Socialism saved for later lolz.

Thursday, 05 March, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

sauce It's Gawker media. They prolly have office hours because socialism.
Gander Mhm.

sauce Now that Denton's surrendered his authority to committee the last pretense of anything resembling management at Gawker is done. No one can fire Hamilton Nolan and the interns just burn out because no one can hire them. At least, that's my hypothesis for their next year.
Gander Yup. Well... he surrendered it... moar like "Whatever, I'm not even gettying paid to do this, pick it up and wash your heads with it". So... yeah it's done.

sauce The Gamer thing cost them a bunch of advertiser money and they responded by... giving up.
Gander Yup.

[a moment later]

Gander This Gawker convo should prolly be published so we can point and laugh later.
sauce Feel free to Trilema it. Do the thing where you use code names to confuse Gawker moar when they discover the Trilema poast rost.

That's all, carrion.

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