Eulora mini update, July 1st

Wednesday, 01 July, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A few things have changed overnight. Among them :

  • New recipes have been added to all the craft lines you already know. Included : a new, very powerful, single use mining tooli ; slightly more powerful but more efficient variants of the current mining tools ; various support items for other craft lines.
  • A number of new skills have been added, and the relation between crafts and particular skills has become more complex.
  • Three craft lines have been added. Two of these are just improved versions of preexisting lines (Gumbo and McGuyver) while two are entirely novel : Lapidary and Bouquinism.
  • Bouquinism is of particular importance because it is not only the line that allows the crafting of skill increasing booksii, but overloading the Bouquinism craft is also the only way to get starter books for the various skills. This is particularly easy to do through the shredding recipe (which also happens to be the only source of LBN in game).
  • The random spawns of starter skill items on the map has been discontinued, with the exception of a few books on Bouquinism which spawn occasionally. Get them while they're hot as it won't last.
  • Various fixes to the graphics, including of the PC animations etc, which you can't however see until we do a client update package. As discussed in the item in lieu of a roadmap document, should be a week or two.

Enjoy the game!

  1. This one should help you finding rarer materials, as well as improve the size of finds. []
  2. Announced earlier on #eulora :

    mircea_popescu diana_coman btw, let me know when you hit 200 crafting, there's a suprise for you >D
    diana_coman He he mircea_popescu I'm very close. Should I search for cover when that surprise hits? lol

    mircea_popescu Whether one faces surprises nude or covered is a matter of personal preference :D
    diana_coman Ha ha, all right, lemme drink my tea first then. Eulorian tea that is. I think I might develop a taste for that spicy moss with wooly mushroom flavour :) ) )
    mod6 How are you leveling so fast?! Weren't you just on like 130 yesterday or something!?
    diana_coman mod6 it's not that fast, but in any case: on one hand some levels require less work to complete (level up). And moreover, the more complex (read expensive) things you do, the more experience you get essentially. So if you want to level fast, throw expensive staff at whatever it is you need to do.
    mod6 Ah, but how does one do that with things other than crafting? Like building? Just need to build bigger mines, like ordinarys instead of tiny?

    mircea_popescu I did a huge run and was at like 85 feeling all great and sucking my own cock, top of the world, best on server etc. Then she comes along and she's all like "oh btw, im 135". So I click like a maniac and lo! I'm 160! But too late, for meanwhile she's 1059865867456.
    mod6 Lol. Ok cool. Ima keep clickin' I'm like 70-something crafting... But still only 26 or something on building

    mircea_popescu diana_coman : the surprise is, that the game has a mechanism whereby players can learn skills up to half the highest player's skill. This works through a craftable tome which gives +1, and can only be crafted by people satisfying the skill requierement. It will be called Foxy's Dismal Scribblings on Tinkering, and you get to provide a description. Let me know what it is!
    diana_coman Wow, coolness :) I am getting closer to 200, but as usual, Eulora is not exactly euclidian space so well, "close" is relative, lol. I'm 198, almost at 199, lol. And yaaaaay, 200 tinkering. Wooo hooo

    mircea_popescu Wd.
    diana_coman Now I can drink my expensive eulorian tea : ) ) )

    mircea_popescu Lol. That's going to get effects later on, obviously. Anyway : description ?
    diana_coman So, Foxy's Dismal Scribblings on Tinkering, mfff, how long? And what does it look like? Is it a book?

    mircea_popescu Well, more like a book a dinosaur digested but yes. And how long, you've played this game before I take it!
    diana_coman A piece of skin, a nail and a tooth? Ahaha, lol.

    mircea_popescu An' this goes for the rest of ya : whoever first gets a skill that's a multiple of 200 gets his name put on the book and may supply a description which we'll consider. And since I'm feeling generous, also at his option either one of the book or one of the recipe making the book.
    chetty A book digested by a dinosaur, well at least that shouldn't be too hard to model, one turd coming up :P

    mircea_popescu Lol
    diana_coman "It's a scribble-scrabble of a dibble dabble." There. Would that be fine?

    mircea_popescu Possibly the worst description I've ever heard. But hey, it's your book.
    diana_coman Good. It's meant to be bad. Or at least I don't like what dinosaurs digest
    jurov How did you resolve the wolly mushroom issue? I still don't see them at merchant.
    diana_coman I just bought the stock for tea. Sorry.
    jurov And when can we expect the scammer to replenish them?
    diana_coman Alternatively mircea_popescu and if it is NOT something that a dinosaur digested, I might prefer this one: "The partially lost art of tinkering, now partially found." More like something that a dinosaur wanted for tea
    chetty Oo I like that one.
    diana_coman Glad to hear that chetty :)

    mircea_popescu jurov basically never. Go dig.
    diana_coman If it's all right, it can also be dedicated to Lady Voyna. Or Chettery, as she prefers.

    mircea_popescu I'm not changing the original, I opt instead to exact my vengeance on you in the form of the consume text.
    * mircea_popescu cackles


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  1. Real men play Ultima Online, the original MMORPG, not some Eulora crap.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 2 July 2015

    Wow, Ultima Online still online ?

  3. Yes, still online.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 2 July 2015

    Pretty impressive.

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