Sunday, August 9th event : Auction!

Tuesday, 04 August, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

To quote from #eulora :

mircea_popescu so you have the 12 berries supplications you got in auction, but absolutely no drafts of berries supl. or of anything else like that
danielpbarron right. and *had. used them all.

mircea_popescu ie, you never got a berries draft, or anything else ?
danielpbarron correct. or if i did, i used it and didn't get replacements. i don't recall. so for future reference i guess if i find one i should set up some noob as an apprentice bouqinist.
jurov i apprentice bouquinized, but apprently have too high tinkering
danielpbarron ah that may be what is throwing me off. i have very high tinker rank. i think i'm 3rd? unless i overtook Foxy

mircea_popescu doh. aaaand i just found a hole roflmao. ok. sunday we shall have an auction. it will consist of a package of 100 Supplication of Leather Drafts, q 1000, base value 3k (for the whole lot). the reason no one looted this entire branch is because apparently i never seeded it o.O
danielpbarron lol

mircea_popescu so, get your bidding gloves ready.
diana_coman ahahah

The usual rules apply. Opening bid 3k coppers. Should be ~21 GMT.

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