda bourgeois, don't you find '?
Her You are the one who suggested that you knew something.

You be that as it may : there are good reasons why the concept of choice is inapplicable to the concept of divinity as entertained by the greeks. sadly we have no basis on which to discuss this matter. yet.
Her I agree. Anything else?

You ah, i'm well satisfied. who knew i was going to meet a smart baker girl from north carolina over the internet. your turn, ask and you shall recieve.
Her What does your faith lie in?xxvii You like math. I'm curious about that.

You im faithless. math is just a tool. it is exceedingly powerful, but it does require one to stay nude and clean. you know how egyptian priests shaved everything ?
Her I did not know that.xxviii So, what principles do you live your life by? What guides you?

You that's rather complicated.
Her I guess I am just curious as to your stance on moralism..among other things.

You can you explain the difference between morals and ethics ?
Her Well, ethics would be circumstantial. I want to know what you find inherently wrong or right if anything.

You ah, the advantage of bloggingxxix. one second. there you go.

Come to this point you will probably wish to attribute the difference to anything and everything under the sun, "personality", "intelligence", you'll probably claim the height differential between the two is the driver of behavioural difference before you accept the unthinkable horror that really, it's simply the age.

And yet... neither "personality" nor "intelligence" - however you might define them - change much through one's life, and if they do change it's not for the worse (right ?). Nevertheless love ends and happilly married husbands decide they've had enough of their spouses and move on to... to what do they move on ? Girls with better personalities, right ? Smarter women. Taller chicks. That's what they go for, never younger sluts.

It's the age.

It's the age, that fugit interea, singula dum capti circumvectamur amore, as seen in a desire for security, and in a thousand other tiny markings. Can you circumvent the traps your own love of detail sets out for you ? Perhaps, as a slave. Perhaps, if well trained. Naturally ?

Naturally, no. As your mother made you, your chances to age well are comparable to your chances to cure yourself of polio through purely organic means. Supposedly it can happen.

  1. "You can say hi, I don't bite" in Romanian. Through the miraculous workings of the Divinity Machine as previously described, lots and lots and lots of... users, let's say, blessfully unaware of the inner workings of social media and the ever-so-revolutionary web come to the mistaken conclusion that someone's been looking at them.

    On second pass... it may even be that technically that conclusion isn't even all that mistaken. How do you distinguish a bot and a... user, let's say ? Hm ?

    But it doesn't stop there, either. Check this beauty out (I only now found it) :

    Subject: [Fwd: MirceaPopescu, You are Hot!]
    From: "OkCupid"
    Date: Mon, December 28, 2015 12:28 am

    Hey MirceaPopescu,
    We just detected that you’re now among the most attractive people on
    OkCupid. We learned this from clicks to your profile and reactions to you
    in Quickmatch. Did you get a new haircut or something? Well, it’s

    To celebrate, we’ve adjusted your OkCupid experience:

    * You’ll see more attractive people in your results. *

    This won’t affect your match percentages, which are still based purely
    on your answers and desired match’s answers. But we’ll recommend more
    attractive people to you. You’ll also appear more often to other
    attractive people.

    Sign in to see your newly-shuffled matches. Have fun, and don’t let this
    go to your head.

    Totally, I got a new haircut. I call it the sed.

    But imagine this wonder, if you will! I'm supposed to believe they've been keeping all the hot sluts hidden, because totally, this makes absolute sense if you're running a webservice. I suppose next Amazon's rolling out a "hey, here's all the good stuff we weren't showing you before, not like we're actually in the business of making volume", and the doctor's gonna go "Oh, you're a friend of John's ? Well in that case I got real medicine for you. Everyone else I'm giving tic-tacs."

    And yet you knew it all along, didn't you ?

    Anyway, the point being : even ex-Home Shopping Network IAC/InterActive fucking fell for it. As a friend put it "wow, the best scammers in the world - they could scam anyone" and yet still fucking fell for it. What chances do you have ? []

  2. This is a major fixation for the people, I get stuff like


    alllll the damned time. I could point out that the other reaction is a lot more sensible, but then you could point out that slut is 18 and this chick more like 30something, so what the fuck could she do other than sit on ass and dream about a world that no longer includes her ?

    You'd have a point, and what's more : now you also understand the fundamental problem with politics. Exactly like in the case of suicide, those who actually do it had no business doing it in the first place and everyone else should have done it long ago. []

  3. Yes, I didn't bring that up to bring it up. I brought that up so, in the immortal words of my ancestors, "this is where you notice that you said something dumb and realise that maybe the other things you said come from the same place." []
  4. Ahh, the eternal delusion of the female mind, that there exists such a thing as sufficient. Sadly, it ain't never gonna be enough, no matter what. Things just don't work that way. []
  5. I originally interpreted her comment in the context that seemed apparent at that time - obnoxious 30something "in control" (think Marcy in Married with Children or similar scumpuss), ie that if the women were present they'd have control of my fucking household and consequently I couldn't be chatting with stray sluts. Turns out that's not what she meant, but she's not willing to stand behind the alternative interpretation either, so.. ah well. []
  6. This is amusing because I had discussed this earlier that same day with slavegirl. She had heard of the 50 shades thing but not read it, and assumed on the basis of her own (rather extensive, by now) experience in the field that it's you know, about BDSM and stuff.

    Well... it isn't. That book is written by people who aren't in BDSM for the benefit of people who aren't in BDSM (much like "financial mainstream news" is written by people who aren't in finance for the benefit of people who don't have money). The only sane way one could describe Christian Grey is, "male nurse working without pay in a strange sort of mental hospital, while the administration does its best to misrepresent the whole sordid affair as somehow hot and cool through trying to put forth a very flimsy pretense of being me". If your idea of a Master is Grey then I suppose your idea of a Goldstein is Madoff and your idea of a Nobel laureate is Hussein Bahamas and so on and so forth. From what I hear there's a kingdom in heaven you'll inherit. Including all its bridges. []

  7. First off, the sort of derps she throws parties for are "like me" exactly in the way and to the degree that Gray derp is me. Second off, but a lot more amusing - this chick actually thinks she's in Investment Banking. She does. Her. Yes.

    I met a derp exactly identical at some social function here, she was "in Investment Banking" in the sense of... the receptionist. Say what you will in your defense, I come from a place where we handle things better than this. []

  8. You know that whole "ironic" thing ? Yeah, listen, the 90s called and they want it back. I can tell you're an old maid by now just through noticing it deployed - none of the current crop of eager cocksuckers do it anymore, you know. []
  9. Organizing fucking parties is stressful. I see something like that, I simulsee the rage in pretty slavish eyes. []
  10. There's a reason all the cheapo whores of the Victorian empire drank gin. It's one step above wood distillate for fucks sake (of course in the newfound poverty of the end of the world, even that is making a come-back - hey, why did you think absinth was popular in the 1800s ?). Gin drinking investment bankers, help me Rwanda. []
  11. Not domestic, you see. []
  12. So there's some derps that have spent roughly speaking the past decade also trying to be me, just on a slightly different angle. And I've been making fun of them, for the entire decade. And now derpy Investment Banker sinking with Alberta wants to understand me in terms of the derps. Because seriously, everything's better if you suck it through shit. Even gin. []
  13. Ahh, the eternal delusion of the human mind, that "intelligence" in some sort of formulation somehow protects - one just gotta find the right formulation!

    It doesn't protect. You have the proof right here - fucking OkCupid fell for it! There's no protection to be had! []

  14. In fairness, she's also cute as a button. []
  15. For the record, susceptible means easily insulted. You know, like the old nag above. []
  16. Understand the concept of average income.

    If population A consists of 100 girls, of which 90 flunk the very demanding engineering programme and 9 more flunk the length of business promotions etc required so in the end one makes it to be the CEO of General Dynamics (Phebe Novakovic, look her up), then population A earns 99 * 75k a year + 1 * 19 mn (yeah, it tripled last year - for... some reason).

    If population B consists idem of 100 girls, of which 90 fail to make it to Hollywood and 9 live out their lives waiting tables in LA for one to make it to be the butt of a generation, then population B earns 99 * (2.65 an hour + tips) + 30 mn (lifetime, not salary).

    Finally, if population C consists idem of 100 girls, 65 of which make 1mn a year or so and 35 of which fail to thrive (in the sense of not making quite a million a year or so), then it is an absolute and certain fact that as a young slut your best choice is to go into line C.

    There's no ifs or buts about this, A readily beats B, but C beats the shit out of A and B combined. Them's the breaks, that's what it is, like it or not.

    Do you advise your own daughter with a view to market, and reality, and sanity, or do you advise your own daughter with a view to nonsense, and ideology, and your own delusional projections ? Do you, in last analysis, give your own flesh and blood as good advice as I give some random Internet chick ? Do you ?

    And before you start with the usual bullshit : a) a job is not for to enjoy, a job is for to get all the stuff you don't enjoy in the same room and wall it off. You believe this. She can pursue her whatever the fuck AFTER working hours, with the MONEY those working hours provide. Right ? So cut the bullshit and make her^H^H^H^H^H^H stop getting in the way of her going naked to school this year. Know any better NY resolutions ? []

  17. Judging by the way I sting people, I expect any day now I'll look in the mirror and there'll be - no hair left, just a swarming nest of vipers.

    But you'll still think I'm pretty, right ? Right ?! []

  18. Ahh, the eternal delusion of the lively intelligence - that it's not postponing living. Yes, yes it is.

    Yes, yes you are.

    Here's the scoop : it's true that in knowledge you can not get to one thing until you've got the other. It even happens in this conversation. Nevertheless - this is important, NEVERTHELESS - this never happens in life. Never. Not ever. There's nothing you ever need in order to do anything. You don't need money to have kids, as the chief and perhaps most obvious example. There are no prerequisites to action - prerequisites exist in the realm of thought and there only. []

  19. It's not true that flattery will get you anywhere. Flattery will get you everywhere you don't really want to go.

    Humility, however, will get you anywhere. And this is exactly humility, personified in the female mechanism : "I have but one egg and there's endless sperms - nevertheless, if you give me some I'll see to it that they get the same running out all the others do". This fundamental mechanism is why the human species is still around.

    I understand that you may have had a different notion of what humility means. You were wrong. []

  20. It's not that "how would the clients find you". It's that if you don't WANT wheels then why the fuck would you be buying a car! "Oh, I like the way light reflects off the sideview mirrors" ? What are you, like a pica pica ? []
  21. Yeah, and alf is interested in getting a sane computing environment, not driving cabs. Get in line. []
  22. The good old "we can get away with". If you were offered a prize for "peace", would you take it ? How about a prize for maths ?

    Would you rather have the prize ? []

  23. Ah, the characteristic delusion of modernity. Carry on, it makes for a good show. []
  24. Thankfully I've been away from academia for long enough to have never before encountered this one in practice. The choices of the gods, ye gods! I'm not even sure flunking is enough for this. Some errors do require hard caning. []
  25. Odds are she doesn't know what conceit means, either, but then again she is, as she points out, young. Young enough to have just about finished reading at Oxford, but for one thing that was in a different time and for the other thing that Oxford no longer exists anyway.

    Anyway, the conceit in question is to present things, to write the narrative as if the gods chose so and so. Yeah, you'd call it "being ironic". Check it out, the Greeks invented that, also. []

  26. Hey, auth of the deathor, amirite ? []
  27. Women generally ask the better questions. The notion of having male inquisitors is quaintly ridiculous, and transparently driven by a feeling of inadequacy. []
  28. I wonder if she knows Carson. []
  29. Do you have any idea how much time trilema saves me ? []
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  1. This makes me really sad. Why do they ban me and promote you! You don't even respect women like i do!


  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 1 January 2016

    Careful anon, your flags are showing.

  3. Barry Drill
    Barry Drill'er 
    Friday, 1 January 2016

    Is OkCupid showing me less attractive people on purpose? Every time I log on to OkCupid online or using the Android app it seems as though I am only being showed the "less attractive people" I spend countless minutes of time looking but I never find one person I am attracted to. I noticed that a lot of the people it shows are really large; not too many skinny people, people making ugly duck faces or similar, etc. I even have it set to anywhere in search results. I should also like to point out that I asked a friend to look at matches with me and even he says most of them are un attractive. I read somewhere that this may be on purpose and if it is that makes me mad. Any thoughts anyone?

    Sorry if this is in the FAQ/Wiki but I didn't see it there.

    I remember reading a couple of years ago that if you were deemed ugly by OKCupid (not sure how this happens - periodic mod review? Lots of low star ratings?) you would not see attractive people in your search results.

    I have one photo up that doesn't show much, just a silhouette. Pretty much every one in my search results is a trainwreck. I'm wondering if I am being submitted to this policy.

    Reddit knows.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 1 January 2016

    Fancy that, the webternet's a democratic ghetto.

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