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Wednesday, 25 June, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This is going to be a multipart sort of article. A lot of skin to cover, so let's get going :

Part one

mike_c In other news, over *twenty* petahashes have come online in the last week or so. What. The. Fuck. Where is it coming from??
mircea_popescu People realising they're getting left out. By mid-summer every government with pretensions will be mining.

mike_c Who else could it be. This is serious horsepower.
mircea_popescu People interested in mysteries will now go into the logs to see when I first made certain unsubstantiated claimsi and then apply engineering timeframes to the window elapsed.ii

mike_c Quite awhile ago. Plus, it's easy now! search.b-a ftw.iii
mircea_popescu Yeah, quite a while ago. Enough to ship 3 generations of Cardano :Div

mike_c Hehe.

Part 2

S.WOL is now a thing. Just in case you were bored of simply rolling dice for your 1%.

Definitely give the site a look, I say.

Part III


  1. From Things that matter these days ; things that don’t matter these days, back in October 2013 :

    But in either case, the race is on : the governments are mining, boys and girls.


  2. Consider how quickly in the process I found out and be afraid. Be very afraid. []
  3. Quite. []
  4. You recall - the first batch was delivered to customers by Xmas. []
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  1. [...] Proof of correcteness for MP's previous and very prompt claim regarding governments getting involved in mining Bitcoin and the launch of S.WOL (with mike_c). (2014). [...]

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