Just call me Annah.

Monday, 02 May, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Put these on. Oh... there you go. My my aren't you a pretty girl!"

The pretty girl looked down, apparently abashed by all the ruffles.

"Thank you Mistress."

"Alright, that'll do. Now remember, when Master comes, if he looks at you, you say..."

"I am Mistress' new servant, slave Jenna. Then I lower the top like so and say these are my tits, then I lift the skirt standing like this and say this is my cunt. And then I ask if he would like to see it from behind."

"Don't cut me off, girl."

"Sorry Mistress."

"And then whatever he says..."

The ellipsis fell heavy, audible. The girl watcher her Mistress intently. She wasn't going to cut her off.

"Good girl. What do you do ?"

"I do whatever he says, Mistress."

~ * ~

"And who might you be ?"

"I am Mistress' new servant, slave Jenna. These are my tits. This is my cunt. Would you like to see it from behind ?"


As the girl twirled around and bent over eagerly, her Mistress beamed.

"What do you think ?"

"Impressive girl."

"But wait, there's more!", the Mistress offered in a joyous impersonation of some cocaine-addled Marx, or Engels, or whatever other self-help marketing guru. "Have you noticed ?"

"Hm ?"

She bounced over, reacher around the new girl's respectable posterior and separated her labia, exposing a clinically very unremarkable crescent-shaped hymen.

"O brother. And how did you end up with her ?"

"Remember the old woman, Sara, that helps me now and again ?"


"It's her great-niece from what I understand."

"Is that so, girl ?"

"Yes master, Gauntie Sara is Mother's mother's sister in law".

"I spent a thousand pesos for her."

"How did you get a thousand pesos ?!"

"Thrift and economy, my lord. I've been reading Aristoteles and applying to the household purse!"

"How long did that take you ?"

"About three months. But it's a mitzvah anyway, she didn't ask for it or anything. Just wanted to give the girl away toward a good life."

"I see. Well... take your clothes off. Both of you."

Within the space it takes a match to burn, two fully nude ladies graced with their presence that carefully constructed corner of Eden.

"Help her get into yours. You're going to stay naked from now on."

"Yes Master."

And there was evening, and there was drinking and merriment and joy. Then there was finally night.

"Come here. Lay with me."

"Yes Mistress."

"Master has said that you are to be my slave. It's not for me to go against his word. But you will always be above me in my heart. I want you to know that."

"Thank you Mistress. You are inexperienced yet, but that's not always a bad thing. You are very talented, and very good. I love you with passion I've never known before, it is different than for a man, and sweeter. But I am very glad Master has made you Mistress and me your slave, for if you humiliate me it burns deliciously, and if I err, as painful as that is, you can correct me and straighten it out. But were I Mistress and erred... that would be just too sad."

"Come, let us sleep now."

But then there was morning, and as the Sun dries the night's dew so did the Master dry the night's warm, heartfelt, shared tears. For he was towering above the two in great apparent anger, and woke them with one great bellow.

"Alright, the charade's over! Slut, grab that ring with both hands and hold on to it with your life. Woman, bring me the good whip."

They scurried off, and then shortly thereafter the younger slave's skin was glowing a warm red. No blood in sight above the skin, but all of it running on the double through veins, at speed almost sufficient to emit light. The Master left, leaving a sobbing young woman to be comforted by her elder.

"I did something wrong!" wailed the one through the veil of tears.

"Hush, hush. You did alright."

"He is upset with me. He was so angry!"

"He most certainly was not. "

"I've seen him!"

"You do not know these things."

"Really ?


Sunshine broke through the clouds, and for a moment there was calm.

"It stings."

"That just means you're healthy."

"Thank you Mistress."

"Don't call me Mistress but in jest."

"What should I call you when I love you ?"

"Just call me Annah."

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