In Desperation of Cause, or Eulora November 15th Auction

Friday, 13 November, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I know of no reason the 15th of Novemver should ever be forgot.

As you're probably aware if you've been following virtual macroeconomic news from independent sources (as opposed to the alternative), we've been having one hell of a time trying to get the Altar / Sacrifice cycle going.

Having tried everything else, I surmise it's time to try some shock therapy. Consequently, Sunday November the 15th, at 6 PM GMT, there will be offered for auction on behalf of S.MG the following mega packages :

  • Very Many Chickens (perhaps 1024 of them!), a bundle of Sacrificed Chickens at quality 10`954 (base value, 9`999`979 coppers).
  • A Credible Pile of Rocks, a bundle of Sacrificed Rocks at quality 18`088 (base value, 9`999`991 coppers).
  • Turkish Delights, a bundle of Sacrificed Delights at quality 26`821 (base value, 9`999`978 coppers).

Each of these will be auctioned independently, the minimum bid is ten million ECU for each. Note that it should not be possible for one to click on this bundle and loot just the token - if that happens we're probably looking at a bug and you'll get your bundle back. The loot pools have also been shored up significantly.

See you Sunday!

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  1. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 15 November 2015

    This was one of the by a fat margin the shortest auction ever seen on Euloran soil :

    Sun 15-Nov-2015 13:05:23 Mircea Mircescu
    (13:05:23) >Welcome to the gossip channel! 3 players in this channel.
    (13:05:23) >Some are wise ; others are otherwise.
    (13:06:14) Mircea says: So! I have here before me
    (13:06:16) Mircea says: lesee
    (13:06:22) >Mircea Mircescu dropped a Sacrificed Rocks.
    (13:06:25) >Mircea Mircescu dropped a Sacrificed Delights.
    (13:06:27) >Mircea Mircescu dropped a Sacrificed Chickens.
    (13:06:37) Mircea says: well kinda aside me more than before, but anyway
    (13:06:50) Mircea says: a bag of turkish delight, a bag of rocks and a
    back of chicken livers
    (13:06:53) Mircea says: all very high quality!
    (13:07:06) Grenadine says: interesting bouquet
    (13:07:08) Mircea says: hey grenadine, you the only one here ? :D
    (13:07:16) Grenadine says: possibly?
    (13:07:16) [Tell] You tell Foxy: hey ?
    (13:07:20) [Tell] You tell Daniel: yo.
    (13:07:28) Mircea says: haha this should be snapy then.
    (13:07:29) >Free Movement
    (13:07:31) >Dynamic Follow
    (13:07:32) >Free Rotation
    (13:07:32) >First Person
    (13:07:33) >Third Person Follow
    (13:07:41) Grenadine says: what if i bid against myself?
    (13:07:45) Mircea says: anyway, as per the announcement, we start with
    (13:07:56) Mircea says: Very Many Chickens, opening at 10mn.
    (13:08:03) Mircea says: do i hear 10 ?
    (13:08:03) Grenadine says: 10mn here! mememe!
    (13:08:12) Mircea says: cant hear anything
    (13:08:27) Mircea says: ah ok 10mn at the grasshopper over there
    (13:08:33) Mircea says: 10mn going once!
    (13:08:41) Mircea says: and twice!
    (13:08:45) Grenadine says: omg the tension
    (13:08:54) Mircea says: SOLD for asking price to the sole participater.
    (13:09:08) Mircea says: next on our list of produce, a credible pile of
    (13:09:15) Mircea says: also going on the block at 10mn
    (13:09:17) Mircea says: do i hear 10 ?
    (13:09:25) Grenadine says: 10 here
    (13:09:34) Mircea says: and 10 heard!
    (13:09:45) Mircea says: going once.... twice...thrice... quadruce...
    (13:09:47) Mircea says: SOLD!
    (13:10:05) Grenadine says: i gotta find more auctions that go like this
    (13:10:10) Mircea says: and the last item on today's moulin rouge lottery
    bill, a bag of turkish delights!
    (13:10:17) Mircea says: also 10 millions! do I hear 10 ?
    (13:10:19) Grenadine says: 10!
    (13:10:27) Mircea says: 10 heard!
    (13:10:30) Mircea says: and sold.
    (13:10:35) Grenadine says: is it rolled in pacademia nut?
    (13:10:38) Mircea says: congratulation to the early bird or how was it.
    (13:10:51) Mircea says: hey, be happy there's no ointments involved.
    (13:10:54) Grenadine says: :D
    (13:11:00) >Grenadine asks to trade with you.
    (13:11:03) >You agree to trade.
    (13:11:06) [Tell] Foxy tells you: da
    (13:11:11) Mircea says: please deposit 30million coins in the indicated slot.
    (13:11:16) >Grenadine gave Mircea 30000000 Copper.
    (13:11:16) >Trade complete
    (13:11:32) Mircea says: ima log off cuz tooheavy
    (13:11:33) Foxy says: ha ha, missed it?

    And half hour later,

    (13:46:50) >Grenadine has managed 0.08 BTC worth of (null)! Congratulations!

    showing that the Sacrifice line actually works just fine. Congrats to the winners!

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