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Monday, 06 July, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Up until this point, Eulora had a foramen ovalei in the skill calculation. It worked very simply : take whatever the experience required for the next skill should be, do a modulo 65536 operation on it, and that's that. This resulted in very easy skilling (I know I managed 160ish to 470ish Tinkering in about a week of light play), which obviously has its benefits.

Nevertheless, it can't last forever. In fact, it can't last past today.ii

Obviously, it wouldn't be very fair to let early players keep the skills they acquired at potentially a huge discountiii. Consequently, skills in Eulora have been rebased, which is to say : the experience you had before is the experience you have now, but the skill level that gives you is different from the skill level that gave you before, since the actual cost per skill is different.

Also obviously, this measure won't affect all players - in point of fact skill level 75 is the first point where the modulo had any work to do whatsoever. Consequently, skills under 75 are not affected.

Finally, things being too fair is the least fair situation conceivable, and so players that are in fact affected by this will receive a one million coppers reward per skill affected, in cash. Here's a schedule :

  • Mircea Mircescu :
    • Tinkering 470 -> 203

  • Foxy Foxster :
    • Tinkering 254 -> 121
    • Gathering 118 -> 78
    • Building 116 -> 77

Congrats to the winners!

PS. Also in this update, what we believe to be a definitve, permanent and complete fix to the disappearing locked claims problem, and other minor fixes. Next time.

  1. Newborn humans have two of these, in the head and in the heart. They're essentially bypasses allowing for the cramped situation of gestation. In the cardiac case for instance, since the fetus isn't breathing, the lungs don't need irrigation to the degree they will later in life, and so they're mostly shunted out.

    Eulora had a number of these : for instance originally the mining was shunted, so people commonly got q > 500 items, and remarkable finds were anything but remarkable. As I said at the time and as should be obvious, this wasn't going to last. As the game progresses they're slowly being taken out. []

  2. To be honest, I wasn't expecting this to happen so soon. It happening at all is, in my eyes, a major sign that Eulora has actually started, much like the various infant shunts begining to close up is a sure sign of a birth. This makes me very happy. []
  3. The cost I actually paid for skill 445 is roughly speaking 1% of the true cost of that skill. []
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