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Wednesday, 11 March, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

~ Part One - The Lickable Part ~


Isn't this beautiful ?

Sadly the provenance of the image is unknown. It appears in a number of the usual retard venues (tumblr, blogspot, etc) in the general Precambrian manner stuff appears there : here's an image "I found"i and let me write some retarded stuff around it to make it "mine" in the sense of "jiving with the little I understand of this world". Because that's the very point of existence at the lowest level of humanity : not to wash birth's grime off their filty faces, but instead to try and interpret everything around in equally grimy terms.

Because what better usage of expensive digital equipment sprawled from here to Tim-buck-two than some firm believer in a flat Earth "finding" a satellite picture of Earth and scribbling in fat Comic Sans something like "See ? IT IS FLAT!" all over it. Nevermind that he doesn't understand how it was taken, or by whom, or what it means, or what a satellite even is. He has taken an ideal object and produced another ideal object out of it. He's an intellectual just as much as you or me, right ? Nevermind that taking ingredients and making shit doesn't qualify assorted invertebrates to the status of a Chef. He is a person too!

So... I have no idea, regretfully, where's it from. Nevertheless, I would say it broadly gets it. Broadly, get it ?

~ Part Two - The Inadvisable Part ~

Linus Torvalds pulled a commit by Greg Kroah-Hartman. It goes like so :

Diffstat-rw-r--r-- Documentation/CodeOfConflict

1 files changed, 27 insertions, 0 deletionsdiff --git a/Documentation/CodeOfConflict b/Documentation/CodeOfConflict
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..1684d0b
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Documentation/CodeOfConflict
@@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
+Code of Conflict
+The Linux kernel development effort is a very personal process compared
+to "traditional" ways of developing software. Your code and ideas
+behind it will be carefully reviewed, often resulting in critique and
+criticism. The review will almost always require improvements to the
+code before it can be included in the kernel. Know that this happens
+because everyone involved wants to see the best possible solution for
+the overall success of Linux. This development process has been proven
+to create the most robust operating system kernel ever, and we do not
+want to do anything to cause the quality of submission and eventual
+result to ever decrease.
+If however, anyone feels personally abused, threatened, or otherwise
+uncomfortable due to this process, that is not acceptable. If so,
+please contact the Linux Foundation's Technical Advisory Board at
+, or the individual members, and they
+will work to resolve the issue to the best of their ability. For more
+information on who is on the Technical Advisory Board and what their
+role is, please see:
+As a reviewer of code, please strive to keep things civil and focused on
+the technical issues involved. We are all humans, and frustrations can
+be high on both sides of the process. Try to keep in mind the immortal
+words of Bill and Ted, "Be excellent to each other."

The problem here isn't that Torvalds, Kroah-Hartman or anyone else would rather see people get along than not get along. This is a purely aesthetic preference, debating it holds all the merits and virtues of debating whether beer's better than wine, blondes taller than brunettes etc.

The problem here is that as written, this text creates a blanket obligation for some (the Linux Foundation's Technical Advisory Board and its individual members joint and several) to address the problems of others. This is exactly the same nonsense as "let's you and him fight"ii, "single payer insurance"iii and so on and so on. It is yet another attempt, doomed in principle, hopeless by definition, of implementing socialist utopia into the world, that magical construct whereby divorcing agency from its fruits doesn't simultaneously drive a decoupling between human behaviour and reason.

Back in saner pastures, if you don't know how to apply pressure, if don't have an avenue to voice your concernsiv, that means that your concerns aren't worth shit. Plain and simple. The very fact that you don't have enough clout to force anyone to listen to you means, directly and incontrovertibly, that you don't have anything to say. Because you couldn't possibly have anything to say.

So no, don't make "the board" listen to all comers. They're, generally speaking, the guys that weren't good enough to sling dope. It makes exactly no difference whether they feel "personally" this that or the other. Let them either

  1. change "personally", so that their betters no longer feel an incentive to punish themv ;
  2. learn to enjoy the process, orvi
  3. change "personally"vii so that their betters become their equals, and no longer dare think of the matter in those terms.

That's the correct solution, and it runs exactly counter to the retardo-socialistoid approach. Don't cater to the unwarranted pretense of cattleviii but instead reject it, uniformly, universally and explicitly. Rely on hierarchy, implement the WoT, the further you go away from the vulgate of the contemporary "civilised world", the better your chances to survive, and to succeed. It really is so utterly broken intellectually that going any way that's not it is significant, marked improvement.

Not that it matters so much for this particular exercise in obsolescence, but recorded here for the future : Equalitarianism is the summum malum. Everything derived from it, nonsense like "the dignity of the human person" and "the right to self determination" and so on and so forth fruits of that poisonous tree. Don't pick them, live longer. Cut the damned thing down, live happier. That's all.

  1. "Where ?"
    "On the Internet!"
    "Which Internet ?"
    "Oh, you know, the blue Internet icon." []
  2. Amply documented as part of "Transactional Analysis", cooler minds' doomed attempt to deter random idiots from engaging in their usual fatlogic-fueled behaviours. []
  3. How to make sure costs balloon out of all semblance of control while quality collapses under any conceivable floor ? Have one pay for another's use. Tried and true - worked without exception throughout the ages. []
  4. Unlike, for instance, Lindsey Kuper. []
  5. "Hey doc, it hurts when I do this"
    "Don't do that." []
  6. Gang rapes are pleasant experiences for nine out of ten participants. []
  7. Personally, you know. []
  8. It's a known fact that domestic animals see their caretakers as an animal of the same gender, same age and same species. []
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