/btc/, the most recent 8chan board

Sunday, 17 May, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

As the following 10`000 words probably explain best,


8chan is a bad.

Some people (tm) took it upon themselves to confiscate an old board (dedicated to "bitcoin faucets" and other bitcoin-unrelated stupid shit) and repackage it as a new and shiny jewel - The Most Serene Republic's most official site for discussions pertaining to the official currency of The Most Serene Republic, /btc/ ! (It's like /b/ but with tits and cunt, basically.)

About a day after its creation it broke the top boards listing on 8chan,


Which happenstance introduces a new measure of rapture : the proportion between post count and activity. In the case of /btc/ it was, at this time, 3.035087719. I am well convinced no board existed with a factor under 3, nor for that matter all that many with a factor under 10, or 100. 1`000 to 10`000 seem a lot more common.

That said, Bitcoin anons have a new home, and my "Other places :" sidebar area has a new entry. Hurray for the new world order.

Category: Meta psihoza
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