Ars gratia artis sau cum era, or The function and the functioning of art part deux

Wednesday, 09 September, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

So the artisti I commissionedii actually delivered! Turns out a week really and truly is ten days after all!

Here you go :


Just in case you're wondering, the actual text of the commission below :

Bunii :

1. Satoshi Nakamoto. Pe asta nimeni nu l-o vazut la chip, asa ca nu se stie. Fa-l ceva gen masca lu' Guy Fawkes. E asa un fel de intelept abscons, ca rol, mniezo' tatal.
2. Mircea Popescu. Asta-i asa un fel de nemilos, oarecum inscrutabil, bine informat, aproximativ ingeru' mortii ar veni ca idee. Sa nu te puna Motanu' sa ma scoti Isus ca e de ris in Bitcoin asta cu isusii.
3. Hannah. Daca o faci in chip de manticora pe care-o calaresc io, e perfect. (Manticora e animalu' ala din cimitire, corp de leu, gheare de pasare, coada de scorpion etc).
4. Nick Szabo. Ti-as da o poza mai acatarii da' nu exista. Asta-i asa un fel de intelept retras, unii banuie c-ar fi chiar 1 da' nu-i cazul. Fa-l gen mag.

Raii :

4. Gavin Andersen. Asta e asa aproximativ genu' rezistentului prin cultura. Stie ca ii mizerabil ce face, da' pina este slanina nu-i pasa si dupa aia se preface ca chestii.
5. Mike Hearn. Asa-i un jeg de om, genu' Adrian Paunescu minus talentu'. Un fel de Viorel Lis sa zic. Daca-l faci tras in teapa e perfect.
6. Peter Murck. Un fel de Goebbels discret. Fa-l in costumatie de nazist, mai ales chipiul.

7. Peter Smith. Principala lui calitate e de prostituata gay. Daca-l faci asa frumos cu strungareata si-n costum de bunny girl ie absolut ideal pentru nevoile lui.

8. Brian Armstrong. Nime-n drum da' cu mari figuri si pretentii, genu' ala de project manager care se crede VP. Cam la limita intre rai si nebuni asa.
9. Wences Casares. Aceeasi chestie pe varianta latino.

Nebunii :

10. Luke jr. Asta-i pur si simplu dement. In costum de claun, pe uniciclu, de-alea.
11. Vitalik Buterin. Genu' de copchil frustrat care vrea sa se bage-n seama asa ca da cu cacat pe clanta, faze de orfelinat.
12. Andreas Antonopoulos. Tipu' de retardat gras. N-am idee cita psiho stii ori te-o interesat, da' e genu' ala fixat oral care n-are alte aspiratii decit sa bage-n el si "sa fie bine". Fa-l cumva sa fie mort, ori in groapa ori sicriu ori ceva ca e o gluma despre cum l-am omorit eu.

Translation left as an exercise for the reader, but in any case I should hope this will cultivate and inspire.

PS. Artist insists I must publish a more generous size, so instead of the original 800 px there's now a 1280 px wide larger size behind the click. E. N. Joy.

  1. Cristina Moise []
  2. The function and the functioning of art. It doesn't say "part oneux" in the title because you never know with these things when they're going to have parts. []
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11 Responses

  1. Ahahaha okay this kicks ass.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 10 September 2015

    Yeah. Chick's talented.

  3. The good:

    Satoshi Nakamoto 1.. On this lo nobody saw the chip, so nobody knows. Make it something like mask lu 'Guy Fawkes. It's so kind of wise abscons that role, mniezo 'father.
    2. Mircea Popescu. That's so kind of ruthless, somewhat inscrutable, well informed about ingeru 'death would come as an idea. Do not put yourself Motanu 'get me out Jesus's laughter in this Bitcoin with isusii.
    3. Hannah. If you do that in chip Manticora him a ride, it's perfect. (E Manticora Animal 'ala cemetery, the body of a lion, bird claws, tail scorpion etc).
    4. Nick Szabo. I'd give a decent picture May yes no. That's so kind of wise retired, some suspect it would be even 1 yes' is not appropriate. Make it kind mag.


    4. Gavin Andersen. That's so like that about 'resistance through culture. He knows what makes them miserable, yes bacon until I do not care after that pretends stuff.
    5. Mike Hearn. That's a man grime, genu 'Adrian Paunescu minus talentu'. Viorel Lis kind of mean. If you impaled it's perfect.
    6. Peter Murck. A discreet as Goebbels. Make him in Nazi outfit, especially cap.

    7. Peter Smith. His main quality is the gay prostitute. If you make it so beautiful and midline bunny-girl outfit ie not absolutely ideal for his needs.

    8. Brian Armstrong. NIMEI-n way yes 'with great figures and claims, genu' ala project manager who thinks VP. Cam boundary between heaven and crazy way.
    9. Wences Casares. Same thing Latin version.


    10. Luke jr. That's just crazy. In clown costume on uniciclu for-that.
    11. Vitalik Buterin. Genu 'of copchil frustrated that wants to stick-n shit out so give the doorknob phase orphanage.
    12. Andreas Antonopoulos. Dude retarded fat. I have no idea psycho quote or you know an interesting, yes e genu 'Oral Fixation guy who has no other aspirations than to put inside it and "be good". Make it somehow be dead or in grave or coffin or something as a joke about how I killed myself.

    Vali Petcu vershiăn.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 10 September 2015


    Anonims nu uita si mai ales nu iarta, bag seama.

  5. These people you surround yourself with...*shakes head*

  6. Some felines play with their food, MP gets buried in it.

  7. >10. Luke jr. That's just crazy.

    I know, Google Translate, rite?

  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 11 September 2015

    Speaking of food...


  9. This is fantastic!

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