Where did your years go ?

Friday, 30 January, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Here's what Awstats thinks about the time people spent on Trilema :


It's unclear to me exactly how that time's derived, and so it's unclear to me just how worthy of being taken seriously the numbers are.

In any case, let's do some math (and as a symbol of our distrust, let's do it with words rather than numbers) : one million two hundred and twenty-nine thousand twenty-six visits times two hundred and forty-seven seconds each comes to a total of three hundred and three million five hundred sixty-nine thousand four hundred and twenty-two seconds. Which is five million fifty-nine thousand four hundred and ninety minutes and change. Which is eighty-four thousand three hundred and twenty-four hours and change. Which is three thousand five hundred and thirteen days and change.

Which is NINE FUCKING YEARS. And change.

If Awstats is to be believed, Trilema has consumed this month slightly less time than the wholly corrupt US "justice" circus managed in the Barret Brown case.

One can only hope that it did so with more benefit for all those involved. I personally hope that sometime soon - perhaps even this year, or perhaps the next, or perhaps after that - the aggregate time spent with US bureaucracy becomes a tiny fraction of the aggregate time spent with actually interesting, actually worthwhile, actually human shit.

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