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Thursday, 20 February, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A further alpha version of Eulora is released today. The bundle can be downloaded at the usual place : minigame.bz/eulora/binaries/. The current bundle weighs ~500 Mb, includes a linux 64bit binaryi and source code with instructions for building the client. Should you wish to maintain binaries for other platforms please get in touch!

Today’s release introduces :

  • The full set of vitals (HP, BP, SP and MP). These are intended to work as better approximations of a character's health, with HP being a sort of "bone health" and representing how well one holds up to blunt trauma, whereas BP is more of a "blood health" and representing how well one holds up to well... you get the idea. Thus poison would more likely hurt BP, as would spears and javelins, whereas a good hit with a hammer, or a deep fall would hurt HP more. And obviously, a suit of plate armor would be perfectly able to protect from arrows, so no BP loss, but not quite as able to protect from a maul. Which is why mauls even existed in the first place, historically. SP is more of an esoteric notation, ghosts and other immaterial evils interact with it. MP acts as spellcasting volume control whereas the two types of stamina simply act as a rate control in their respective fields. Unlike the other three, these three vitals can be depleted without killing the character. The actual effects are only partially implemented as of yet.
  • The full set of attributes (STRii, ENDiii, CONiv, INTv, WISvi, INSvii, AGIviii, DEXix, COOx) has also been implemented. These have numerous and interplaying effects downstream.
  • A number of basic skills have been introduced. Players can actually gain experience in these various skills and level them up.
  • Harvestable and craftable items were introduced (about a dozen). Players can pick up raw materials, craft variously.
  • There is an easter egg somewhere which you're cordially invited to find!
  • We've also managed to break sounds something fierce. Working on it though.

Here's some screenshots (click for 1024px) :

eulora-004-ss1 eulora-004-ss2 eulora-004-ss3

    And now to make things interesting : each crafted product entitles the crafter presenting it (as a screenshot, in irc or twitter or w/e) to a 500 ATC prize (limited to 1 per person). Also the first person to get a skill to level 10 gets a 1`000 ATC prize. So... go make things! And stuff!

    1. GLIBC_2.15 required. []
    2. How hard you hit, carry weight, total weight of equipped gear. []
    3. Stamina drain per action, stamina refill rate, mediates fall damage. []
    4. Total bp and hp, total stamina, carry weight, amplifies fall damage. []
    5. Adds to SP and EP, limits highest rated science item you can equip, adds to total science rating of items you can equip. []
    6. Adds to SP and EP, limits highest rated magic item you can equip, adds to total magic rating of items you can equip. []
    7. Adds to SP and EP, adds to magic and science eq pools. []
    8. Chance to hit, carry bulk, total bulk of equipped gear. []
    9. Reduces all cooldowns, carry bulk. []
    10. Reduces all failures, increases criticals. []
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    1. good.

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    3. [...] of cake and fed up with knowledge was not enough, Boxy had also acquired level 10 in Tinkering and another prize to go with it, preferably to this [...]

    4. [...] announced, the next version of Eulora is still on track to go live later this month. Unlike the previous release, this will be a beta version, numbered 0.1.0. Most of the game mechanics will be presenti, and in [...]

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