S.NSA, June 2014 Statement

Wednesday, 02 July, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
S.NSA incoming and outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
-- --
Total 0 Total 0
    S.NSA assets
    Account 01.06.2014 Net change 30.06.2014
    Cash 461.89802769 0 461.89802769
    Tangibles 2.87709515 0 2.87709515
    Intangibles and goodwill 7.98496216 0 7.98496216
    Total assets 472.76008500
    S.NSA liabilities
    Account 01.06.2014 Net change 30.06.2014
    Shareholder equity 472.76008500 0 472.76008500
    Total liabilities 472.76008500

      S.NSA has a total of 4`737`075 authorised shares outstanding. The total assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009980 BTC. The cash+tangible assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009811 BTC.

      S.NSA realised no operating revenue this period. The P/E implied value per share is so far 0 BTC.

      S.NSA has Special Stock Warrants outstanding issued as per the IPO agreement, as follows :

      # Fingerprint Shares BTC Par
      1 17215D118B7239507FAFED98B98228A001ABFFC7 3`315`952 331.5952 1
      2 6160E1CAC8A3C52966FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452 1`421`122 142.1122 1
      T 4`737`074 473.7074 1


        For the benefit of inquiring minds that wish to know, I will be publishing selections our most recent board meeting. Like so :

        mircea_popescu Ok so what you got for me here ?
        asciilifeform Routing, still. In the meantime, testing draft firmware on new board (sample from manufacturer), with real-time jtag debugger (smaller gizmo on upper right hand side of photo). Microchip corp.'s sample code is disgusting and slow - 100kb/s writes on a perfectly reasonable 'samsung' card, re-writing that part in ASM (MIPS). Photo is boring, yes, but this process isn't very photogenic.

        mircea_popescu Aha. So let's try to make a schedule again. Gotta have something to break.
        asciilifeform Ok.

        mircea_popescu So routing has been going on for what, six weeks by now ?
        asciilifeform Yes.

        mircea_popescu Is it 80% complete ?
        asciilifeform 95.

        mircea_popescu So rather than another 30 weeksi what's that, another 6 ?
        asciilifeform More like 2, at worst.ii

        mircea_popescu Ok, after which PCB printed and delivery, another coupla weeks, and then installing chips ?
        asciilifeform Correct. That's actually the easy part - at least, with regards to the prototypes.

        mircea_popescu Which leads to code and testing, and we really have no idea how long that'll take.
        asciilifeform I would actually like to deliver a working prototype to you before we go to production.

        mircea_popescu That's a bad idea. Mail here is apparently nightmarish. I've not yet checked it, but I can't add Correo Argentino into the list of dependencies. I'll get something sorted out I'm sure, however, I don't want it to have such a deadline.
        asciilifeform Yeah I keep hearing ghost stories about Ar mail. Might have to show up in person to show you the bugger, can't imagine it would cost much more than my last visit.

        mircea_popescu Hey, if you wanna drop by that's perfect.
        asciilifeform Assuming there is no bizarre bureaucratic obstacle to such a visit. (I've been informed that there is some bribe that must be paid for U.S. subjects visiting Ar, but that's all I know).

        mircea_popescu You'll have to pay like 150 bux or w/e it was for the sin of being born in the United States of Assholes (they politely call it a reciprocity tax). I'm not even kidding. And you won't learn about this if you merely visit the State Dept website like a good citizen. They lie about it.iii
        asciilifeform 150 is ok, 150k would be a problem.

        mircea_popescu Nah, no 150k.
        asciilifeform It was on the ar gov. site, en español. My guess - not many folks go there from here.

        mircea_popescu Plenty actually. Just, not the sort that reddit.
        asciilifeform Wish I still had my Soviet papers.iv But traded those in. At any rate that isn't real money.

        mircea_popescu Ok so then that can be, you take a few days to check out BAv. I'll buy you steak.
        asciilifeform Neato, who doesn't like steak.

        mircea_popescu Aite well, ima publish this and then I'll direct all upset investors to your playboy den.
        asciilifeform Aye.

        That'd be all. See you next month!

        1. 80% of completion takes 20% of time, as Microsoft Completion Bars teach us. Consequently, if 80% of the work had taken 6 weeks, the remainder 20% would have reasonably taken 30. Am I a seasoned IT manager or what ? []
        2. Ain't that funny how this shit works ? []
        3. Because nothing's better than pulling the wool over the naive citizenry's eyes with regards to the disastrous results of bipartisan foreign policy. Them foreigners just be all terrorist an' racis' an' mean mmkay ? []
        4. Hi there, dear collective-reader-that-used-to-work-an-inconspicuous-job-in-Western-Germany years ago. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE READING ???

          Love, Zero-Three-Nine. Over. []

        5. Yeah, I mean hardware Bitcoin-Assets. []
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        1. Perhaps already answered, but will there be a beta program? Could interested users purchase prototypes during that phase? I'm sure the list will be a mile long tho...

        2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
          Mircea Popescu 
          Wednesday, 2 July 2014

          Isn't it a little recursive ? Pre-sale pilot should be sold, then just make a pre-pre-sale pilot ?

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