The situation of Greece

Wednesday, 08 July, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

To fairly start, I will point out that I have absolutely no sympathy for Greece as a nation, and a lot of dislike for the British Empire and its various successor states, at least comparable to the dislike for the Soviets and their successors. The reason boils down to a historical mistake they've made at the end of WW2, specifically

the particular thing that annoys me is that the fucktarded Anglos traded Greece for Romania after WW2, because oh noes, got forbid the English "aristocratic" fauntleroys get separated from the fabled homeland of collegiate faggotry.

See also Ηλιθιοτητα σωζει Ελλαδα, Scurt periplu-n disonanta cognitiva etc to get a notion of how my ideas on the topic have changed over the years (hint : they have not).

But yes, if Churchill & co weren't inept, Greece would have been part of Soviet Russia in 1945.

It's a match made in heaven : it's not only that Greece wanted - and to this day still wants - nothing else and nothing more, not only does it properly speaking deserve and has thoroughly earned that spot, on its own merits, it's also the principal strategic interest of Russia in the area.

Look at a map, read the situation at the time and realise that Stalin would have agreed in all of five minutes, and it would have been the exactly correct choice. Had each and every "specialist", "expert" and "professional scholar" in the Cultural Space of Shakespeare Stupid been able to read and think, the base in Constanta could have happened in 1952 rather than 2012, and the endless bleeding of wealth towards absolutely no purpose could have been avoided. Basically, there was a chance to obtain the situation of 2015 in 1945, saving seventy years' time and more money than the Queen's nudies are worth, rather than "ich bin ein Berliner" and trying to airlift the statue of liberty and planing desperately for how to protect an indefensible Fulda gap.

The opportunity was there, plain as day. Yet did they take it ? Well ... until reading about this on Trilema, they didn't even know it existed! How about that for competence, scholarship and professionalism!

This is the stage we play on today : a stage set by the ample idiocy of people who have come before us and spoke English. On this stage, the following dramedy plays out : the Euros threw money down the toilet, and the toilet does not wish to sign a fictitious agreement to "give it all back". Because it's a toilet! And as a toilet, it has self respect don't you know! And it won't sign papers that can't be borne by the situation in the field.

This is perfectly reasonable an approach, as far as it goes. What the Greeks are saying reduces to,

We don't care what you think you said and what you think you did. What you in fact did however is that you flushed money down the toilet - and money flushed down the toilet ain't never ever coming back.

If you cared as much about it as you seem to claim today, you should have thought about it before flushing it down the toilet, rather than after.


We might agree to sign a deal that takes the actual situation into consideration - like take your excrement for all time because that's what toilets do - but we won't sign a deal that empowers your delusions and assorted insanities. Because we won't, because we have our dignity as a toilet, and besides 'we people on the left always know how to eat some shit', (as that youthful pizza delivery boy put it on his blog).

This, like it or not, is perfectly reasonable.

On the other side, the rabidly delusional "Western World" is more and more indignant that hey! All you have to do is sign some dumbass papers! If you lie about how much the painting is worth we can in turn lie about how much our papers detailing its loans are worth and so we can all just keep right on lying! Why won't you be part of our liars' club! It's going so well! We have everything we could dream upi! It's never coming to a grinding halt this time!

The obvious reason is that the Greeks aren't, in their estimation, getting enough. Whether they will or whether they won't is obviously a political matter that's going to be resolved politically. Whether the dream can continue or has to come to an end - that same end, always, always that same end - strictly depends on how much gold, precious stones and young nubile slaves can be summoned up by the Emperor and delivered to "his enemies" - those friends of sense and reason that can see through the dream and don't care much for his airs - certainly not enough to cut their own throats.

As alf well points out, Greece is relatively small and unimportant - maybe an agreement will be reached, as the tribute required is still low enough to maybe remain within reach. But then the Vandals are coming, and the Huns are coming, and... hey, if it's a party in your asshole, cocks will be coming from all quarters, and for a while yet.

Have fun, Europe! Camera's rollin! Look like this is what you've always wanted! Wave to mommy, Europe. Wave to daddy with that cock in your mouth!

If only they could just see you, I'm sure they'd be so proud...

Equality, Europe! Human bla bla, Europe! Smoke it, baby, just like that! Yeah yeah YEAH!

  1. And only that - the entire Eurospace hasn't had a good fuck since the last time an Islamic terrorist pinned down a local chick more or less against her will. []
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  1. Stii la ce ma gandesc atunci cand vad situatia Greciei? Vad un singur lucru la orizont si anume excluderea lor din zona euro dar si un razboi civil inevitabil. Este critica situatia, una extrem de critica ce va afecta toata zona asta din sud-estul Europei.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 9 July 2015

    Nimeni nu s-o nascut cu un certificat ca lui o sa-i mearga bine. Le-o placut sa faca pe desteptii cu socialisme de cacat, lasa-i sa se bucure de rezultate, ce, e vre-o problema ?

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