The quest ; and its resolution

Saturday, 31 October, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Ever since my TLP mania began in earnest a few months ago, a quest also began among that select group of closely shaven sluts that put my welfare above their own, to seek, I quote, "the core of the ideological difference b/t you and tlp". This was supported at first by the plain, subjective observation that while they like me they don't like him, so therefore a difference there must be, and moreover later confirmed by the few distancing pieces I penned myself.

A number of articles were proposed, at first the quest seemed a minor point to me, the propositions didn't stick - until last night! When I actually found it, and so obviously the point no longer seems at all that minor. Here it is, see if you can spot it yourself :

Now recall what is destroyed in a disaster: the unrepentant sinners and those who share in the collective guilt. What would starting over look like? It would be some recalibration of modernity. Where did modernity go wrong?

It went wrong with Patient Zero. Now our original Gwyenth problem is reversed: Gwyenth is not only an executive of an evil mining company, she's also a modern woman. Which means she can cheat when she wants and suffer no guilt. Yikes. As much as the image of a banana tree getting plowed by a bulldozer symbolizes a particular aspect of modernity, a blonde woman guiltlessly getting plowed by some other bulldozer is another aspect of modernity-- though not the cheating itself, but what she is able to think while she cheats. "She made mistakes, but she loved you very much," Matt Damon is told at the funeral home. That's true, and that's what makes it precisely so terrifying: Gwyneth had the physical freedom to cheat, and the emotional freedom to cheat and simultaneously still love her husband. A man understands a woman can be duplicitous, but the expectation is there's still an objective truth to her cheating: if she cheats, she likes him, not me. How can it be she likes him and me? How can she be two people simultaneously? What am I supposed to do with that when she comes home? That kind of existential freedom is to much to allow women to bear, and in any post-crisis world the first thing society does is take a few steps back into the safety of conventional roles. It happened after WWII and it will happen after the Great Recession, and everyone will think they made the individual choice to do it. After the Contagion has passed, Matt Damon's daughter's first order of business is to express her happiness and love through the last holdout of happily accepted gender roles: the high school prom.

That's the whole thing. He is deeply threatened by women.

I am a man, you see, which is not idle labelling but carries a very deep meaning. What it means is that I can on my own authority send them away.i I sit and I determine, on my own, by myself : does she qualify or is she to be sent off ?

TLP is a boy. A very clever boy, a very pleasant boy, well bred and well educated, interesting, fascinating, well informed and perhaps even a little travelled, what have you. He has all the qualities you may wish to see or not feel inclined to deny, but come high heels and broken water you must admit : he is not a man.

Consequently, the criteria he uses to send the woman offii is not [entirely] in himself.iii He needs the battery of her own guilt to power his intellectual/emotional process, and so if she is guiltless he is stuck. A stuckage to be resolved perhaps through becoming a cuckold, ie, the infantilised sort of boy that still loves his mommy very, very much (and she feeds him! a similarly sexualized decoction, if perhaps stickier.) or a violent rapist (mommy has got to pay!) or just a dullard/drunkard (thinking about these things makes my head hurt). Perhaps he even matures, although I must confess that I have never in my life witnessed this wonder where immature adult males managed to mature.iv

I will point out that my superior, controlling interest precludes the guiltimization of random women so as to create a universe more palatable to the needs of boys, no matter how clever, pleasant or educated. My interests rule and prevail, and sluts are to forever proudly wear their wanton badge for this reason. For this sufficient reason.

Honni soit qui mal y pense.

  1. It also means, of great future importance, that I can decide which offspring she gets to keep, and that I can bash the rest against the rocks, with no input needed (ie, accepted) from her. But let's not consider the socially important points of education of the young, let's just sit in the adolescentine topic of preconceptual mating. []
  2. Leaving aside that he doesn't even send her off, he probably leaves her in possession of the house and moves into his car or whatever. []
  3. Which chiefly means he can not live with the effects of it. []
  4. One approach would be to say that boys are cassant, which is not exactly brittle, and once they've set a certain way the energy needed to shatter them entirely is always lower than the energy needed to rearrange the parts.

    Another approach would be to say that recouped retardation is a mythological beast, it might happen in the first year or two of age, but a thirty year old 12 year old is NEVER going to become a forty year old 29 year old. Thirteen, maybe, even fourteen, perhaps, but that's as far as it goes, ever. []

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5 Responses

  1. saifedean`s avatar
    Monday, 2 November 2015

    I came across TLP a few years ago, and while I certainly didn't read as much of it as you seem to have, I was firmly under the impression that TLP was a woman! Are you sure it's a boy?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 2 November 2015


  3. Yes, little boys get their confidence set or solidified, or not, at around age 7. And this leads either to maturity or neurosis - the sad state wives often call 'a boy in a man's body'. cassant describes it very well.
    Therapy, tragedies and yes beatings can all shatter one's confidence, providing the opportunity to rebuild it, and when rebuilding one will often reach a plateau and stay there.
    But please don't say one can NEVER get to maturity after a neurotic start. It is very rare but it can be done, and it takes a very long time.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 18 February 2016

    All I said was that I've never seen it.

    In fairness I should admit also a very dim if even present interest in males and their problems. I can't even be arsed to fuck them.

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