Eulora auction, February the 28th

Monday, 22 February, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The previous official S.MG auction came to 23 million through some pretty circuitous bidding actioni, which is a healthy 1`284% on the 1`794`424 ECu BV of the package.

Because Eulora is still short various odds and ends necessary for smooth operationsii, there's going to be another auction, on February 28th, 2016 starting at 17:00 ART, during which the following items will be offered for sale as a package :

  • 30x Rock Double Distillate Thesis, q 200, qBV 72`456, TV 2`173`680 ECu.
  • 30x Wood Double Distillate Thesis, q 200, qBV 72`786, TV 2`183`580 ECu.
  • 50x Doubtful Tome Doodle, q 200, qBV 17`692, TV 884`600 ECu.
  • 100x Giant's Rotten Canine, q 1`337, qBV 72`345, TV 7`234`507 ECu.

The total base value of this package comes to 12`476`367 ECu, which will be the minimum bid as per usual.

See you Sunday!

  1. Log for the curious :

    Mircea says: hey there folks!
    Foxy waves
    Mircea says: ready for the auction ?
    Daniel says: yes
    Foxy says: ready
    >Foxy Foxster takes a seat by Small Polished Small Stone Exploration Marker.
    Mircea says: aite, so as per the announcement on trilema, minigame is proud to present for your bidding pleasure :
    Blaz says: accept
    >Foxy Foxster stands up.
    Mircea says: 3 TW ; 50 ToB ; 50 ToG ; 50 ToL ; 50 ToMcG ; 50 ToT, 250 QFd ; 250 WAP.
    Grenadine says: oh boy more delicious acronyms to digest
    Foxy says: TW??
    Mircea says: items of geat wondcer and mystery mostly realted to the lapidary skill to go on the block at 1.8mn
    Foxy says: or the bps only?
    Mircea says: do i hear 1.8 ?
    Foxy says: 1.8
    Grenadine says: 2mn
    Mircea says: 2 mn heard!
    Foxy says: 2.25
    Mircea says: who's 2.25 heard!
    Mircea says: CATFIGHT
    Foxy says: Grenadine check the tables around as I think a few are yours lol
    Mircea says: any gent care to step in ?
    Grenadine says: 2.4
    Mircea says: 2.4 heard
    Grenadine says: o ty foxy lol
    Mircea says: and 2.4 going once
    Foxy says: 2.6
    Mircea says: any 2.6 heard!
    Grenadine says: 2.8
    Foxy says: 3
    Mircea says: why so conservative! bring out your 10s , your 20s!
    Mircea says: 3 mn heard!
    Mircea says: aaaand going once!
    Grenadine says: 3.4
    Daniel says: 3.57
    Mircea says: anyone beatt 3 mn 3.4 mn from the auctioneer'sd favourite!
    Foxy says: 3.75
    Mircea says: and 3.57 in a baritone for once
    Mircea says: 3.75 back to lady russia over there.
    Daniel says: 4
    Mircea says: and 4 mn heard!
    Blaz says: thanks
    Mircea says: are the ladies spent ? shall we hear no more past 4 ?
    Grenadine says: 4.5
    Mircea says: 4.5!!! o happy days!
    Daniel says: 4.73
    Mircea says: i only get paid if the base triples you know.
    Foxy says: 5
    Mircea says: and 4.73 and 5 heard!
    Daniel says: 5.25
    Grenadine says: 5.5
    Mircea says: 5 going... 5.25!
    Mircea says: and fife-fiddy!
    Foxy says: 5.75
    Mircea says: five-fiddy going once! 5.75 heard!
    Mircea says: who's got more than foxy ?
    Daniel says: 6.04
    Mircea says: alsmot-six going o look at that, 6.04!
    Foxy says: 6.3
    Mircea says: six and change going once...
    Mircea says: sixty three dimes! going once!
    Mircea says: aaaand twice. who can beat the foxy dimes ?
    Daniel says: 6.62
    Mircea says: 6.62 heard
    Foxy says: bwahaha
    Foxy says: 7
    Mircea says: aaaand going once and going to 7
    Korgan says: aye
    Mircea says: hey we'll be out of puberty soon!
    Mircea says: who wanna put some $@!$ on this bid ? anyone ?
    Grenadine says: lol
    Daniel says: 7.35
    Foxy says: yay, might even learn Maths at this rate
    Mircea says: 7mn going 7.35!
    Foxy says: 7.6
    Korgan says: Blaz, directly forward from where my dude is looking is the grass
    Mircea says: 7.35 and 7.6 heard justnow!
    Daniel says: 7.98
    Foxy says: there's grass everywhere!
    Korgan says: you';ll eventually see a hill with a bunch of grass claims
    Mircea says: 7.6 going to 7.98
    Blaz says: Ah need to get even more thread tho
    Mircea says: who's got more ?
    Foxy says: 8.25
    Blaz says: i only have 26 thread left lol
    Mircea says: 8 and a quarter! heard!
    Daniel says: 8.67
    Mircea says: and going once
    Foxy says: 9
    Mircea says: and went to 8.67! the gent's in front! and 9! ma'am got it!
    Daniel says: 9.45
    Mircea says: ah the turmoil and excitement of gavel days.
    Mircea says: 9.45 heard!
    Foxy says: 10mn
    Mircea says: will they keep going ? o may god a 10!
    Grenadine says: whee
    Daniel says: 10.5
    Mircea says: one whole and 10.5!
    Foxy says: 11
    Mircea says: 10.5 going once for this lovely set of never seen before items of great import
    Mircea says: and 11!
    Daniel says: 11.55
    Mircea says: who's got o look at that, 11.55!
    >Korgan Stonekrusher takes a seat.
    >Korgan Stonekrusher stands up.
    Mircea says: who's got more ? who wants to spend a lot ? speak up!
    Mircea says: 11.55 going once....
    Foxy says: 12mn
    Mircea says: 12 mn heard!
    Daniel says: 12.6
    Foxy says: 13
    Mircea says: and 12.6 - whi's got 13.3 or something ?
    Mircea says: Foxy im not gonna hear .4 increase, too tiny by now.
    Foxy says: lol, will add 2 coppers to it
    Daniel says: 13.01
    Daniel says: ah good
    Daniel says: what's the highest then?
    Mircea says: 12.6 going once
    >Korgan Stonekrusher has died!
    Foxy says: 14mn
    Mircea says: 14mn heard!
    Daniel says: 14.7
    Blaz says: Lol here i am with only 50k on me
    Foxy says: 16mn
    Mircea says: and 14.7! millions! each copper coin weighs down a pocket!
    Mircea says: 16mn heard!
    Korgan says: its outta my bank roll too blaz, always a good show :D
    Daniel says: 16.8
    Mircea says: and 16.8 heard from the gent!
    Foxy says: 17.8
    Mircea says: who's gonna win the war of the amnesia flagons!
    Mircea says: 17.8 heard from foxy
    Foxy says: since somehow people like decimals or something
    Mircea says: aaaand going once.
    Mircea says: hey, some ca do math in their head foxy :D
    Daniel says: 20
    Mircea says: 20 heard!
    Daniel says: i use a calculator
    Grenadine sells both Foxy and Daniel commemorative tennants, act now!
    Grenadine says: er pennants.
    Mircea says: the fabulous 20 mn sum is on the table! going once!
    Blaz says: Add a dragon egg to the game which you can auction away and you will be able to hatch it and have your own mini dragon pet :D
    Blaz says: That would be pretty cool
    Mircea says: aaaand going twice.
    Mircea says: who wants to beat daniel
    Foxy says: neah, he uses a calculator!
    Mircea says: speak now, because the next thing sends the paperwork to him.
    Foxy says: 20.5
    Grenadine says: 21
    Mircea says: WOW. 20.5 heard! what i was typing out was aaaaaaaaand SOLD! to the fine gentleman that used to win all auctions but has been sickly for a period hence.
    Mircea says: aaand 21!
    Mircea says: 21 going oncve for the fellow ruined by my slow typing...
    Foxy says: 22
    Mircea says: and 21 going twice. aaaaand 22!
    Mircea says: the ladies are at it again!
    Mircea says: who has more than 22 ?
    Grenadine defers to foxy
    Mircea says: 22 going once....
    Mircea says: 22 million ECu going twice... speak now if you will beat the fox
    Daniel says: 23.05
    Mircea says: for the next thing i say gives it to HER
    Foxy says: ahahah
    Mircea says: and 23.05 heard from daniel!
    Mircea says: this is one of the best auctions to date huh.
    Mircea says: 23.05 heard and going once
    Mircea says: aaand going twice....
    Mircea says: speak now you sly ones, because if you do not, the next thing is gonna be sold.
    Mircea says: SOLD! to daniel for 23.05 millionz!
    Foxy says: congrats daniel
    Daniel says: thanks
    Blaz says: grats
    Grenadine says: congrats daniel
    Foxy says: plan to sell any of the package?


  2. Can you believe Rotten Canines have still not been mined, half a year later ? Or that nobody seriously explored high McGuyver or Gung-Ho blueprints back when these were still lootable through plain overcraft ? Ahh, the endless trails of regrets are paved with large slabs of petrified retrospective incredulity. []
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