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Tuesday, 29 December, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Welcome to The Wordsmithy. You know, where we smithe words. Have at thee!

So then : in the variety of Spanish that fancies itself "Castejano" (while pronouncing j as /ʃ/ because too much wind in the South or something), the way to say "mostly harmless, ineffectual crazy" is boludo. Meanwhile the word exists just fine in the sort of Romanian that's the only true Romanian (which is to say spoken in the hills of Transylvania, as opposed to the irrelevant Bulgarian gargle they speak in the swamps of the Danube) : bolund. It comes, get a load of this, from Spanish. Via Hungarian! No, I'm not kiding, the expert consensus among the Romanian imbeciles masquerading as linguists is that the word comes from Hungarian.

Needless to say, the way you say bomb in Romanian is bomba, which happens to mean... pump in Spanish. Because why the hell not, it makes perfect sense to send the Bomberos every time there's a fire. They can set the fire up the bomb!i

The way you say horn (as in, on a car) here is bocina, which works out because the way Romanian denotes the activity of loudly lamenting (such as for instance - a death) is a boci. This, mysteriously, does not come from Hungarian, nor Turkish or Platdeutsch, as far as the same imbeciles posing as linguists are concerned. This time, they're aware of the filiation from latin voce. Hey, who knew, apparently Romanians aren't so clear on the differences between b and v either!

In the hope that you've been entertained through education and viceversa, see you again on the next edition of... The Wordsmithy!

  1. The deep reason is that the Spanish speaker doesn't distinguish the plosives too well, just like he doesn't distinguish v and b worth a crap, and so on.

    It doesn't stop there, either. Spanish, ever the language of the mentally stunted, uses the same word for expecting (esperando), hope (esperanza) and mere waiting. That they don't distinguish between the idle act of idling and the pregnant act of projecting will into the future is readily observable in the manner they conduct their day to day affairs. And, for that matter, the fundamental state of the pregnant female is "humiliated". Beause totallies, why miss any branch once one's falling off the stupid tree ? []

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