No Such lAbs (S.NSA), September 2015 Statement

Tuesday, 06 October, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
S.NSA incoming and outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
-- 0 Domain renewal, 4 yrs 0.22212852
Total 0 Total 0.22212852
    S.NSA assets
    Account 01.08.2015 Net change 31.08.2015
    Cash 456.23675136 0.22212852 456.01462284
    Tangibles 8.20505811 0 8.20505811
    Intangibles and goodwill 8.31827553 0.22212852 8.54040405
    Total assets 472.76008500
    S.NSA liabilities
    Account 01.08.2015 Net change 31.08.2015
    Shareholder equity 472.76008500 0 472.76008500
    Total liabilities 472.76008500

      S.NSA has a total of 4`737`075 authorised shares outstanding. The total assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009980 BTC. The cash+tangible assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009804 BTC.

      S.NSA realised no operating revenue this period. The P/E implied value per share is so far 0 BTC.

      S.NSA has Special Stock Warrants outstanding issued as per the IPO agreement, as follows :

      # Fingerprint Shares BTC Par
      1 17215D118B7239507FAFED98B98228A001ABFFC7 3`315`952 331.5952 1
      2 6160E1CAC8A3C52966FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452 1`421`122 142.1122 1
      T 4`737`074 473.7074 1


        The "routing of PCB Units 'A' and 'B' is nearing completion" observation last month turned out to have been overoptimistici. Nevertheless, board A is "tentatively routed", and will be sent to fabrication asap.

        Other than this, Stan's been also working at a demonstrably-correct [1] implementation of RSA in Ada/SPARK, both for Cardano itself as well as for the planned gossipd and other republican business.

        Phuctor is unfortunately homeless. The story of how it lost its home is, of course, in the logs. It would require some engineering to contain the currently disastrous effects of unscheduled reboots - this is not trivial and in light of overpowering priorities eslewhere remains undone. Alternatively it could have a decent server that doesn't magically reboot for no reason all the time - in spite of much effort put into this from various angles no progress has yet been made.

        V has also, to quote its author, "this particular animal appears to have acquired a life of its own ; while I do not personally agree with all of the design decisions taken by the authors of variant versions (e.g., 'vit'), in many respects their functionality is a considerable advance vs. that of my original - in particular, mod6 has one which produces flow graphs ~precisely~ as specified in the original thread."

        The problem of a real Bitcoin client that works on pogo is still widely open. Workii was sunk into trying to fit bitcoind into limited RAM. In the course of attempting to make the 'mempool jettison' thing work, it was discoveredthat apparently transactions never end up cleared out of memory at all.iii The power rangers never properly fixed this issue, but instead they re-wrote the relevant part of the mechanism entirely, probably introducing an entirely unrelated set of bugs yet-to-be-illuminated. It is a matter of some concern that by all appearances no one has noticed this, or discussed the matter in public. In any case, something needs to be done here, and that something is not a trivial "missing delete", either.

        There's also a version of bitcoind that logs 'peculiar' (per certain heuristics) transactions from the mempool. This is presently unreleased, in part because it's not clear anyone actually needs it for anything.

        1. To quote the engineer in charge,

          ascii_field understand also that 'nearing completion' usually means something like '99.8% routed!111!!!'
          mircea_popescu aha.
          ascii_field which can a very long grind, to route the remaining 4 'rats nest' wires
          ascii_field because every time it is another 4!
          ascii_field fucking travelingsalesmanproblem


        2. Several variants were built with custom (instrumented) allocators in place of the customary one etc. []
        3. This matter is still dubious - and one of the best ways C gurus could spend their time to help Bitcoin would certainly be taking the memory allocation part apart. []
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