The Minuscule Crab of Doom and the Sympathetic Spool of Drool - an endlessly complex machine to shred your dreams to pixie dust!

Saturday, 07 November, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I finally took Alf's advice to try some LSD mushroom sandwiches, and I confess I feel a little lightthreaded. I am also inspired to create a memorable event in Eulora, which will take place this coming Sunday (ie, tomorrow) starting at 8 pm (20:00) GMT.

The event will proceed as follows : I will take a seat in the company of the aforementioned Spool and the above named Crab, and any player desiring to touch Fate is to hand me one or more Tokens of Sacrifice, of whichever kind and in whatever amounts they wish. Upon verification of this duly payment, they get to make a wish.

The wish can be anything.

No, seriously. Anything.

The one only catch is that the Sympathetic Spool of Drool will perhaps reinterpret it, and allocate it a number. The other only catch is that the Minuscule Crab of Doom will hencewith and thereforth enunciate an anti-wish! of approximate equal value, and allocate it another number. Then I will pick a (future) block height, and whichever number appears first in the block hash (as read from left to right) will activate either wish or anti-wish, as it will happen.

Dread tightly in the presence of the twin aspects of Fate, for the distinction separating your dearest wish and your worst nightmare might be thinner than either one of you ever before realised!

And see you Sunday! Upwards infinity pm!

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