Atti impuri all'italiana

Saturday, 02 July, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Atti impuri all'italianai is an Italian made-for-TV production rather typical of the 1970s in that market, if perhaps on the racy side of the continuum.

It tells the story of three women : Elia (Dagmar Lassander), in the traditional role of the nominated bishop, travelling to his seat (here translated as an educated, feminist doctor sent from Rome to rural Toscana for altogether unclear reasons) ; Rosalba, the damsel of the castle, a fanciulla just about ready to go and finally the soubrette (Cristina Minutelli), nameless in the work as in reality.

The soubrette is widely sexually available, to all comers, without facon whatsoever. The lord of the manor fondles her tits as part of routine coffee serving, and then latter buggers her as part of routine bedmaking. The lord of the manor's son idem - well, the tits part, at least. Her calm, warm, intimate domesticity readily endears her to anyone sane - truly a lordly house could be without roof or walls before it could be without the nameless Cristina.

The damsel is sexually repressed, not by her own gargauni but by the males', specifically her fathers', disinterestedly, to keep up appearances, and her inept boyfriend's, very very zealously. The kid's a "communist", for the sake of you know, being different. Because all weakass derpy boys gotta find an excuse as to why they're weakass derpy boys, and it can't possibly be simply the obvious and direct, palpable insufficiency and inadequacy on their part. Oh, no, it has to be matters arcana of great complexity, such as you know, abstract discussions about economics, ethics and the heavens above. Typical for the period, the deficiente picked the self-help book du jour and is a "communist", exactly like hipster doofuses across an ocean and a quarter century are "vegans". You know, ecofeminist vegans. Problems.

The bishop teaches the book to the locals (in this case, how to be sluttier, which IS the only bible of the later part of the 20th century), and ends up married to the lord, over significant sexual tension with the lord's son and heir. The married couple soon tire of each other, and the film closes with her legs open for the young'un.

It's a film you should probably see, especially if English is your native language, to normalize your notions of normality when it comes to social relations, society and life in general. This is normal. Whatever you think normal is abnormal to a clinically relevant degree. Jus' sayin'.

  1. 1976, by Oscar Brazzi, with Dagmar Lassander (Czech female name - what can I tell you), Stella Carnacina, Cristina Minutelli. []
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