How #bitcoin-assets was born.

Thursday, 23 June, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Since inquiring minds wish to know, and the usual suspects are engaging in their usual mendacity, allow me to reproduce below the complete story :

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Tue Apr 10 01:35:41 2012

Apr 10 01:36:39 <mircea_popescu> now looky, the reason i left otc is idiotic "policy". i will drag this chan up to par with otc in time, but i really don't want to hear anything of the sort.
Apr 10 01:36:43 <mircea_popescu> think that works for you ?
Apr 10 01:38:44 <kakobrekla> of what sort
Apr 10 01:39:00 <mircea_popescu> yea good question, i guess im a little touchy.
Apr 10 01:39:22 <mircea_popescu> basically, the ideea is this : trade depends on people being able to talk about whatever the hell they feel like.
Apr 10 01:39:32 <kakobrekla> i think you misunderstand me
Apr 10 01:39:41 <kakobrekla> i was not oposing the talk
Apr 10 01:39:49 <kakobrekla> im glad there is some chatter
Apr 10 01:40:02 <mircea_popescu> aha. yea, my bad. as i said, my nerves are a little strained.
Apr 10 01:40:14 <kakobrekla> my comment was not hostile
Apr 10 01:40:26 <mircea_popescu> k. sorry :)
Apr 10 01:40:28 <kakobrekla> just wanted to brag over normal 'american' -otc
Apr 10 01:40:32 <kakobrekla> but it doesnt fit
Apr 10 01:40:33 <kakobrekla> :)
Apr 10 01:40:39 <kakobrekla> its fine
Apr 10 01:40:48 <kakobrekla> irc is sometime hard to understand
Apr 10 01:40:54 <mircea_popescu> well ya.
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Tue Apr 10 04:15:54 2012

The whole context for this being that nanotube turned jwz in the middle of an ideological dispute between me and gmaxwelli, and I moved on.

So, to be perfectly clear : #bitcoin-assets was born out of my fertile loins, and on a purely ideological basis. The end.

  1. Which you can count this as yet another example where "MP was right, and his opponent got beaten with the ugly stick by history", as it happens to be just that. []
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  1. "born out of my fertile loins", I think I might appropriate that phrase where it fits.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 19 August 2016


  3. Pretty sure it's a Classical (Greek) reference.

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