The story of two boys

Monday, 05 September, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The first boy :

mircea_popescu aaand in other lulz, the city of buenos aires is selling ~500 acres of public property for gentrification projects ; including the all time favourite spot for the local "trabajadores" to "luchando", in front of the casa rosada
shinohai $up mtrgt
* deedbot gives voice to mtrgt
mtrgt voiced for 30 minutes.
mircea_popescu mtrgt ello. you the mexican guy ?
mtrgt Hello, micrea. Yes, that's me
mircea_popescu ah. so what can you do and what are you looking for ?
mtrgt I'm not even sure why I'm here to be honest. I was invited here by a PM on bitcointalk..
mircea_popescu no, i know. you're here because i ordered a survey of the ... hm... let's say politely bitcent space, and a coupla things popped up. satoshigalaxy, which got an add, and pokemonsomething, i don't recall, which apparently you bought
mircea_popescu so i asked shinohai who's one of the few republican folk with a tardstalk account to send you a pm.
mtrgt Let's move to PMs :)
mircea_popescu mno, can't really do that. what, sikrits ?
mtrgt First of all, you're rude. Second, my time is valuable. I'm here because I thought there's a business proposal, and I don't talk business in public chatrooms.
mircea_popescu ah ok. well then i guess that settles that. thanks for dropping by in any case.
mtrgt Do you have a proposal or shall I stop wasting my time?
mtrgt Have a good day
* mtrgt has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
* mircea_popescu likes it when things turn out to be simple.
shinohai xD
shinohai Not much entropy in that space.

The second boy :

* kunickis (576e8dc6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/*.*) has joined #eulora
kunickis Hello
kunickis Am from bitcointalk... I created GPG key but how to import it here?
kunickis $register
kunickis How to import that key?
kunickis $register GPGkey
kunickis But when i try it says
kunickis Import failed for
kunickis Anyone please help?
kunickis 20users online and no one can answer. -,-
diana_coman hi kunickis
diana_coman check the wiki
diana_coman otherwise shinohai might help you too when around
kunickis Am trying to register my key in deedbot but its says that "Import failed for EE63E9D620B01BEB15D9DCADE842FF77212C97A5. "
kunickis Yh already writed him, waiting for answer.
diana_coman hm,is that the right fingerprint there?
diana_coman eulora is for the patient in any case
kunickis Yh it's right fingerprint.
diana_coman hm, maybe it takes a bit of time to propagate
diana_coman is it a freshly made key /freshly sent to servers?
diana_coman give it some 20 minutes
kunickis Nah that key i created week ago.
kunickis Sent to server?
lobbesbot Title: Account Setup - Eulorum (at
kunickis I need to put in certificate code yh?
kunickis How long does it takes to be added in servers?
kunickis I can't understand that tutorial for Eluorum on windows... :|
kunickis Does it have video tutorial too?
kunickis How to undestand this? 2. Install Service Pack 1 (it's mandatory, don't skip this step!).
kunickis Don't understand half of that tutorial.
kunickis Ok, key got registered.!
kunickis Ok am got that eulora game... now i need to register new account? or use that key ??
kunickis you have to ask mircea_popescu for account
kunickis Ohh okey. thanks ;)
* kunickis (576e8dc6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/*.*) has left #eulora

* kunickis (576e8dc6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/*.*) has joined #eulora
kunickis mircea.
kunickis Can I get account for eulora?
mircea_popescu rowtan
mircea_popescu kunickis yup one second
kunickis okey am waiting.
rowtan What do I do with that link?
mircea_popescu kunickis
mircea_popescu rowtan you decrypt it with your pgp tool

kunickis mircea am on game but dont understand anything.
mircea_popescu kunickis ok, what'd you like to understand ?
kunickis how to start.. how to get that first 0.01btc. how to get quests. how to withdraw haha. checked all nothing found.. and quest 0 . :|
mircea_popescu kunickis say hi i'm kunickis to me in game
mircea_popescu /t Mircea
mircea_popescu kunickis alrighty, you got 0.01 btc.
mircea_popescu would you like some tasks to earn another ?
kunickis sure.
mircea_popescu alright, come meet me in game. i'll give you a mining claim for you to dig up, then you have to transport the results to town. you gotta do two for another bitcent.
mircea_popescu i'm at 66 42 300
kunickis And how ti find you?
mircea_popescu just gave you my coords
kunickis And where to see in which cords am now?
diana_coman kunickis, type /pos
mircea_popescu can also use /point ; this stuff is on the wiki you know ?
kunickis Oh didnt see it.
kunickis Ok will try to fidn you haha ;d
mircea_popescu kunickis i think i just saw you pass me by :D
kunickis ho :D
kunickis oh*
mircea_popescu im the guy with the talbe, come trade me
kunickis mircea_popescu am here.
mircea_popescu trade me (right click)
mircea_popescu oops again please
kunickis you need to target container.
kunickis what is that?
mircea_popescu you were prolly trying to craft or something, dunno
kunickis Am clicking right click and getting "container"
mircea_popescu kunickis you're prolly hitting the sticks, try and hit me
mircea_popescu the sticks are mining claims
kunickis Ok. whats next?
mircea_popescu ok, so now kunickis : go to electron, buy one ordinary clump of dry grass bundle ; then go to where the key says coords, open the claim, put the enum in your mind and mine it.
mircea_popescu then bring the stuff it makes to me in town.
mircea_popescu lol hang on
kunickis mircea_popescu where is electron hehe? :D
mircea_popescu hill behind me
mircea_popescu around 160 50 160
kunickis oh okey.

kunickis oh i dead...
kunickis what to do now?
mircea_popescu doesn't do anything yet, just wait.
kunickis oh thanks./
mircea_popescu eventually it will be a big deal, but not just yet.
kunickis mircea_popescu Am almost there.. i need to mine what? stone?
mircea_popescu well what it says on the enum. grass iirc?
kunickis oh i forgot to open the claim...
kunickis when i come to cords that key says am all time die... :|
mircea_popescu well pick an alternate path what
kunickis i dont understand "open the claim" where and what to open? :| sorry am bad in english
mircea_popescu go to the coordinates, there's a stick there. you right-click on it and there's a door like icon
kunickis i need to go 252 48 -141 but am at 252 48 -119 how to be in -141 ? am tryng to go to all sides but then chacning all numbers... :|
mircea_popescu well... it's a game, right ? have to figure it out, that's what it's for.
kunickis Thats coordinates is insane to get! -,- All time when i am almost there i felling down from hill and dieing... -,-
mircea_popescu can you go around ?
mircea_popescu they can't be too hard, after all someone had to mine there to get it.
kunickis And again died. haha. ;D
* mircea_popescu cheers
shinohai kunickis may set some sort of record for most times dying in single session.
kunickis shinohai My coordinates is in hill where can't get... all time when am almost there at that - coordinate am sliding down hill and dying -,-
mircea_popescu go around ?
shinohai Patience young padawan
kunickis How around? If i need to go a little bit down.. when i go only one step am sliding down.
mircea_popescu you know, around. like come from other direction.
kunickis nooooooo. i was almost there and again slide down and died -,-
mircea_popescu ;/
mircea_popescu do you see it ? a stick with an inverted cone on top of it
* mircea_popescu comes over to check this wonder out.
mircea_popescu kunickis what coords did you say ? 252 48 -141 ?
kunickis yeah.
kunickis nah there is not any stick
mircea_popescu ima brt.
kunickis m?
mircea_popescu hm... no stick here...
kunickis yh... i said..
mircea_popescu this is pretty odd... ok kunickis meet me back in town ima give you a diff key.
kunickis ok
mircea_popescu weird shit.
kunickis I said haha. ;D
mircea_popescu i have nfi what happened here, this is like a first.
kunickis umm what was your cords? ma lost haha
kunickis am*
mircea_popescu 160 x 160 like
mircea_popescu you coming kunickis ?
kunickis wait where are you ?? there where you give me key?? 66 42 300 or wherei electron?
mircea_popescu close to electron yes
mircea_popescu like 160 50 160 or so
kunickis ... i went to that coordinates where you give me all haha
kunickis :D
mircea_popescu ah ok. nah im here in "town"
mircea_popescu gl kunickis
kunickis thanks ;)
kunickis Found hehe
kunickis You unlocked...
kunickis What was next to do when i claim?
kunickis shin do you know what do to next? mircea said me to go to key coordinates.. i found that sitkc and unlocked... what next you know?
kunickis and what to do now? :/
kunickis and where i can withdraw my earnings?
mircea_popescu kunickis put the bundle you bought in the stick, the enum in your brain and click the finger button
mircea_popescu and would you like btc or ecu ?
kunickis i put bundle in ... wich enum in my brain?
mircea_popescu kunickis clump of dry grass enumeration
kunickis I think am stupid :? I put in that bundle but dont get any enum or smth. xD
mircea_popescu i gave you the enum. it's like a scroll.
kunickis where you gave? in this chat or ingame? :D
mircea_popescu in game.
kunickis ahh you think that book?
mircea_popescu yep
kunickis Combine 15elusive.... whuut? :D
mircea_popescu nevermind, you have the bundle already.
kunickis Ok and whats now? ;D
mircea_popescu click the finger button
kunickis what is "finger button" ? :D
mircea_popescu first button on left side of claim window
kunickis sorry.. am bad in english haha
kunickis i dont have any claim windows..
kunickis window*
mircea_popescu so open the claim omfg.
kunickis where to open it omg? -,- :D
kunickis In that stick?
kunickis Or what?? -,-
mircea_popescu yes, the stick is the claim
diana_coman kunickis,
kunickis ok am in that container...
kunickis am opening that container... putting in that bundle... and whats next? -,- wtf is that fringerprint? -,-
mircea_popescu kunickis take your time, read up on the game, figure out how to do this.
mircea_popescu and keep the claim locked while you do all that, because unlocked claims disappear.
kunickis but i can't understand this step. -,-
mircea_popescu well, it's not for everyone.
kunickis you said me to put in that bundle
diana_coman kunickis, read the link I gave you
kunickis I putted it in...
kunickis mircea_popescu all fingers that is showing there is... "use the container" "take and stack all" "take all" ... and diana_coman I read that all and for that claim I do all but about wtf "fingerprint" not writted there.. -,-
mircea_popescu kunickis dude really. it's a button, push it.
kunickis i pusshing all buttons... all is with red text...
diana_coman lolz; fingerprint is the finger button I suppose, the one for use the container kunickis
kunickis 1. This Claim is used....
mircea_popescu wanna bet he didn't lock the claim, also ?
diana_coman o.o
kunickis I locked it. -,-
mircea_popescu well that's good, at least it won't run away.
diana_coman he says it's used
mircea_popescu no ?
diana_coman 1. This Claim is used....
kunickis When I press "Use the container" i got red text center of screen "This claim has been used"
mircea_popescu o.O
mircea_popescu so then you mined it ?
kunickis How much time to say that repeatlity...
mircea_popescu this is the first time you said it comprehensibly.
mircea_popescu do you still have the bundle ?
kunickis yh.. in that claim.
kunickis container*
* mircea_popescu goes to see THIS wonder also. wtf is with this guy, he's been blessed by the gods.
mircea_popescu what coords kunickis ?
kunickis -221 50 -155
mircea_popescu omw
kunickis m?
mircea_popescu on my way. omw.
mircea_popescu kunickis gimme the enum and key back plox
mircea_popescu sigh. trade me.
mircea_popescu now step a little back
mircea_popescu more than that
mircea_popescu how the fuck did that happen.
kunickis and what i trying to say you that i already pressed all but nothing. -,-
mircea_popescu yeah but you gotta be precise :)
kunickis then what to do now?
mircea_popescu try that one. they're all around here, i'll sit with you
* mircea_popescu is following kunickis around
* mircea_popescu feels a little drunk from the exercise :D
* diana_coman is laughing out loud
* shinohai imagines "So happy together" playing in the background.
mircea_popescu lol
mircea_popescu it's not even a little bit gay!
mircea_popescu i'm just behind him that's all.
kunickis item cannot be added to that container because container is guarded...
kunickis umm?
mircea_popescu maybe i was too close. try now ?
kunickis you start work 1....
kunickis something is loading.
mircea_popescu ha! well done!
mircea_popescu ok, when finished bring it to me in town.
kunickis finally. okey. ;)
mircea_popescu you never said, did you want to be paid in btc or ecu ?
kunickis in btc. ;)
mircea_popescu post addy
kunickis 1K6Gx6cWL3QgAUVkZLy7oWoLumvBNFL99t
mircea_popescu aite. will be 2 bitcents once you're done with this claim and another one.
kunickis oh thanks. :)
kunickis and another?
mircea_popescu yes, you get 1 bitcent for saying hi to me ; and 1 more bitcent after you deliver two claims.
kunickis oh okey.
mircea_popescu and there may be other jobs in the future ; and not just from me. iirc danielpbarron was looking to hire a noob too
kunickis hah. okey. ;D
kunickis so i can all time ask you for job and you will give?
mircea_popescu well, depends. just like irl, if there's a job to do.
kunickis oh okey.
kunickis you struggle under the weight of your inventory and must drop something... umm what?
mircea_popescu it's too heavy. take as much as you can carry ; leave rest behind (lock the claim)
kunickis i need to remember my coordiantes?
kunickis coordinates*
mircea_popescu kunickis sure, write them down.
kunickis umm my game stucked? i can't move. -,-
shinohai nah, exhibits same behavior.
kunickis i can click on all but cant move.
mircea_popescu you're overweighted.
kunickis how can i know how much i can take?
mircea_popescu open inventory says wegiht up right
mircea_popescu like 100 | 400 or such
mircea_popescu right click on stacks it tells you how much they weight
kunickis oh only 470 haha i got 15600. -,-
mircea_popescu o.*
kunickis something went wrong with game... i now see me from top...
kunickis OHH fixed... which coordinates was town?
mircea_popescu you prolly changed camera angle.
mircea_popescu 160 50 160
kunickis micrea_popescu am here...
kunickis what to do now?
mircea_popescu trade me kuni
kunickis mircea_popescu whats now?
mircea_popescu keep going till you brought it all.

kunickis mircea_popescu accept trade..
kunickis hello?
kunickis -,-
mircea_popescu aha

kunickis can i run in this game haha?
mircea_popescu yup\
kunickis how? :|
mircea_popescu on my set-up, i press T. but see in the settings, you can map keys
kunickis oh thanks!
mircea_popescu :)

kunickis accept trade
mircea_popescu faster now huh
kunickis heh
kunickis accept trade
mircea_popescu beat you to it haha
kunickis :D
mircea_popescu lol
kunickis mircea_popescu done!
mircea_popescu all done ? nice!
kunickis yh.
mircea_popescu trade me for next 1
mircea_popescu this time ytou get shiny rock bundle
kunickis he oky.
kunickis heh*
kunickis i was afk... and I forgot to buy bundle haha :D found that cointainer but now need to run back to buy bundle haha :D
mircea_popescu lol
kunickis i put in shiny rock bundle and that receipt.. but getting again red ""what do you have in mind to build?"
kunickis oh no all is ok
mircea_popescu :p
kunickis forgot to add receipt in mind haha. put it in container. ok waiting loading haha ;D
mircea_popescu are you having fun yet ?
kunickis yh. nice game.
kunickis like it.
mircea_popescu cool
kunickis at start think that hard.. but now starting understand. :D

mircea_popescu it makes sense in its own way
kunickis yh.
kunickis this bundle will take more time aghh ;d
kunickis accept
kunickis mircea trade
mircea_popescu too slow kunickis :D
kunickis haha. :D
kunickis mircea_popescu run not working no more... i set it too to T ... it was worked but for now when i press T i go slower.. :/
mircea_popescu well it toggles walk/run
kunickis trade
kunickis can i upgrade my weight?
mircea_popescu kunickis not so far.
kunickis uhh sad.
kunickis trade

kunickis trade

kunickis trade
kunickis trade
kunickis I think i will never take to you that all rock. -,- I can only take 1k with one time.. and there is 63k more. -,-
kunickis And run not working for me now. -,-
mircea_popescu try relogging for the run maybe ?
mircea_popescu 14:11 trade 14:15 kunickis> trade so you're doing one run in four minutes, 60 runs = four hours.
kunickis omg. 4hours...
mircea_popescu better than faucets worse than flipping burgers i guess.
kunickis yh but 0.005 for 4hours don't know. and its only start, what will be later? haha :D
kunickis nah, relloged but run don't work.
kunickis Are you mining bitcoins with that game?
kunickis CPU 50% fuck that.. -,-
shinohai lol srsly?
kunickis Yeah... look task manager..
kunickis mircea_popescu trade
shinohai I don't think anyone here is desperate enough to cpu mine for bitcoinz
kunickis this game is not too good to eat 50% CPU haha.
kunickis It's mining 100%
shinohai I have 0 cpu issues, just fps stuff or whatever
kunickis because your co-owner ? -,- and your saying it to me to dont worry? hah...
kunickis why now mircea_popescu not answering? -,-
shinohai I'm not co-owner lol
kunickis mircea_popescu How to withdraw for now?
mihi kunickis, fwiw it is also killing one core for me, but pretty sure it is not cpu mining, but prolly misses some sleep/yield/select calls somewhere...
kunickis mihi okey.. but how to withdraw for now my earned btc?
mihi tried to reduce the fps in the menu, but did not help. Anyway, got my first 0.01 and that's enough for me beta testing this pre-alpha quality software
kunickis Yh on bitcointalk said that i can get 0.005 every hour... but for now i can get that 0.005 every 4hours. lel.. half a day today played and got 0.015 ok its not bad but anyway how to withdraw for now?
mihi I asked mircea_popescu, but it seems from the wiki you can also ask a Mr. Goldskull ingame
mihi not sure if that is a NPC or just some bored person :D
jurov Goldskull is me
kunickis jurov how to withdraw ?
jurov We'll meet ingame, you give me coppers and I send coins
kunickis and how much coppers is worth? :|
jurov 1 copper = 1 satoshi
kunickis wtf are you kidding me? So i earned only 0.001btc for half day?
mircea_popescu trade ?
kunickis mircea_popescu wtf so how much i earned??
jurov That's between you an mircea_popescu. Maybe he uses another exchange rate, I was not following
kunickis only 0.001 for half a day played??
mircea_popescu kunickis 0.01 for saying hi aaaand once you deliver this, another 0.01
kunickis So for now i earned 0.015 ?
mircea_popescu mno. you gotta do both to get a bitcent. there's no 0.005
kunickis than you are lying on btalk? -,- There said 0.005btc/hour. so i will earned that 0.005 in four hours?
mircea_popescu well, how much time you take is entirely up to you.
mircea_popescu the figure's an average.
kunickis avarage? lel how can i run to my container and get back within 1minute? haha its impossible. -,-
mircea_popescu not really.
kunickis i wanna withdraw for now what i earned.
kunickis how to do it?
mircea_popescu there's a lot to learn / a lot of tricks and subtlety to this game
mircea_popescu ill send you your bitcent momentarily.
kunickis ok.
shinohai Well you can always go back to the comforting predictability of faucets if this isn't for you.
mircea_popescu you wanna give me back the key to the claim ? you done trying for the 2nd ?
kunickis No i will do it later.
mircea_popescu aite.
kunickis Yh you think i will do half a job and end with it haha no -,-
kunickis what means "aite"? -,-
mircea_popescu hey, up to you what.
mircea_popescu aite = alright.
kunickis heh, oky. how long you will be online? for example if you will not be online what to do me with that claim?
mircea_popescu i'm usually online.
mircea_popescu but yes, this is a good time to mine it seeing how i'm right here.
kunickis but if your offline then i don't have job yh?
mircea_popescu well, you could also make a claim right here by me, keep its key and move stuff to it.
mircea_popescu that'd work with me offline just as well.
mircea_popescu then when i show up you can just deliver.
kunickis but how can i trade with you if you offline?
mircea_popescu you can't ; but you can move the stuff.
kunickis how?
kunickis move the stuff to where?
mircea_popescu see, claims are produced through mining. you can in principle end up with one anywhere. such as right here in town.
kunickis but i dont understand... where to put it? -,-
mircea_popescu what it ?
kunickis for example for now rock.
kunickis i am trading it with you but where to put it when you offline?
mircea_popescu do you see these claims right next to me here ?
kunickis wait will turn game on
shinohai In latvia, rok is potato, no kunickis ?
kunickis ?
mircea_popescu trrrade me.
mircea_popescu kunickis see, the stick to my left ?
kunickis yh
mircea_popescu so that's a claim ; just like the one you're mining. if you make a claim of your own right here ; and keep the key to it
mircea_popescu then you can move rocks from the one away to the one here, keep them locked
mircea_popescu when i come on just give them over
kunickis but how to get this claim key?
mircea_popescu /explore
mircea_popescu sometimes you get lucky and find something\
kunickis thats is not a exploration tool ... i got that error.
mircea_popescu what's in your hand ?
kunickis nothing?
mircea_popescu hm.
mircea_popescu tell you what, trade me and i'll give you a free pickaxe. you can use that.
mircea_popescu lemme just finish with shinohai first
kunickis olk
mircea_popescu and read up about the bot
kunickis ?
mircea_popescu !topic
* Topic for #eulora is: [Talk about all things Eulora! Wiki:, Channel Log:]
* Topic for #eulora set by chetty!~chet@unaffiliated/chetty at Wed Jul 8 16:12:04 2015
kunickis !topic
mircea_popescu Topic for #eulora is: [Talk about all things Eulora! Wiki:, Channel Log:] <
lobbesbot Title: #Eulora Log (at
kunickis soo how to get that mine here to use?
mircea_popescu trade kunickis
kunickis so whats now?
mircea_popescu kunickis well, either go trasnport ore ; or else go read up about the game try and figure out how to do it faster.
mircea_popescu whichever you prefer.
kunickis and what about that claim?
mircea_popescu which that
kunickis what is near you... how to get one there too?
kunickis To put in when you are offline
mircea_popescu use the pickaxe. to explore.
* diana_coman has quit (Quit: Leaving)
kunickis You were not successful
kunickis all time you were not successful. ..
danielpbarron shinohai> kunickis may set some sort of record for most times dying in single session. << pssshhh. I'm sure i've died the most times. I was barehanded gathering before the bot even did
kunickis mircea_popescu sent me please that one bitcent that i earned.
mircea_popescu kunickis will do.
kunickis mircea_popescu all time am not successful at mine haha. xD
mircea_popescu gotta be persistent kunickis
kunickis mircea_popescu i need to give you back that picaxe? i will go off for now.
kunickis accept trade then..
kunickis ok am going off for now... waiting for first payment haha. :P
mircea_popescu kunickis can do same thing bh. eventually you get one.
mircea_popescu or i suppose maybe someone might want to sell you his, if anyone still has the keys.
mircea_popescu danielpbarron you got keys to any of these town claims ?
danielpbarron mircea_popescu, no but i could make one real quick
mircea_popescu kunickis 301e557335fb48105b6f48028d91ecd61697a45adc6b14455abca2b73d55d338
mircea_popescu danielpbarron well, do you feel like helping a noob out ?
mircea_popescu he did strike a pretty massive sr deposit.
danielpbarron yeah
danielpbarron i can get a claim in less than 10 barehanded tries
danielpbarron there we go
danielpbarron a fresh new tiny boulder claim
mircea_popescu kunickis trade him for your new key heh.
danielpbarron i'll even give ya the ennumeration

* kunickis (576e8dc6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/*.*) has joined #eulora
kunickis am back. ;)
kunickis mm?
kunickis mircea_popescu are you online?
kunickis anyone selling claim in town?
mircea_popescu hey
kunickis mircea accept. ;)
mircea_popescu hit me
kunickis run not working yet for me. :/
kunickis found that there is autogo. hehe. :D
mircea_popescu iirc danielpbarron got you one, talk to him
kunickis oky writted him. ;)
mircea_popescu kk
kunickis mircea what can be a problem that not working run? In settings all is set.. :/
kunickis At start it worked but for now nothing... tried to change keys but nothing
mircea_popescu maybe you're just carrying heavy stuff ?
kunickis ohh it can be reason too?
mircea_popescu kunickis yeah if your stamina runs out
kunickis ou okey thanks ;d
kunickis trade
kunickis mircea_popescu how long you will be online for today?
mircea_popescu i dunno, 6 hours ?
kunickis oh, okey. ;)
mircea_popescu you got plenty of time to finish.
kunickis yh i know.
kunickis its why am asking. ;)
* mircea_popescu kinda likes kunickis 's dedication!
kunickis hehe
mircea_popescu very good noob AAA+.
kunickis thanks. :)
kunickis and how are u getting btc to pay for job?
mircea_popescu you don't really know who i am do you.
kunickis nah don't know.
mircea_popescu well... google me.
Robespierre_ Hehehehe.
kunickis oh just googled
mircea_popescu found anything good ?
kunickis yh abotu bitcoin casino or dice dont know what is it... and another info .d;
Robespierre_ Turn's out he's a Kulak.
kunickis How do you get so much btc lel?
mircea_popescu cuz somebody gotta be rich!
mircea_popescu kunickis << there, did you find that ?
lobbesbot Title: I'll pay for your tits on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at
kunickis :D:D:D
mircea_popescu lol
Robespierre_ So that's why I saw around the web you're a douchbag misogynist scum.
kunickis lel

kunickis am afk 5min]
kunickis trade
kunickis and then am afk 5min ;D
kunickis am back
kunickis micrea_popescu trade
kunickis -,-
diana_coman books are probably cheaper than skill items
kunickis diana, do you have claim in town?
diana_coman I do kunickis but they are full already; I can get you one next time I'm in town
diana_coman should be in some 15 min
kunickis oh thank you very much. :) I need it cause when mircea_popescu is afk i can continue work. i can pay later when will get for this job btc. :)
diana_coman sure, but is the one you have lost or what happened?
kunickis my mine is far form town and i need to trade with mircea all time rock so i spend 4minutes walking haha. i got 60k rocks and for one time i can take only 1k.
kunickis so it will take me 4hours and when mircea is afk or offline i cant continue work. ;/
diana_coman sounds like a lot of walking
kunickis yeah it is. :/
mircea_popescu kunickis rdy ?
kunickis yh.
mircea_popescu oh, you got a key ? even better.
kunickis nah didnt got yet from town claims
mircea_popescu a ok
diana_coman kunickis, I am almost in town, so maybe wait a bit for claims
kunickis Okey, i will wait. ;)
kunickis mircea_popescu For example if i will now get claim can i make that bundle in new claim and that 50k that left from town claim trade to you?
kunickis then i will not need to run too far.
mircea_popescu nope.
kunickis ohh. okey.
mircea_popescu doesn't work thgatway.
mircea_popescu for one thing, you will prolly get a tiny claim. what i gave you was ordinary
mircea_popescu not the same size.
kunickis okey. just askin. ;)
diana_coman try it kunickis
kunickis diana_coman Thank you very much :))
diana_coman one claim should be enough, right?
kunickis Yeah. thanks. :)
kunickis all is working. :))
diana_coman cool
kunickis ok am going work hah. ;)
* mircea_popescu starts the cronometer
kunickis hey
kunickis mircea_popescu i can just put it in that claim?
mircea_popescu yes, and lock it
kunickis oh okey. ;)
mircea_popescu no need to wait for me anymore.
kunickis heh nice. ;)

kunickis Ok, am going for now sleep.
kunickis Cya tomorrow. ;)
kunickis night.
mircea_popescu sleep tight ; make sure all claims are locked
kunickis yeah all locked. ;)
* kunickis has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)

* kunickis (576e8dc6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/*.*) has joined #eulora
kunickis Moorning all. :)
diana_coman morning kunickis ; how's it going?
kunickis Good. How are you? :)
diana_coman quite good :)
kunickis That is nice. ;)
kunickis And am done finally!
kunickis hehe. don't know when mircea_popescu will be online?
diana_coman possibly in a few hours; you can check the logs and see the more usual times
mircea_popescu heya
mircea_popescu are you done kunickis ?
kunickis heyo mircea_popescu
kunickis Yeah am done. ;)
mircea_popescu aite trade me the key
kunickis wait a sec will open game
kunickis mircea am in game trad.e ;)
mircea_popescu nice work kunickis
kunickis thanks. :)
mircea_popescu do you want more of this or are you tired of hauling ?
kunickis i can do anything haha. ;)
mircea_popescu alright, trade me
mircea_popescu aite, you know the drill. once this is done i'll give you the next one.
kunickis what bundle is it?
mircea_popescu solid branch
kunickis solid brach bundle?
mircea_popescu yes.
kunickis oh okey hehe found ;)
mircea_popescu cool deal.
kunickis Can i withdraw my earned again? ;) Will be later need to go.
kunickis when will be back will continue work.
mircea_popescu sure, post your address. it will be a few hours.
kunickis 1K6Gx6cWL3QgAUVkZLy7oWoLumvBNFL99t
kunickis Okey, will be waiting. ;)
* kunickis has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)

* kunickis (576e8dc6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/*.*) has joined #eulora
kunickis Am back. ;)
mircea_popescu cheers
kunickis got payment. thank you. :) and posted on btalk. :)
mircea_popescu rowtan 8f71aaf33a69d56bffca456557d66cb232e58269d3202445e0f39491e5b45209
mircea_popescu aaand kunickis b39c5935f0e2a79929325da3c1f5a84eb7a5349c526fcadb67dd7ac9bc245db8
kunickis Yeah know. ;)
mircea_popescu shinohai i guess this makes it 0.1 + 1mn ? or 0.11 ? i dun even recall
kunickis nice.
shinohai So far my stats are ~0.1
mircea_popescu cool.
kunickis nice job. ;)
kunickis mircea_popescu for this job i will got 0.005 what am doing now?
mircea_popescu kunickis no, but once you're done i'll give you another key and once you deliver that you get another 0.01
kunickis okey ;)
kunickis Yeah. ;P
kunickis i have too site hah. but its little faucet. haha. :d
kunickis am just giving to newbies in bitcoin world giving a chance to get they first satoshis.
kunickis it's non-profit site. hah.
mircea_popescu nothing wrong with that.
kunickis yh. ;)
kunickis i wanna make one project but for it need to know android app programming but i dont know hah.
kunickis watch ads and earn bitcoins something like it.
mircea_popescu how old are you ?
kunickis 18
mircea_popescu so great time to learn, just pick something worthwhile.
mircea_popescu if you're good with gfx you could pick up blender for instance, eulora is certainly looking for more gfx models etc.
kunickis nah didnt use photoshop .. only made one banner and one logo for my site and thats all heh. when i was younger i was leraning html/php/css
mircea_popescu in truth there's not much market or value in android apps ; or php.
mircea_popescu gotta pick something useful.
kunickis yeah i know.
kunickis I remembber that day when i first time read about bitcoin but didnt know what it was... found bitcoin forum and saw that for registration they are giving 1btc... didnt know what it is and forgot about it... then 2years ago found out again about bitcoin and started earning it... but i had a chance to get 1btc just for registration. ;( but didnt used
kunickis my chance haha. sad.
mircea_popescu at some point i sent my pr girl on a stripper forum to give the girls 1 btc for free. they wouldn't take it.
kunickis lel.
mircea_popescu thinking is hard.
shinohai I'll bet a majority regret not having taken now in retrospect.
mircea_popescu cheapest thing in the world, regret.
shinohai no ragrets
mircea_popescu just jelious RAYE
kunickis am going afk 10min

mihi kunickis, there are too many "view ads get bitcoin" apps in Google Play already. Most of them are scam (don't pay out but take the ads money anyway). Nothing to do against them as a user, since Google's TOS does not allow apps to pay out users for ads...
kunickis mihi but i wanna make my own... i know that google dont allow it but i can just put download link in my website. ;)
kunickis so other can earn and i can earn a little bit hehe.
mihi what kind of ads do you want to use. Most are using AdMob which is also from Google and also covered by their TOS...
mihi (you know those fullscreen ads that show a video if internet is fast and only an image if not...)
kunickis there is a lot of ad companys.
shinohai Hmmm what can I buy with these earnings, a single square of toilet paper?
kunickis with that ads can earn normal money if is lot of active users. ;)

kunickis mircea_popescu are you there?
kunickis Ok am done that job... I will go now off... tomorrow will be back.
* kunickis has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)

* kunickis (5b6934d0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/*.*) has joined #eulora
kunickis hey all.
kunickis mircea_popescu not online now?
shinohai I think not, just stick around a bit, he will lumber in shortly.
kunickis okey, thanks. ;)
diana_coman hi kunickis ; done carrying the rocks?
kunickis diana_coman hey, yeah done. :)
kunickis now waiting for mircea to accept my job and give next one heh.
diana_coman well done; why don't you get your character to explore for resources why you wait?
diana_coman while*
kunickis and what can i do with that resources?
mircea_popescu hhhola
diana_coman kunickis, sell them? use them? what do you think?
kunickis diana_coman oh. thanks. ;)
kunickis hey mircea_popescu
kunickis mircea_popescu i yesterday finish job. but you wasnt online can you accept job?
mircea_popescu yep trade me
mircea_popescu trade again
mircea_popescu have fun
kunickis thanks. ;)
kunickis mircea_popescu are you there?
mircea_popescu yup
kunickis i finish job. trade. ;)
mircea_popescu ok, will need 1 minute to finish this craft
mircea_popescu do you want another set ?
kunickis oky. yh sure. again I earned 1bitcent?
mircea_popescu yup.
kunickis thanks. :)
mircea_popescu trade me
mircea_popescu will give your rusty key back in a second too
mircea_popescu go buy bundle meanwhile
kunickis oky.
mircea_popescu this is pretty cool.
kunickis can I withdraw earned?
kunickis yeah. i very like this game. hehe :)
kunickis how much users is playing there?
mircea_popescu yeah i'll send it in a few hours.
kunickis okey.
mircea_popescu kunickis a hundred people or so total so far.
kunickis ou nice.
mircea_popescu not everyone is online as much though.
kunickis oh. in chat only a few people active heh.
mircea_popescu aha.
mircea_popescu you can say /who to see who's logged into game
mircea_popescu you can also say /show top to see the best loots
kunickis oh only 5people heh.
kunickis oh nice. :)
kunickis am off for 10mins
kunickis mircea_popescu are you there?
kunickis mircea_popescu when you are back, write. ;)
mircea_popescu kunickis now
kunickis mircea_popescu go trade am finished job.
mircea_popescu cool deal
kunickis i need to give you back that keys from last jobs?
mircea_popescu nope you can keep
mircea_popescu leavwe the claims unlocked, keys become lbn
kunickis ohh okey. thanks. :)
mircea_popescu also you are too close move away a little
mircea_popescu ok now trade
mircea_popescu enjoy.
kunickis thanks. ;)
kunickis why this game is eating 50% cpu? -,-
shinohai Thank Windows I guess
mircea_popescu kunickis we're trying to track it down ; but doesn't promise to be easy.
kunickis oh okey... but if cpu is big so elecrity is eating much?
shinohai I never have a cpu overload, it barely shows 25% from htop
shinohai Just grafix fps
kunickis but if cpu is big so elecrity bill will be high?
mircea_popescu i dunno, what's your cpu eat, 40 W ?
kunickis about that.
mircea_popescu you can do the math yourself, see how much they charge for 1kWh where you live, divide that by the cpu consumption times hours used.
kunickis agh i think it will be big bill... agh... ;/
mircea_popescu if you pay 10 cents / kWh and run the cpu 24/7 for a month, then you owe 0.04 * 24 * 30 * 0.1 = 2.88 dollars
kunickis i have for about 16cents per kWh
mircea_popescu so then adjust accordingly.
kunickis oh okey.
mircea_popescu i expect you should be able to pay for a whole month of computer electricity in an hour or two, really.
kunickis yeah just realized it heh. ;)
mircea_popescu anyway, the cpu thing is very likely exactly what mihi said, there's a thread that's not released properly somewhere. i put it on the todo, we'll see how easy it is to fix.
mircea_popescu the problem is that eulora imports crystal space, which is bulky.
mircea_popescu and threading happens in cs.
kunickis oh.
kunickis oh just do math about this job that you gave me.. to done it i need 8hours hah. :D
mircea_popescu did it hit big ?
kunickis m?
mircea_popescu they don't always come out the same you see.
kunickis yeah i see.
kunickis for now ~25'000 branch ;d
kunickis and I can take for one time 210 hah :D
mircea_popescu o wow, lots.
mircea_popescu tell you what, i'll give you a coupla light ones for next job after this, a cr and a cdg, should be fast.
kunickis heh, thanks. :0
kunickis :)*

Longer is better, you see, because when you compare results,


Three clicks at 0.00001 BTC per come to 0.00003. Not that they're worth that. 5`698 "pageviews" at 0.00000004 BTC per come to 0.00022792. Not that they're worth that.

Meanwhile the second boy cashed 0.03 in the past two days, and has deals lined up for at least another 0.02. That's to say it takes a thousand of boy 1 to make one boy two.i

Bear this in mind.

PS. If you're about to say something along the lines of "but MP, money while you sleep!11" you lose.

  1. Let's pretend for a moment we don't know "mellowads" pulled a runner, and is no longer paying anyone - current or past balances. Let's pretend boy 1's efforts don't have to be discounted for that. Let's pretend it only takes a thousand of boy 1 to make one boy two, rather than ten thousand, or more.

    Let's pretend that what you say matters ; and the words you use to describe things change the things in question. Let's pretend you can be a businessman for claiming to be one. Let's pretend, not like pretense costs anything. Right ? []

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