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Me o.O
Me alex jones gets laid ?
Me "Every public and private institution in every western country, with the sole exception of Iceland, is corrupt. " haha check that out.i

Her Hahaha, that article is actually by Paul Craig Roberts.
Me I noticed afterwards looking at the author. Guy's an idiot tho.

Her Well dunno what he's doing writing abut this, guy's an economist.
Me What's worse : I dunno why while being an economist with no sexual experience (has he been in a BDSM dungeon ? did he fuck a woman in the street ? etc etc etc) he proceeds to act AS IF some sort of god will step in and save him. He'll just keep doing what he does and it will all end up ok.ii

Her Who knows, shit changes all the time .. certainly not something I would make predictions on ...he does rather correctly notice the plight to older women in the 'new way' ...
Me He also doesn't have the Anthropology that'd tell him the plight of old women is a civilisational constant.

Her Hmm old? Or older? And when is that ...not really all that constant.
Me Romanian translation of the Decameron memorably contains a phrase that reads "carnita, lu' fetita, si osoiul, lu' baboiul". which in English is "the meat, to the girly, and the bone to the old hag". As in how to split foodstuffs according to 1400 Italians. Meaningful to 1970s Romanians.

Her But many North American Indian tribes revered elders .. its I think cultural and a function of economics. If times are hard you need girls to build next generation, but with the wisdom of elder if you can afford it
Me I don't think that's the underpinning. I think the main point is whether older women ACTUALLY ARE wiser or merely got old. In principle society will always be driven by the impregnation needs of fillies and the attention males pay to it throughout the age range. Do old women have something to add to this, to enhance it ? In societies where old women trained young women to be sluts, old women had a central role, and that's how you had the French salon in 1800iii. In societies where old women were named Paul Craig (he IS an old woman, in this thing, definitely), they got the shaft. And I suspect without knowing because I'm deeply ignorant about North American Ethnographics, that the main reason old women were revered there is that they were a bulwark against the female coy behaviour.

Her Well not just slut training ... girlies need to learn much, from changing nappies to cooking ..
Me Right. What do men know ? "Pussy is easy". K then. You think Nancy Pelosi had a chance of an ugly snowball in Hell if it weren't for Jeniffer Lopez and Britney Spears doing the splits on cam ?iv

Her It is interesting, I dont think I ever realized it before, but the whole thing is tied to economics (goes back to your basic essence idea).
Me Aha. It is. The more the married guy gotta spend to nail that 16 yo tramp hottie on the side, the worse the old women have it. Because that value comes out of something.

Her And he needs to more ...because survival of species.
Me (In China, notably, there is ACTUAL money set aside in the family budget for the guy's sideline. Compare old Chinese woman to old American woman, where's money put aside for the "Apologies" the guy does on tv.v )

Her Even China, which used to worship ancestors, it kicking the old to the curb.
Me And it is because the real estate prices in Beijing etc have made it so that young women are unaffordable. But hey, they wanted to be moar like America, so they get it.

Her Yup, no women = no young= death. Very grim and not really consiously known but still acted upon. So there was a kernel of worth in that artilce, even if the author didnt know it :P
Me I dunno, there might be an unseen balancing hand at work.

Her I am sure there is, just haven't figured out how language is fighting back on this one ;p
Me :p

Her Hmmm maybe all those crazy 50 genders things fits in here somewhere.
Me Who knows. We're squarely at the too little data square yet.

Ca-n viata.

  1. The article is incredibly stupid, far past the first sentence. Seriously, "all" except for "all" in this ~one~ ? What the fuck is this, IPTABLES ?

    But it is, exactly. For all the risible idiocy of "bayesian" methods, that's exactly what you see stupid people do whenever they're confronted with reality. []

  2. What makes the economist feel safe writing about a subject he knows nothing of ? "It's ok, I'm educated" ? This isn't how it works.

    I understand why they would WANT it to be how it works : because they want to be me. But you don't become me by taking ONE fucking major in college. Nor by taking the whole fucking college. A well... []

  3. Seriously, the notion that you, as a whore, would educate your daughter to be anything but the best whore of her generation was beyond the pale. Sort-of like doctors felt about their sons in the 50s, or something. []
  4. It goes both ways, incidentally : if wealth drops abruptly, young women will "be forced" to be sluts even as the quality of life of old women decays. The story is about splitting available resources, not about quid pro quo.

    You familiar with the stories of just what an utter slut Rachel is ? They go right with Rickles' joke that his wife died, by going into the pool with all her jewelry on. []

  5. Think about this. So leader was "caught" (?!?!?) fucking on the side. And he says anything ~other~ than a) "who the fuck are you to ask me about this" and b) "if you weren't such a fucking loser as to go into "journalism" whathever the fuck that is, maybe you'd have sluts on the side too" ? Insanity, seriously.

    The leader to apologize for having been, clearly, manifestly and patently a leader ? Fuck you and drop dead, what the fuck do you think this is, America ? []

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