Argentina, smaller than Eulora

Tuesday, 29 November, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

shinohai Anyone have any work for me before I go off exploring today?
mircea_popescu No, but I been making CFTi overnight and you can buy 5k if you want.

shinohai Price?
mircea_popescu !~calc 5000 * 180 * 1.7 * 1.6

jhvh1 mircea_popescu: 5000 * 180 * 1.7 * 1.6 = 2448000
diana_coman ha, I'll take whatever shinohai leaves from that cft
mircea_popescu Check it out, OPTIONS! He can liek... sell his CFT quota to you lmao.ii

diana_coman Oh, was that his quota? lol
mircea_popescu Well he helped by managing the noob that got the low q grass I was hung on, so...iii

diana_coman Monthly ratios of CFT? oh, my
shinohai I can buy like half of that. I need to get with jurov in a few days and buy moar coppers :/
mircea_popescu I figure he gets a chunk.

diana_coman Sure, as I said: whatever he leaves on the table if anything.
mircea_popescu But I will point out that CFT blueprint stores are dwindling and before long we'll be out.

diana_coman Myeah, the infuriating click on cons that gives slag and craft-table plans and 1 -ONE!- CFT bp
mircea_popescu Ahaha.

mircea_popescu Hey, I'd buy slag.
shinohai Oh wait I don't even have enuf for half ... I have like 195k copper xD

mircea_popescu Lol. Y so poor shinohai !
diana_coman Turns out even exploring requires a budget really.
* diana_coman was kind of surprised to hear that crafting requires a budget as if that was an exception.

mircea_popescu Yeah but iirc he made millions with the tardstalk noob thing.
shinohai I bought ho's and ho's cost monies. Though I was impressed with their longevity.

mircea_popescu Ugh. Turns out I misquoted also. CFT ain't fucking grass.
mircea_popescu !~calc 5000 * 180 * 1.7 * 1.8
jhvh1 mircea_popescu: 5000 * 180 * 1.7 * 1.8 = 2754000

diana_coman !~calc 3000*677*1.73
jhvh1 diana_coman: 3000*677*1.73 = 3513630
mircea_popescu Did you spend 3.5mn for that click ?iv

diana_coman They aren't from a single click, so not exactly easy to follow.
mircea_popescu Ah.

diana_coman I do have the list with all the clicks so far input and output. But it ain't over yet anyway.
mircea_popescu Yeah, we need a fat lady.

diana_coman lol
diana_coman !~calc 2000*3780*1.86
jhvh1 diana_coman: 2000*3780*1.86 = 14061600

diana_coman o.O
diana_coman Those are coarse cordage bps.
mircea_popescu I'd buy.

diana_coman Ok, let me fish them out then, both cc and slag. Ready.
diana_coman Thanks!
mircea_popescu Danke.

mircea_popescu thinks that all of today he won't actually spend 100 bux in Argentina shops, be it for food, taking girls out, coffee, drinks etc.

diana_coman Hey, Eulora is no Argentina! Btw, any tinkerer sentiments > 250q?
mircea_popescu Sadly, no.

diana_coman Oh well, will oc then some more of those slag+shiny shards+whatever I can, lol.

You don't understand this, because you are too young to remember it happening and too dumb to read, but we did this once before.

There was a time when land was the only valuable thing, according to the elites of that time, and its production in grains and ores, cattle and serfs was divvied up accordingly. Then "virtual realities" were superimposed over the "actual reality"v and a new elite sprung up out of the fact that a whole knight's feevi would not produce in a whole year enough to pay for a chunk of lace, or a chest of spices, or a particularly selected stone.

Today, this very morning, a whole country scarcely produced anything that'd interest me enough to even consider buying ; while Eulora sprung up a 1`558.94 pesos chunk of virtual blueprints like that, totally out of left field, as an incidental part of a conversation about something else.

That's 70 empanadas, or 130 subway fares, or hours with the local whores. Except I can't eat that much meat, nor do I subway that many times in one morning, nor does anyone sane have much use for the local whores - they're about as grossly incompetent as the Buenos Aires nightlife is absent.

Countries, as a concept, are headed exactly the same way duchies as a concept went. We're too powerful, too rich and most importantly too smart to care. The erstwhile elites of a meanwhile deceased world are more than welcome to stand on the bylines and watch us completely ignore their needs, wants and expectations.

Extinction for Argentina. Long live Eulora.

  1. Coarse Frangible Thread, a muchly needed ingredient for miners. It's used to dig up Small claims, which is most of them. []
  2. That's exactly what this is, guy has a CALL on 5k CFT at 489.6 ECu ea, which can be traded, much like any other negotiable instrument, or to quote Ed Harris,

    I was saying yeah, a guy could take... like anything else it seems to me that is negotiable a guy could sell'em.


  3. Complicated crafting considerations I won't get into. []
  4. She's evidently (to me) pricing Slag blueprints, 3k of them. []
  5. You know, the "always wins in the end" except it always ends up losing variety of "actual reality".

    The "reality as I choose to misrepresent it so as to coddle my laziness and comfort my stupidity", that sort of "real world".

    As an exercise, compare and contrast this nonsense with "Apple could buy Russia", a bit of equally nonsensical nonsense that the same sort of nitwits hold. They're contradictory, aren't they ? Either "real reality" always wins in the end or else the bezzle could buy the factory, these can't both stand. If real reality always wins in the end then Russian peacekeeping missions and drone strikes in Washington DC are as unavoidable as the next Solar eclipse. If however Apple could buy Russia, then Eulora will buy Apple. Which of these do you subscribe to ?

    The answer being neither, it should therefore be obvious that the two bits of nonsense I put in contrast for your benefit are only there to hide the true structure behind what you pretend to believe. The whole charade about "real reality" and "Apple value" and whatnot is simply stating that you personally matter and will continue to matter, forever, as you are. That's the whole thing there, "reality catches up" in the sense of "my version of reality will prevail over all others" and also "Apple could buy" in the sense of... "my version of reality will prevail over all others". This is how your image of Putin can at the same time not understand how the world works and decide who gets elected.

    Which is why we discuss the retards in terms of coddling their laziness and assuaging their stupidity - because that's what they're doing. []

  6. This is a land size measurement. It works not in the systematic manner you expect measurements to work, but in a very Unicode-like manner : it includes its own encoding scheme, resulting in knight's fees that were larger or smaller depending on how many weirs they contained, and other considerations. Which yes, means that they changed with time - they did, and the apportionment of that change was throughout the medieval period the principal source of conflict and driver of war.

    Yes, all because Unicode. That's how it works. []

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  1. Cue the usual "but this isn't the real world" protestations and then the obligatory drama and butthurt when you link the topless chicks with numbers on their tits.

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    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 29 November 2016

    Hey, if the chumps weren't mechanisms how would chumpatrons even work.

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