Today is the International Day of Remembering How Mircea Popescu Is Better Than Me and related observances

Friday, 26 September, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

As you probably don't know, not for any other reason than because of your ignorance and laziness, MPEx is the only actual financial services provider connected to the Internet.

Every other group or entity that lays pretense to being both a) into financial services and b) connected to the Internet is making these claims fraudulently. Either while actually into financial services they are not in fact connected to the Internet ; or else while actually connected to the Internet what they're doing is not financial services. Period.

Specifically included here, Paypal. While you may erroneously think, and while Paypal itself fraudulently pretends to be involved in online financial services, they are in fact not. Specifically included here as well, every pretend-bank with an "online banking" service. Specifically included here each and every Bitcoin "exchange". Specifically included here everyone. Everyone.

Specifically excluded from there, MPEx. This because under my enlightened leadership, the market leaderi in financial services eschewed the PKI/https stack of shit in favour of the correct solution. Because that's what market leaders do.

Note that this was no accident, I didn't just so happen to stroll into the right position. MPEx eschewed the "common business practices" wilfuly, pointedly, and at the "cost" of much ire from the average engineer fucktard.ii

Note also that this is not the first time. Not even close to the first time.

Yesterday you had your space for scrambling around, looking desperately for ways to fix the hole, then fucking up the fix, then fixing it again. That's gone now.

Today is the day where you look up from the mud you rightfully inhabit, and gaze upon the stars. Today is the day you look up from your inferior position, to me. Today is the day you gaze upon your betters, upon those magnificent, excellent human beings whose mere existence is a miracle you should give thanks for with every breath and every heartbeat. Those people who aren't merely better than you, those people who are in fact a blessing through their mere presence, embalming the air you perhaps also breathe, if you're lucky, with pure splendor. The sources of grace in this world, and of anything good and everything worth living for. Me.

Not your children, not your wife, not your parents, not your boss whoever that may be. Mircea Popescu.

Today you spend your time contemplating the depths of your inadequacy, the sorrowful filth of your soul, the worthless structure of your being, and you give thanks for the exalted happenstance that I exist, and through my existence you have a - perhaps flimsy, perhaps easily extinguished, perhaps outside of your puny reach but nevertheless present - chance to redeem yourself.

You crawled into this world like any maggot, but perhaps you will leave it as something other than a maggot. For this possibility you set aside today, and give me thanks, and bask in the glory of how splendid it would be to not be you. To instead, even if only for a day, be me.

Not for you, of course, perhaps not yet. But that doesn't change anything.

This, if you're wondering, is going straight into my CV. And yes, if you're "interviewing" me at any future point and don't know what September the 26th is, you will have failed the interview.

  1. The actual market leader. Not one of the numerous entities that put the string "market leader" in their advertising copy. The only entity which does things correctly, the one entity which everyone else either copies or fails. That's what a market leader is. []
  2. From Naggum :

    To take but one simple example: suppose you thought of the new millennium when you wrote your application back in 1972 -- not only wouldn't you be invited to the party, those who knew you had done it right from the start and who probably laughed at you at the time would positively hate you now, and they sure as hell wouldn't tell people about you. and the more stupid they are, the more important it would be to pretend that nobody was smart enough to see the next millennium coming.

    Does "Nobody could have foreseen their using the plane as a rocket" ring in your ears ?

    Does "Nobody had any idea what Madoff was up to" ring in your ears ?

    Seriously, dear everyone : Stop thinking like scammers. It's not about sticking with the group when the group is wrong. It's about worshipping the exception, when the exception turns out to have been right. That's what made white civilisation great, great enough for you to have something today which keeps you fed and clothed so you can whittle away your idle time in hollow pretense as to how it wasn't even great, like any worthless worm in the history of lumbricoid worthlessness - a privilege not white people do not happen to enjoy. []

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  1. Melon Busk`s avatar
    Melon Busk 
    Friday, 26 September 2014

    An error in the PayPal payment system in July 2013 accidentally debited $92 quadrillion from the account of Chris Reynolds. (The exact amount debited was US$92,233,720,368,547,940.25, just $182.18 more than 263−1 cents, resulting in a net balance of −US$92,233,720,368,547,800.00).

    wink wink

  2. Not impressed. There seems to be a point buried deeply somewhere, but it's still too deep for maggots.

    @Melon Busk: I had ~ 1e21 balances of stuff on MPEx several times, too. Just because there are only a few withdrawal requests so that each one can be verified by hand I did not walk away with thousands of bitcoins.

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 27 September 2014

    @Melon Busk Well at least it was negative.

    @jurov Not everything is made with you in mind, or so that you be impressed. In particular, most remarkable things, such as the sun, the human heart and so on. Children, empires, most things worth the mention are made for a cause, not towards some reason, and your being impressed is certainly the later sort.

    If I recall correctly that happened in the beta. Which you know, was a beta.

  4. Ayye - happy MP day. :D Cheers to your contribution: making the world sane again!

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 26 September 2018


    Thanks! Cake plox!

  6. Jodie K`s avatar
    Jodie K 
    Friday, 24 April 2020

    Hahaha you kick ass!

  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 24 April 2020

    Why ty.

  8. I emailed this site to all my associates.

  9. Khuong Bui`s avatar
    Khuong Bui 
    Sunday, 17 May 2020

    I enjoy your writing style really enjoying this site.

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