What do you call...

Thursday, 23 October, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A Norwegian prostitute?i Bees that produce milk ?ii An alligator in a vest ?iii A whore with her hand down her panties ?iv The black baby of a Chinese whore ?v An 80s synth pop band with a scoop of ice cream on top ?vi A cheapo circumcision ?vii A key for opening bananas ?viii LSD and birth control in the same pill ?ix Cheese That Isn't Yours ?x A guy trying to sell his soul to Santa ?xi The most famous Jewish cook ?xii The retard stranded in a tree, dressed in a cheap suit and holding a briefcase ?xiii A fake noodle ?xiv The boy who finally stood up to the bullies ?xv Children born in a whorehouse ?xvi A picture on trial for murder ?xvii Sad coffee ?xviii The first bet they teach kids in school ?xix An illegally parked frog ?xx A devout Christian that sleepwalks ?xxi Seagulls flying over the bay ?xxii New girl working at the bank ?xxiii The kid life gave melons to ?xxiv The place where sick boats go ?xxv The midget fortune teller who kills his customers ?xxvi

Thanks folks, that makes two dozen. See you next Friday!

  1. A Fjord Escort. []
  2. Boobies. []
  3. Investi-gator. []
  4. Self-employed! []
  5. Sum Ting Wong. []
  6. Depeche a la mode. []
  7. A rip-off. []
  8. Monkey. []
  9. A trip without the kids. []
  10. Nacho cheese. []
  11. A dyslexic devil worshipper. []
  12. Adolf. []
  13. A branch manager. []
  14. An Inpasta. []
  15. An ambulance. []
  16. Brothel sprouts. []
  17. Framed. []
  18. Despresso. []
  19. The alphabet. []
  20. Toad. []
  21. A roamin' Catholic. []
  22. Bagels []
  23. The Nutella. []
  24. Dyslexic []
  25. The dock. []
  26. A small medium at large. []
Category: Cuvinte Sfiinte
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