Eulorean Crafting - The Pickaxe Illumination

Tuesday, 09 June, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Suppose we wish to make one of those spiffy Stone Pickaxes all the cool kids use to save their hands from going raw on the lush, verdant bare rocks of Eulora.

First off, we'd need a recipe. Fortunately, the merchant's got one. It says :


From that list we readily identify Solid Branch as something we've dug up before, and consequently the merchant also has a supply. The Improbable Oil and the Pointy Clump of Slag have to be crafted in turn. Let's look at the first :


5 Slags, Improbable Oil. Let's check with Mr. Electron Spirover, Merchant Extraordinaire (he's the guy that looks like an animated fruit box).


Oh look at that, the Improbable Oil Schenectady is probably what we need! Gee, I wonder what all those Confabulations do...


Wooly Mushrooms, Spicy Moss was at the merchant, Boulders are definitely a common find, what of that Leaky Treebark Flask ?


Ouch. So... Coarse Frangible Thread, Indistinct Bark Shavings and Disgusting Goop. Which... all are crafted, aren't they ? Yes, yes they are. Well... alright then, one at a time :



The... the... the bark shavings are McGuyvered out of flotsam and rock with the use of one's trusty Bandar Toolkit and... Chair For The Head ? But we don't have either of these! Does it mean we will have to craft them ?

Actually... yes, it does. To cut a long story short, here's a diagram :

    /SB          / 5 F
SP - PCoS - 5 S - 3 SR
    \      \               / CFT - 3 CoG
     \      \     / WM    /
      \      \IO - 3 SM  /     / 2 F
       \          \ LTF - IBS - SR
        \                \
         \                \      / 3 RF
          +----------------\ DG - SM
                                 \ CR

And this, of course, doesn't get into the details of how to craft the toolkit or the peculiar hat. And don't get me started even on what it takes to make a bottle of Widow's Whisp Berry Tincture (which I made, by the way - as well as make my own Multifunctional Samovar and... other things. You'll see).

Here, some samples of ready made ingredients :


Engineering complexity aside, admire the claim wall someone made, and the altar to keys he graced it with :



Remember chitlins : follow the claim wall!

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