In which you don't know what's a Mnesarete, among other things

Sunday, 18 October, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Cthulhu kinda interestin :





Mnesarete The pics are indeed kinda interesting but god help me if I can stomach the text, "As we are sucked in ever more by the screens we carry around, even in the company of friends and family, the hunched pose of the phone-absorbed seems increasingly normal."

Cthulhu What's wrong with it ?
Mnesarete What "we", no, it's not everyone sporting a shitty posture and being completely retarded and dependent. It's the writer, and derps like the writer, and fuck him for it. How about, "I looked at these photographs and realized how much I'd rather not be one of these idiots. Shame on me."
Mnesarete Instead he's trying to spread it around, it's all okay.

Cthulhu Haha. You realise this is self-impossible.
Cthulhu I bet he doesn't even wear high heels,
Cthulhu or belong in an abusive relationship that'll kill him.i
Mnesarete But he IS in an abusive relationship (which could kill him, iono how precisely to get some data on this, but people addicted to their phones die all the time texting while driving, not looking where they're walking, etc).

Cthulhu Sure.
Mnesarete He's the one in the actual abusive relationship.

Cthulhu These are the options : be in one or think you're in one. You can be insane or think you might be. You can have cancer or think you might have it.ii
Mnesarete That "might" seems important, and for some reason it was elided from the first, which seems the controlling, seminal, phrase. Sure, it's healthy to question or to admit possibility. It's another thing altogether if it's actual, positive conclusion that you're in the state.

Cthulhu I doubt there is such a state thing. "Are you in prison ?" "No." "How do you know ?" "They didn't tell me I was." "Ahok."
Mnesarete Not at all. "What is a prison?"

Cthulhu A prison is a word.
Mnesarete I can tell you I'm not in a word given a word is an intangible construct made by the species of which I'm a member to express something.

Cthulhu You don't understand how the world works, Mr. Putin. But the objection is right, the might was elided from the first. The reason for this is that the with-might statement is meaningful in our context, and the plain is statement is meaningful (on the basis of what else we've seen of him) in his contextiii. I presume the two formulations equivalent.
Mnesarete Ah. Well in any case, fuck him, I hope his phone melts or what's the worst that could happen with those things.

Cthulhu The worst that can happen with those things is that you meet someone.

  1. Just the day before, she had stumbled in her four inch heels on the transition between a concrete surface and sudden uneven pavement, landing in a very proper Texas dip and while not turning her ankle, ruining the shoes. She was harshly reprimanded, and convicted to nothing but high heels at all times including to bed, a minimum of three hours' walking plus jump rope. You ever tried this, by the way, jump rope in heels ?

    Considering some of her shoes are display six inch heels that were really never intended even to stand in for more than maybe a minute, she took it for an extermination march (the "abusive relationship" part is my anasymfrazomenic addition, she just said it'll kill her, which I agreed with), which is incidentally how you get women in business, such as the business of ballet : torture, to death. []

  2. She's a little on the hypochondriasis side. []
  3. In case you were wondering : symfrazomena is Greek for context, much like Chronos is Greek for time. Thus therefore, while an anachronism is a breaking of the time contextualization (such as for instance depicting the Last Supper as happening around an European table), an anasymfrazomenism is breaking context in general. []
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