Eulora auction, March 13th

Monday, 07 March, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

In today's random cool screenshot,


In today's random cool auction announcement, the following items will be offered for auction on behalf of S.MG on March the 13th, 2016 starting at 17:00 ART :

  • 500 (five hundred) Black of Desspayr Recipes, quality 50 ;
  • 500 (five hundred) Misshaped Ampoule Designs, quality 50 ;
  • 1`000 (one whole thousand!) Pointedly Odorous Charcoal Conceptions, quality 50 ;

Each of these three packages will be auctioned separately. On account of my being too lazy to figure out the base value, this auction will start with a minimum bid of one Denariusi. Bring your own calculators.

See you there!

  1. The 10k copper coin. For some reason the coins are named, Copper, Argent, Denarius, Bitcent. []
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