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Sunday, 07 December, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


Her: Aquiler se poate!!1
Me: Yeah, the populists can't get all the electoral support they want, 'cause people traditionally live in big houses ruled over by a patriarch, who's like what the fuck is this Cristina bullshit and come voting time it's like *points at young people menacingly*. So they make up these programs to get people to come to the city and give them some place to live "independently", and get them dependent on credit. Because totally, it's so much better to be at the mercy of your next paycheck than it was back when you were at the mercy of granpa. Then the Peronists can derp all they want about the bad, oppressive evil capitalists squeezing the poor people for rents - it's not them that did that, you see, it's these evil other people trying to keep the youthful cattle down. Nobody could have foreseen using rents as a political rocket!!1

Her: Aha.
Me: Same thing the Soviets did, all this rah rah socialist revolution! stuff, it's nonsense. Socialism had nothing to do with it. They just seized on the same thing. Kids in the traditional Russian village were extremely oppressed, and that oppression kept the wheels moving. But for any of the kids in question, his choice as presented and as understood by him was, either a) suck up to all these annoying old fucks, who knows, maybe they let you in their WoT, while any girl you ever meet will be sexually unreceptive because she knows you only own half an ox and can't support her and she believes you have to ; or else b) go traveling, which is something young people want (and should) do anyway, and work on whatever, construction yards building socialism and wolf whistle after passing-by town chicks, who might just go for a tumble. So they choose to "support socialism", but really, they're just there for the free travel. They couldn't care less about the ideology supposedly "behind it all", nor for that matter did they even care to find out what it even was supposed to be. What the fuck do they care about whatever revolution - so much so the soviets had to force people to read Pravda after hours, and have it explained to them by specially sent workers.

Her: But why not just go after the patriarchs? Are they so powerful they can't be moved or something?
Me: Well no, they're entrenched to resist attacks, that's what it is. If you go dinosaur hunting you don't shoot it in the osteoplate. You shoot it somewhere it's vulnerable. And young derps with nary a clue are the most vulnerable portion of any stable society, which is why all revolutionary bullshit is always aimed at them.

Her: But how could they not care why they're going? How could you do all of this unless the underlying was a thing you wanted to do?
Me: They don't even have the apparatus to care why. Think about it, how many women are there who got pregnant, not because it's what they wanted to do, they just got drunk and went to some party, which is also not what they wanted to do?

Her: Well I don't know anyone like that, but if I met one I certainly wouldn't want to be friends.
Me: Most people are like that. You can go to whatever party and get drunk or sit home, watch TV, and feel bad about yourself.

Her: Why are these my options?
Me: Because your universe is very small.

Her: How about neither of these, and instead considering why I'm stuck with these options?
Me: Your universe is too small to include such considerations.

Her: Well then why not just put them in the zoo?
Me: Yeah, the zoo, the glue factory, whatever. You can either get beaten into making space for such things, you know, if you're any lucky your owner actually cares to inject some sense - forcibly, as that's the only way it'll go - into your otherwise very narrow world, or else you can just go in the zoo. And look, that's exactly what the city is - a zoo.

Her: It's a zoo that doesn't know it's a zoo.
Me: Oh, it knows.

Her: Then why don't they just call it that!
Me: They do. Cristina calls it that, I'm reading it straight off her signs, what can I tell you.

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  1. You mixed up the names, these be Macri.

    Not that it changes anything.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 7 December 2014

    Oh right you are huh. Capitalist-socialists as opposed to national-socialists or w/e.

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