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Thursday, 05 February, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

To create and maintain a website that :

  1. Maintains a page where the Assbot Web of Trust is depicted graphically, with nodes directly trusted by the bot more central proeminent, nodes trusted by these nodes further out and finally nodes trusted by these nodes furthest out, with the links drawn in green or red and of a thickness comensurate with the trust value. Hovering over a link should pop a tooltip containing the note if any ; hoovering over a node should pop a tooltip containing the nick, linked to a dedicated page, fingerprint linked to a dedicated page. The graph should be recentrable on arbitrary users by clicking.
  2. For any pair of users, displays a graph of their relationships (similar to serajewelks.bitcoin-otc.com/trustgraph.php )
  3. Maintains a page containing summary statistics : total count of users, total count of (separately) positive and negative rates sent as well as the index of all registered nicks, in a table headed as follows : nick ; date first rated ; date last rated ; fingerprint ; average rating receivedi, count of ratings received, Wot weight factorii. The table should be sortable by all headers.
  4. Maintains individual pages for each user listing his GPG pubkey and fingerprint and all his ratings (sent separate from received), in sortable tables headed as follows : other party ; OPs average rating ; OPs rating count ; OPs weight factor ; rating date, rating value, rating note. The table should be sortable by all headers.

The website should sport a minimalistic design. Rounded corners are specifically forbidden. The tables will be implemented as tables not as css crapolade. The html mark-up should be kept to a minimum.

Free hosting and misc. support available in #bitcoin-assets.

  1. Calculated as a sum of absolute values. []
  2. First, the sum of all ratings received is calculated for each user. This list is then sorted, and the position of each user is his weight factor. []
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2 Responses

  1. "OPs average rating ; OPs rating count ;"

    This information is misleading. Why give weight to the wisdom of the crowd? Who cares what 100 random schmoes say?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 19 February 2015

    For purely statistical reasons. From the WoT article :

    Leaving that aside, if the average rating in Joe's WoT is 3.14, whereas Moe has received his 33 trust from exactly 4 people, averaging thus 8.25, there's suddenly exposed a very strange divergence between the two groups. Sure, it is legitimately possible for Moe's subgroup to be much more tightly knit, and thus his friends much more familiar with him than is the case in Joe's group. This happens, but not without other consequences, which again add valuable information into the credibility equation.

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