Rime of the Ancient Marinere

Sunday, 16 March, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Me bitbet.us/bitcoin-difficulty-over-5-6b-before-april << They sure keep pilin' in don't they.
BBET Mod Haha yup.
BBET Mod Pretty silly peoples
BBET Mod Dont rly wanna bet, just wanna exploit
BBET Mod Once it's safe
BBET Mod -ish.

Me Mhm.
Me They love betting...
Me ... as long as it's not betting.
Me They like food...
Me ... that's not food.
Me They wanna go to college...
Me ... if it isn't a college.
Me They'd like a girlfriend...
Me ... that's neither an actual girl nor actually their friend.
BBET Mod Cheezwhiz.

Me Wanna make a difference,
Me as long as nothing changes.
BBET Mod Want their voices to be heard,
BBET Mod but they have nothing to say.

Me Works, huh.
BBET Mod Yea.

Live a little, you know ? It won't kill you.


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