The Good Book of Progrethics and Moralssive Behaviour

Monday, 31 October, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I. For Women.

There are no rules for Women as such. Inasmuch as they don't contradict the other rules in this Good Book, Women are at liberty to come up with their own rules, either through introspection, the review of the great Women writers of history, advice from their mentors and peers, observation of nature scl. Be they more explicit or more implicit, simpler or more complex, rather abstract or relatively practical, whatever rules Women come up with for guiding their Own behaviour as well as that of Society generally are good by that very fact alone.

II. For men.

  1. At no point may men own property, express intention or desire in the disposition of property, or live independently. After puberty at a proper age as judged by their Mother or respective Caretakers, men will join the household of a respectable Woman, and live out their lives in accordance to Her rules.
  2. All men living on the same property and belonging to the same Woman's household will live together in a communal hut. The male hut may be separate from the principal dwelling or not, it may be a permanent construction or temporaryi, but it should in any case be on the ground floor. The relationship between climbing stairs and interacting with Women must be a practical fact of everyday life for the well behaved man, an association which helps him clear his mind of dangerous temptations and embrace the true path to his happiness.
  3. The disposition of items, the standards of hygiene and cleanliness to be observed by all living in the male hut and any other such concern will not be left to their discretion. Standards will always be set by the Woman or Women, and the men will always implement them exactly. Failure to do so will be deemed a collective infraction, and not be attached to an allegedly responsible individualii male. Even men who have for a time lived under the misguided pretense of individual existence can readily and in a very short time vanquish this handicap if provided for in the proper context by a caring, experienced Woman with a steady hand.
  4. Men are not to leave the property they belong to without special permission. In general they should not be allowed out unsupervised, nor expected or encouraged to act independently.iii If life necessities (such as, work) require for men to travel away from their home, they will always do so in a group, and to prevent the falling into undesirable behaviours a Woman caretaker should always be present.
  5. Men are to remain naked at all times, whether among themselves or in the presence of Women, whether of the household or just visiting. Special accessories, such as ankle and/or wrist weights, erection-preventing penile cages (preferably made of silicone or other transparent materials) or even shaving part or all of their body hair may be used as punishment, but by and large the male beast should remain as nature created him, free and unfettered.
  6. Feeding should happen at fixed hours, preferably from a communal trough. Male slop should contain ample protein (of animal or vegetal origin depending on the premium Women of that household place on physical strength), plenty of dietary fiber and some fat. Spices etc are in general a wasteful expense - the male palate is very adaptable, just like the male mind in general, and paucity will deliver the same ultimate results as abundance, only so much cheaplier. Sweets as well as individual prized morsels (eg skivvy's candy, aka beef jerky) should be dispensed from the hand to reward desired behaviour.
  7. Washing should happen every morning, in the open air. A hose with sufficient pressure generally suffices for this purpose. The soap used should be mild enough to not cause skin irritation - a very low bar for a healthy male population. Weighing of the men should also take place with some regularity, as well as tagging as appropriate for the property, photographing and other documentary and management tasks.
  8. Men should be kept busy doing physically intensive work at least eight hours a day. Depending on the socioeconomic situation of the property in question simply playing various sports (always of a team nature) for the amusement of the Women can perfectly serviceably satisfy this point. Intricate handiwork to be done seated is neither well fit to the male body and mind nor recommended to occupy much of his time. Tying his own shoes, if he has any, should amply satisfy any craftsmanship men can be expected to need, or for that matter desire.
  9. No man should ever observe a nude Woman generally speaking, the ideal being a life from cradle to grave that has felt, but never seen, the outline of a breast. This should not limit the behaviour of Women, however - there is nothing wrong with men wearing masksiv, blindfolds etc.
  10. No men should have any say in the use of their sexual organs. In general it is deemed that some sexual release should be provided, but it should certainly be irregular, well conditional upon flawlessly exceptional behaviour on the part of the man, and occur in the manner prescribed by the Woman. Prostate massaging, with or without added electrical stimulation is always popular (note that livestock farming equipment uses discharge currents that may be too high for most males), as well as simple masturbation. The factitious relationship between individual copulation and Motherhood should not be presented or supported - while it is true that a tiny quantity of sperm selected by Women from a number of men does have some part to play in Human conception, nevertheless this is neither important nor much worthy of discussion, and there certainly is no social need, or for that matter biological support, for an antiquated notion of "fathers", "fatherhood" etcetera. Even the most superficial observation of properly maintained males in their daily lives should be sufficient proof on this score to convince the most naive Woman.

I. For Children.

  1. To facilitate male social insertion, male children should never be dressed. Girls should have their Princess outfit no later than about three years old. It is important for a Girl's development that her Princess outfit improves gradually, according to her taste, as she ages, until blossoming in her Bridal Gown once she is ready and willing to start her own household and take upon her shoulders those responsibilities of life and government of Society that nature has placed on all Women.
  2. At the earliest age both boys and Girls should be taught the basics of proper life. Teaching boys to ask for permission before they climb up the stairs, to worship their Sisters and obey them in all things, to be open and forthcoming with them while remaining humble and modest as befits their station in life and the meagre offerings of their biology is the absolute minimal bar. In this, boys' natural shyness and positive response to Female laughter make excellent allies - they are to be mocked and humiliated for all misbehaviours, in this manner peeling layer from layer to reach a perfectly manly puberty. Instruction for Girls should be especially insistent on the values of temperance and Feminity, to help them maintain balance in the face of their male siblings' ever present and ever increasingly worshipful servitude. They are to be taught how to punish, and when, and how to reward, and when, to avoid them becoming mean to their detriment, all the while taking care not to insult that natural crown of Woman that is her independent will.
  3. No boy needs to or should be taught how to read. Some use of smartphones, laptops and other digital equipment may be allowed, but they shouldn't ever be allowed to take the items downstairs, or use them without their Sisters. All Girls should be taught how to read and write around the age of seven, as the whole vast field of human science and scholarship stands open before them.
  4. It is a bad idea for boys of a household to have contact with boys from other households before puberty has set in and their sexual shame and gratification mechanisms are well in place, as this may detract from clear ethnological values through uncontrolled and generally improductive intermixture. Girls however should make friends abroad, and visit with Them as often as they're inclined, to observe the treatment of men and boys on other properties and arrive at their own conclusions as how to best handle them. It is said that all social innovation happens through the filter of Women, and nowhere is that truth more evident than in the evolution of life on the property.

PS. Tequilla is to be taken with a lick of salt mkay ?

  1. Some Women believe requiring men to live outdoors during the warm season and to build a temporary dwelling for the winter by their own work each year is more adequate to their biological needs and for this or other reasons beneficial for their well being. There is ample support for this view, both from a historical and biological perspective ; while in practical terms it is certain that the temporary nature of the male communal dwelling underscores and reinforces the natural role of men and their position in Society. Nevertheless, practical considerations, such as the considerable size of the property required to accomodate this mode of male life, as well as the access to resources it depends upon may render it impracticable in some cases. []
  2. Men are naturally gregarious and uninclined to individuate in general. Delusions of individuality in men are always driven by female behaviour, especially perisexual (responsibility, it should be noted, is a sexual behaviour). If support for this delusion is not provided, males will correctly assume a more natural internal posture, a truth borne out by the mir communities traditional in Russia, the anonymous village of traditional China and generally the lived experience of any healthy, correctly organised Society. []
  3. This point needn't be underscored - the heady Woman to ignore this rule will soon learn out, by her own experience and at her own expense, just how unwise it is to pretend or to encourage the pretense that men can act independently, and just how much grief can it cause in how short an interval. []
  4. Some practitioners heartily recommend men wearing full face leather masks from dusk until dawn. []
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