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Saturday, 07 February, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A typical kickstarter project scam, just like each and every other one :


So who is this guy ? Why, exactly who you'd expect : nobody with a blog.


Which was coincidentally discontinued on the 9th of October. You know, coupla days after the kickstarter check cleared.


There was also a github. It was also coincidentally.


And, the cherry on the cake, a twitter to explain it all - penned half a year prior, because clearly nobody on the web can remeber through such geologic timescales :


At this point I feel compelled to repeat something I wrote about a Bitcoin-specific scamsite. It is exactly equally applicable to the fiat scamsite that is kickstarter, just, I don't hapen to much care about that second hand currency.

The sense it makes is that the BTCJam people are selling their webplatform on the usual premise such rounded corner - thick font - heavy on photo webplatforms are sold : free stuff! Because - you've heard it a million times by now - it will "drive adoption" at which point it will "become a market leader" at which point "it will be worth money" (not really, but it might allow the "founders" to walk out for some moneyi ). The whole thing's amply discussed elsewhere.

In their case, the free stuff in question happens to be OPM, and so come and get sum! And dun' worry your pretty Internet consumer head about how Bitcoin's been going down lately : it will go up in the future so it is worth stealing today. Don't be like those improvident thieves that steal actually valuable things - be the ant rather than the grasshopper and steal while shit's still not-as-valuable!

Yes kickstarter is pure fraud. They admit as much themselves. So dear woman with the young adult booksii : it's not because you're a woman.

It has nothing to do with being a woman, nor has it anything to do with any unfortunate episode of personal history you may - like all living things - carry along. It has everything to do with your inept choice of associating WITH A FRAUD. You know how mentally limited people who agree to work for vague international companies doing the "clerical work" of cashing checks end up with a visit from the police ? You know how angry old men who buy brides online end up in a mess ? You know how little old ladies who open every email and click on every link end up with very slow computers ? Same thing here. You associated with some fraudsters. You don't like what happens when you associate with fraudsters ? Don't associate with fraudsters, then! And don't blame it on the weather, or on space voles or on anything else. And don't go thinking how you know - everything "should be safe". It shouldn't. Think, before getting involved with some shady Internet stuff.iii

PS. I didn't go looking for this specifically. It simply popped out in the comment section of an unrelated discussion. It is the Nth time I examine a kickstarter "project" through the same process and find it to be exactly a scam. Eventually one feels like saying something about it.

PPS. Most trolls are actually non-white women. Look up Brenda Leyland sometime. Look up Benjanun Sriduangkaew sometime. Yeah, that's right : rape threatsiv, the works.

  1. Speaking of which. []
  2. Yes, I know her name. I'm not adding it here because a) she impressed me and b) it's not what she seems to want. []
  3. And don't tell me all about how you perceived at the time "everyone's doing it so it should be ok". The old lady, the angry old guy, the mental defective all perceived exactly the same too! []
  4. Of fucking course rape THREATS would mostly come from women. As Ballas put it, "though in my experience what's even more frightening than a guy gal telling you she's going to rape you is a guy not telling you he's going to rape you." []
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