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Sunday, 16 October, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Whether the immigrants are better than the natives is always a complicated dispute, but whether the immigrants are more politically powerful than the natives almost never is. Some people may disagree with the obvious historical fact that European immigrants were culturally, technologically, socially and humanly superior to the Iroquis natives ; no one will disagree with the equally obvious historical fact that the European settlers butchered the Iroquis natives.i

That the "Mexican" "illegals" are preferredii to the "American" "workers" is incontrovertible fact. That Muslim "terrorists" are preferable (at least by the lights of European women) to the European "men" they are replacing is indisputable. These are all relatively benign situations however, when compared to the situation in Argentina : anyone and everyone, including invertebrates, assorted insects, algal blooms and fungal colonies are by a very wide margin and in all respects preferable to the locals. A strange sort of world leadership, perhaps, but Argentina definitely got it! And with the recent changes in the political spectrum we may perhaps soon see the complete obliteration of the Argentine natives, praise be upon Trompi.

To illustrate this theoretical discussion with colorful anecdote, let's delve into a comparison between the locals and the Peruvians. First, as to the locals :


Above, the local parrots. They're pretty cool.


These are some local flying pigs hanbot found. They are about as real as trabajo en Argentina, or any other noesunpaispobre-isms are.


This was a house. It has been repurposed. By plants.


This is kind-of an interesting mural, colorful and strangely drawn. Apparently made by people from Ecuador.


This is a lengthy, intricate, plaintive piece of idiocy - evidently made by the trabajadores from the haymasfuturo Argentina noesunpaispobre. In its principal lines, it is a bathetic address to idiots (which is why it addresses itself "to familias" rather than "to thinking people" or "to common sense" : it outright wishes to speak to the worst female element in society, the scum that makes stupidity and sloth into virtues and then attempts to survive like any dogvomit - through sheer aggregate mass), complaining to those kindred spirits at the horror of horrors : the incoming administration aims to assess the performance of the education system!

Imagine that! It will be standardized, the same in the whole country! This is evidently wrong considering how 2+5 = 8 in the South and 6 in the North! It is disrespectful to women! It is racist! It is etcetera! How dare people stuck managing a conclave of idiots and imbeciles attempt to measure the situation they find themselves in!

This assessment was not designed, nor will be implemented by the very people it purports to assess! The outrage! It could even conceivably come to some sort of objective results, and it's entirely possible (in the sense of it being certain) that they won't be flattering! Or tolerant! Or respectful of cultural diversity! They won't reflect the "true" work in the schools, which is to say, the imaginary portion of work that these troglodytes beyond all contempt pretend to be doing, while the whole fucking country is at the same time illiterate and possessed of a law degree (which in local idiom is called being letrado, amusingly enough).

And they will spend millions of pesosiii! Instead of giving them to us! So we do whatever we want with them, preferably something very stupid and pointless! Unlike evaluating what we did, which isn't needed! And they will dare make the teachers responsible for problems which the teachers are responsible for, which is why they got together and agreed among themselves to no longer be responsible for them, but instead blame an inexistent abstraction invented for the occasion, call it "escuela publica". How dares anyone! Buitres! Enemigos del pueblo! Intervene in the religious practices of primitive tribal warriors! They got their designated scapegoat, they're going to burn it in effigy and everyone's good!

That gojineata public school "no se vende", notwithstanding that the absolute single path out of the shitter for these idiots would be to actively sell themselves to their betters, for cheap, with furious desperation.

Aren't you impressed ?

But let's move on : the workorder was "spot the largest TV station in town". The girl delivered, apparently Telefe (siempre juntos) is the largest by marketshare. In between a visit to the official leather workeriv and a visit to the BDSM club, we stopped by Pavon 2444 (also in Constitucion, the poor whores' neighbourhood). Here's how the largest TV station looks like on a late Saturday evening, in a town supposedly 20mn strong, which supposedly has a night life not to mention University campuses etc :


Wait, there's more :


That's the other side of the street. Not a bar, not a restaurant, not a cafe, nothing. Just a disused warehouse. Who ever heard of journos going across the street!


That's a view down the street. Nobody. NOBODY. See if you can replicate this result anywhere else, I'm curious. Go to whatever shithole town, see if you can get a shot of a deserted street in front of the largest local TV station.


But what is this! MP has been lying all along ? There is a nice cafe right on the corner of the street ?

Nope. There isn't. That is... a chair shop. Get it, sede-iana ? It's a pun. They're this fucking clever. They're just not clever enough to not kick customers out of the restaurant because "it's not open yet" in the middle of the fucking day, not clever enough to have a fucking bar next to the TV station, but whatever. They can pun!


This is the parallel street. You can see the same mast, you can see the same desolate pointlessness. The only open storefront is a Kiosco, these 3x5 sq ft 7/11s they do here. You can buy a pack of gum. Standing. Or a bottle of pop. That's it.

That's it and that's all, Argentina entire, a country which would be much better if it didn't exist at all ; a country which is much, much worse for its halfway pretension to existence as it stands today, skeins of nothing sewn together by the inconsistent offices of dubious narrative yarns. A cardboard cutout of a country, entirely made for Adsense and nothing else.

And now let's move on to the Peruvians. They held a festival last night, the attendance was miserablev but the costumes florid. Here's a bunch of photos :
























That'd be it. Anyone selling WMDs ?

  1. Contrary to what you might have been told, "who gets to kill whom" is the golden standard of political power, which is why we say the Jesuits were politically powerful while the witches were politically powerless. Because like it or not, the only goal of politics is killing the other - everything else's just window dressing.

    This killing, of course, needn't involve murder necessarily - for instance I specialize in killing the stupid out of women so they can be pleasantly useful slaves rather than annoying, needy and depressive "independent careerwomen". The process of that killing when it doesn't involve actual murder is universally called education - which is why your college degree made you annoying, needy and depressive. You went to the wrong college, run by the wrong party. []

  2. By everyone, including the very "workers" they are displacing - note that no nativist complains of immigrants taking a job he wanted to actually do as it is ; the complaint always comes in the form of "undercutting", which is to say, undermining the entitled local-brewed schmuck's ability to leverage a supposed lack of alternative and thereby try forcing substantially higher wages in exchange for substantially less valuable work. []
  3. A million pesos is just about worth 100 BTC. []
  4. Everyone at the BDSM club knew the guy and agreed he's the best, so what can I say ? []
  5. Fewer people watching than people participating ; a large fraction of the spectators being the boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins etc of they involved in the parade. It is incomprehensible, but it did make for a pretty cool event - evidently Argentina is always better without argentines. []
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  1. "Repurposing" houses is so 20th century. It's all about "reimagining" now. Green walls are very au courant, however.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 16 October 2016

    Back in my earlier days among the natives I also mistook their happenstances for purposefulness. Let me assure you no action took place there ; the ivy just happened.

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