Eulora Forward Looking Statement, August 2016

Friday, 05 August, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

From the player's perspective, we intend to make another client release sometime in the Summer of 2017. This client will include two major items : a first implementation of the "practically infinite landscape" as discussed previously ; and a migration to RSA-based authentication for both client and server. There will probably be numerous other fixes, changes, improvements etc bundled in, but these two are the pillars.

We are also working on a graphics marketplace pipeline. The ideal functioning of this item is as follows : interested player creates game resourcei ; registers it with the server ; server advertises the item to players ; which players can elect to use the item in question in their own client ; which usage produces ECu royalties for the author. This system leverages some very significant synergies - not merely the technical inclination of the playerbase, but also the fundamental adequacy of our Bitcoin-based economic modelii for the creation of functional markets and economic systems, much in opposition to extant fiat shitcoins. We therefore expect it to be massively successful, once it overwhelms the original state of human sin.

There are also some discussions of a text-only client being thrown together by teh community.

From a technical perspective, the RSA migration is intended to work on the following scheme : RSA privkey is generated correctly ; this key and the server's key are usediii to pass OTPs between client and server ; the OTPs are used to encode normal messages back and forth. With this scheme the client and the server both maintain caches of the other's OTP material, and the security vs speed tradeoff can be managed explicitly. The thing is yet in its infancy, so your theoretical considerations are certainly welcome, please use the comment section below.iv

We are also doing a full server side refactoring, using the familiarity with the codebase's warts and foibles gained throughout the adventure, but especially in the transition to 64 bit ints, with the ultimate goal of having complete and correct test coveragev for the entire codebase. This will put us in a much better position to accept outside contributions ; as well as manage the effort of outside contributors on a much finer grain than is currently possible.

From a financial perspective, we will be increasing our expenditure - to include B5.45 payroll starting next month, and more significant expenses over the course of the year and especially next. We're currently running a market research project as suggested by a previous discussion, which is producing numerous leads we aren't currently pursuing. As the game becomes more polished and especially as our exploitation pipelines mature and become truly functional, expect significant investment in marketing Eulora (to proceed always with an eye to positive ROI, and in its substance entirely similar to the process of feeding the pools - a similarity which raises interesting points about the intellectual & cultural value of Bitcoin as humanity's greatest noetic achievement to date).

  1. This will rely on blender, and have to follow specifications. Bearing in mind that as Eulora currently holds the FOSS-wide record for "least painful compilation", I have much confidence in the ability of the team to create useful, effective and efficacious instructions and technical manuals. []
  2. Not only because of the sovereignity of The Most Serene Republic in the largest sense ; but also for very minute reasons such as - if the usage of your thing by a hundred people over fifteen months should yield you ten bucks, then per-person and per-day fees would come to 10 / 650 / 100 / 15 / 30 * 100000000 = 34 ECu and change. That Bitcoin can meaningfully price such tiny quanta of usage is no small advantage ; and contrary to the unwelcome opinions of Bitcoin outsiders, Eulora is the correct model for exploiting this advantage in practice. []
  3. No, not in the sense of "encrypting a symmetric session key".

    As should be obvious from the design, that "state of the art" functioning can be emulated by simply... never changing the OTP. Hurr. []

  4. And also remember that the current CTO started her career with Minigame by writing an (unsolicited) bot to automate some client side activities. This goes generally and universally - he who sits and waits for whatever event to wake him up will never see the light of day again ; while he who does is and forever will be. []
  5. This currently does not exist. Seriously. Imagine that. []
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