No Such lAbs (S.NSA), August 2014 Statement

Thursday, 04 September, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
S.NSA incoming and outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
Geari 0.59193078
Total 0 Total 0.59193078
    S.NSA assets
    Account 01.08.2014 Net change 31.08.2014
    Cash 461.56471432 0.59193078 460.97278354
    Tangibles 2.87709515 0.59193078 3.46902593
    Intangibles and goodwill 7.98496216 0 8.31827553
    Total assets 472.76008500
    S.NSA liabilities
    Account 01.08.2014 Net change 31.08.2014
    Shareholder equity 472.76008500 0 472.76008500
    Total liabilities 472.76008500

      S.NSA has a total of 4`737`075 authorised shares outstanding. The total assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009980 BTC. The cash+tangible assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009804 BTC.

      S.NSA realised no operating revenue this period. The P/E implied value per share is so far 0 BTC.

      S.NSA has Special Stock Warrants outstanding issued as per the IPO agreement, as follows :

      # Fingerprint Shares BTC Par
      1 17215D118B7239507FAFED98B98228A001ABFFC7 3`315`952 331.5952 1
      2 6160E1CAC8A3C52966FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452 1`421`122 142.1122 1
      T 4`737`074 473.7074 1


        Excerpts from another letter :

        Dear MP,

        Much of August was spent on the dreary chore of setting up a 'jungle conditions' machine shop at minimal cost (not billed herein, and will not be billed) and learning the basics of its use. I will not describe this painful process here, as it is likely that most readers of this document have experienced the selfsame pain earlier in life and will say 'should've gone there earlier.'ii

        At present I am finally cutting (aluminum) fittings for the 'pick-and-place' waldo described in the previous letter. The fittings in question are braces for new 'nema-8' stepper motors (billed to the piggy - see below. Replacing the old servomotors that happened to be included with the carcass - we need steppers in particular for this application.)

        Also in the process of machining (brass, Teflon) a rotary vacuum flange for the 'business end' of this apparatus. Here's some terrible ascii art, not to scale...iii

          | |<-------- to solenoid valve (controlled by pc) and vacuum pump
         _| |_
        |     |
        |/   \|
        ||   ||<--- 'stator' bearing
        ||   ||
         |...| <---- rotor, knurled for drive belt of R-axis stepper
         \   /
          \ /
           % <---- pick-nozzle. hypodermic needle tipped with 1mm cup
                     ('Buna' rubber.)

        So on the upside, chief engineer abandoned his previous flat-factory to live in a more spacious house-factory (not billed herein), so that the S.NSA factory being built by hand can be even bigger. I feel like it's 1820 all over again.

        1. 4 x Nema8 Hybrid Stepper Motor - Bipolar 28mm 0.6A (with s&h) ; 1 x TinyG Quad Stepper Controller (Synthetos Inc.) (with s&h) ; 1 x 24 Volt AC Power Adapter 144 Watt 6 Amp ; 1 x 2.1mmx5.5mm DC Power Skt. Billets of raw materials not counted here, computing their cost judged not worth the effort by CE. []
        2. Yeah, I'm sure they did eh. []
        3. I can't bring myself to omit the only instance of asciiart this milennium that actually serves a legitimate business ilustrative purpose. That it was contributed by one asciilifeform is just icing.

          So in consideration of this consideration of mine, please considerately don't steal our business sikrits therein depicted. Because hey, I'm sure that all teh readers are ready and willing to make their own solder pumps. []

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        1. [...] described in the August and July announcements. Most of the machine-work is for the rotor (August report) and paste-layer (amply discussed in #bitcoin-assets) [...]

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