Let's continue with the okcupid duality. Today, idiot.png and lesbian.png. No, these aren't the same thing.

Friday, 08 January, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The idiot :


The lesbian :


As you can see, they are very much not the same thing.i

Also yes, my experience reviewing... brace yourselves... 355`266ii female profiles on okcupid is that when confronted with an extremely high value male the low valueiii females react contrarianly (and usually outright stupidly). They're the ones that try to lead with loaded crapiv, they're the ones that try to "neg"v, they're the ones creating delusional "consensus"-es about things and matters and so forth.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that "any negative reinforcement you receive is merely a sign of the worthlessness of the reinforcer". The reason should be obvious.

  1. And since we're doing this : more than two thirds of women are either bisexual or "heteroflexible", which I take to mean "I've read MP's take on the subject and yes I'm ready and willing to eat out all the other girls just for a chance at your attention!" - a marked improvement since, oh, I dunno, 1980. []
  2. Some lulz straight from the horse's mouth :

    $ cat g-stix.txt | sort -u > g1-stix.txt
    $ wc -l g1-stix.txt
    355266 g1-stix.txt

    $ cat g1-stix.txt | grep -c "evil"

    $ cat g1-stix.txt | grep -c "thecat"

    $ cat g1-stix.txt | grep -c "cat"

    $ cat g1-stix.txt | grep -c "slut"

    $ cat g1-stix.txt | grep -c "sexy"

    $ cat g1-stix.txt | grep -c "babe"

    That's right, you heard it here first : when it's raining cats and dogs it is in fact raining seven or so cats to the dog, and as far as women are self-describedly concerned, they're about as likely to be "thecat" as they are to be EVERYTHING ELSE combined, sexy, babe, slut, you name it. Who knew, right ? Nobody could have predicted, except for all the people that did predict, of course. []

  3. No, this is not exactly equivalent with "ugly". []
  4. And are so uninhabituated with encountering any resistence whatsoever that they don't even perceive the wisdom of keeping a back-up. The sum total of my conversation with sexually worthless women goes something like

    Her : I am so great and wonderful in every way and you believe it!
    Me : What ?
    Her : Oh nevermind I thought you were someone else. *runs away*

    Through your effete passivity you've managed to turn the mediocre women into penguins, completelly clueless as to what a gunshot even is! Next thing you know they'll go extinct (yes what you call "penguins" today is a different species altogether than what historically was known as a penguin). Stop waiting for me to come along and tell the idiots they gotta work their butt off for a crumb. Tell them yourself! []

  5. This female & marketeer technique of trying to instill insecurity in the other party. The practice is older than civilisation, and written record of its deployment is to be found in every culture throughout its literary body (find the 1001 instances in the 1001 Nights, if you're bored).

    Recently some kids banded together supported by the ever great power of the Internet and in an uncharacteristic bout of analytical cleverness actually noticed what the girls have been doing since forver, gave it a name and begun deploying it [like the little bitches that they are]. The change in behaviour caused a furor, but far from being a sign of either equality or liberation, let me point out right here and in the clear that no : assumption of female (ie, powerless, manipulative) behaviours by males is nothing above and beyond another sign of the decay of that venerable institution. So you ain't man enough to turn her over and stick it in her, but you figure telling her some things makes it ok ? Aren't you a smart dumbass, and don't you look pretty all covered in bows! []

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