La Santa Soppressata

Wednesday, 09 March, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Antipasto typical for the Mylivingroom region of Italygertina.

Antipasto typical for the Mylivingroom region of Italygertina.

The complicated problem of the past in human cultural history is perhaps easiest approached from the culinary side : you know of the repast, which would seem to indicate that your paste has failed, whereas the rest of the world is strictly anti paste.

As they say in fashion magazines, olives by Tree, bread by Myslave, zacusca by Myotherslave, some rather fine provolone by myJew & vino by Trumpeter. The knife is by Chinese.

Plus a mystery item, let us view a close-up :


Yeah, that's right, they doubled all the letters they needn't have, sort-of like a mongoloid child spelling out Massacchhussettss. This is how you know it was made in that most enchanted land of the herbivores que es un pais muy rico en recursos humanos, rather than imported.

It tastes pretty good, which is exactly how Argentina goes generally : cunts warm and moist as per the blueprint, heads like the headboard they bang against. Food tasty, made and delivered by some people who can't, rightly speaking, read or write - nor should they try.

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